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Budget Friendly Apartment Haul! Thrift and Dollar Store

[mellow music] Hey everybody, it is Qcknd! Before we get started, I’m sorry about the echo, As more things come in here to damper the sound, there will be less of an echo, so I’ll try to speak to the camera And it may seem a little empty in here, but things are starting to fill up, and I’m happy to introduce some of the things I now have in the apartment! If you’ve been following along with my moving vlogs, thank you so much uh, I just want to, before we start with this haul, um, just say that I’ve had two people come and look at the mold, and all of the other little things happening with the apartment, and everything is going fine, ya’ know, if I– if you called me dramatic in in the last episode, I totally understand, I was just really worried about the mold, I’m not suing my landlord, or like, nulling my lease, or whatever, I just wanted to make sure that stuff got done, and, two people told me it’s all surface mold, we even took out the little trap door behind the tub to make sure it didn’t go through the wall, and everything is cool, trust me, I think I just really freaked out because this is, like, a really stressful time for me, so, honestly, the littlest thing has, kind of, like, sent me over the edge so, all that’s fine, and being taken care of, and I’m excited to move forward So thanks with the vlogs, you know, vlogging is a very personal and straightforward experience, you’re seeing it as it happens, and, sometimes things like that happen, where you see something and you freak out, and then you have time later to digest it, and you’re like, “Hey, that’s just some mold “in the corner, because “my bathroom doesn’t have a vent, “and, no one’s lived here “for a little while.” So, moving on– Today, I just wanted to share some some of the stuff I have picked up in the last few weeks, or, moments before the move, and everything today is going to be really budget-friendly, either just at the Dollar Store, or purchased second-hand, including [knocks on table] my new table, so, definitely stay tuned for that, and thank you again for all of the support. The first things I wanna share are from, uh, Habitat For Humanity, if you’ve ever heard about Habitat For Humanity store, I’m hoping it is a, like, country-wide kind of thing, and, if you are located other places, this is kind of just, like, a thrift store, but what it cool about Habitat For Humanity is, they build homes, or like a community-based thing, if you’re ever in girl scouts, boy scouts, I know that Habitat For Humanity is something that you do, my high school had a Habitat For Humanity program where you would just volunteer your time to help out, and Habitat For Humanity is also a store, so not only does it have, like, tables and um, bed frames, sofas, but it also has countertops, sinks, washer and dryer, light fixtures… Habitat For Humanity store will often you know, if you are, renovating your kitchen, you can call Habitat For Humanity store, and be, like, “Hey, I have all these cabinets, “they’re in good condition, I’m just “ya’ know, redoing my kitchen, “do you wanna come pick them up?” And they’ll, they’ll take your cabinets, they’ll take your sink, your old dishwasher, and then they sell them, ya’ know, at a very significant price– significantly lower price. So, the first thing I have from Habitat For Humanity store is this dish set, and they gave it to me literally, in this basket, and it was five dollars. So, I’ll kind of [groan] go through it. They were really nice, ya’ know, to pack up, literally everything. You can kind of see here, I have a ton of plates, and they came in this really nice, giant wire container, which was super easy for me to take them home in, and all of these dishes here came to about five dollars, I don’t know if that was an extra discount we received, because some of these actually have a price tag on them that says thirteen dollars, but I got everything here for five, and it’s way, way, way more than I need, I might be able to take some of these to a local thrift store, like, I really just wanted to find a dish set that only had stuff I would use, and, a lot of this came with, like, um, like, tea… tea plates? And I don’t think I’ll ever use these, at least, not this many. But, I think it really did come with stuff I did need, and all of that was five dollars at Habitat For Humanity store. I like the color, I think it’s fine, I know it’s, like, a little, like, 70’s clear out, but I’m actually, like, really into it and, I honestly went to, like, three different thrift stores to find a complete set of dishes, and when I saw this one, for the price, and the amount of dishes I was, like, “That’s the one.” So, I actually realized something, and, I feel like, such a dummy. [on phone] Hey, Grandmom– yeah I just cal– yeah, so, I left all my corningware in your trunk… …yeah, I didn’t realize, yeah… …no, I know, I was unwrapping the dishes and I was like, “Damn it.” [chuckles] I went to another thrift store, and it was called “Care and Share,” if you are located anywhere in Bucks County, I definitely recommend Care and Share, it was really cool, it’s an entire shopping center, and each storefront is, like, a different category that you would find in the thrift store, so they had furniture, books, clothing, household, and then, like, an “et cetera,” and the “et cetera” kind of, thing, was, like really cheap discounted stuff, and you bought it by weight, so if you went in there and you were, like, “I need hoodies,” you would get all the hoodies, and then they would weigh them, and it was, like, 40 cents a pound. Unfortunately, I went there and I got some dishes, I have pictures of them, but I had left them in my grandmother’s trunk, but, the things I got there, I went there searching for furniture, and I definitely wanted a table. Before I found this table, I had a very specific table in mind, I do have floor radiators that run around the apartment, so, I couldn’t have any table to be flush with the wall. So, I was looking for, like, a nice little table, and everything at Care and Share drops in price every day it’s on the show floor, so, if you wanted a table, the table I saw was 100 dollars, but, the next day, it would have been 50 dollars, and then it would have been 25 [dollars]. So, my grandparents were like, “Pick out a table, and in a few days “we’ll come back and get it, “but you run the risk that it will no longer “be there.” So, I went there, found a table I really liked, but it didn’t really sit with me that, potentially, it might not be there, and I would have to come back, and pick out a new table, and play the lottery all over again, So, I changed my mind on the table I’d picked out, but I did pick out some corningware dishes, um, I didn’t know much about corningware, but, apparently, these are really sturdy ceramic dishes, you put them in your oven, if you’re gonna do, like, a baked ziti, or, like, a brownie, and I really wanted to have some of those in my kitchen. So, thrift stores are really great for that stuff, ya’ know, pick something in good condition that you know that you can clean really well, and, you’re literally all set. So, this table was from Habitat For Humanity store, and I got it for 30 dollars. I really love this table, I wanted something, like I said, that had the legs that were a little closer in, so it could stay a little bit more flush with the wall, just because of the heating radiate unit. So, this was really good, ya’ know, the second I saw it I knew I wanted it. The legs are a little bit in, It has this really, really cool, like, vintage-kind-of-feel to it, I love the structure of the legs of the table, I really just love the table. I wanted something that would be light [in color], because the laminate floors in the apartment are this really dark, like, brown-y, brown. So, a lot of the tables I saw that I could afford were all, like, wood-color, and I was like, “The cabinets are wood, “the floors are wood…” So, I got this, like, really nice, fake marble-y look, I thought this would be a great extension of my– my counter space, because I don’t have a ton of counter space. So, I was like, “Hey, this is perfect!” It came with an extender in the middle, which I thought would be really cool, ya’ know, if I’m doing DIY, if I’m doing a craft project, if my friends are over, I thought would be really cool, and, again, an extension of the countertop, if I’m, ya’ know, doing a baking tutorial, or making shepherd’s pie or something and I need a ton of space. The thing about this table was [that] it only came with three chairs, and I think that’s why I got it for such a steal at 30 dollars. Um, I love the structure of the chairs, um, each one is a little bit damaged, in its own way, but, honestly, I really love them. They are a nice, kind of, olive-y… olive-kind-of-color, um, and, looking underneath, they’re only stuffed, like, it would be really easy to reupholster these if I chose to, maybe go with a lighter fabric, but as for now I really like them, they’re not leather, they are plastic, so I’m not totally sure about patching them? But, really, I’m just excited that this table belongs to me and it’s mine. Literally, while I was at Habitat For Humanity Store, I was looking around feeling super discouraged, and, they brought this out onto the show floor, the kid was wearing a Korn T-shirt so I noticed him, and I saw the table, and I was like, “Ah! There it is!” The way I have the table set up is I’m going to keep two chairs on this side, and one chair at the top, and then leave the other part of the table open to be, like, “mock-counter-space,” and the other side of the table against the wall. So, as a part of my lease, all of my furniture has to have felt-tip bottoms, like, felt sticker bottoms, on the bottom. So, when I got the table and flipped it over, um, I put all the felt on by myself, it was pretty easy, and, then, that also makes the furniture really easy to move around. So, super simple, ya’ know, however I decide to move this table around and incorporate it in the space will be super, super easy. So, I’m really excited. Right now, I have the extender in the table, just so I could show you guys what it would look like with it and without. But while I’m moving, and while I’m getting everything situated, I’m happy to have a table that I can, kind of, plop things down on. So, I’m going to jump into some of the stuff I got from the Dollar Store, and then this haul will be complete, I know it’s a little long, so I’m going to grab that stuff. I brought my own bag to shop for all of this stuff, but, she ended giving me a plastic bag anyway, but, I’ll use it. So, the first thing I got was this, like, sink mat, and, uh, so this all from the Dollar Tree, if you live in the ‘States, or Dollar Tree is global, my brother used to work there, so I went there and got my gossip on! So, this is a dish mat, so I have seen one of these in, like, metal, and thought it was really cool and really wanted one, um, but if I never get one or never see one in the meantime, I thought this was really cool, so your dishes don’t exactly touch the bottom of the sink, I think that helps either keep the sink clean, or keep your dishes, like, you could wash one of your dishes and then leave it on top in the sink so it can, kind of, drip dry, and you know that this is a clean surface. With my counter space situation, I think having a dish rack would take away a ton of my space, so I wanted to think of alternative solutions to having a dish rack, I don’t have a dish washer, so, I thought this was really cool, either to, like, clean dishes, and catch food and stuff like that, ’cause I don’t have a garbage disposal, or just, like, have it so bigger dishes – pots and pans and stuff – could, kind of, drip dry. So, that’s what I have for this. The next thing I have is also, like, a dish solution, and this is a dish-drying mat. This is all from the Dollar Store. So, this is a microfiber mat and this would just, kind of, roll out onto the countertop, ya’ know, you’re drying your dishes and you can just take this out of the drawer when it’s time to do dishes, let them dry on here, air this out, and then put this back in the drawer. I thought this would be a space-saving solution for me, who is not going to get a dish rack. Oh, I grabbed some sponges. Originally, I was gonna get the sponge on the stick, we used to have that at my roommates’ house, so I really like that. At the dollar store, you can literally get, like, an industrial thing of sponges, but, instead of buying in bulk to save money, I kind of bought to save space, because this is a small space. So, I just got myself a pack of two sponges, just for now, because I think, ya’ know, it’ll probably be a little while ’till I get through these, so I’d rather buy these, um, that are a little bit better-quality, [rather] than buy ten sponges that will take me all that time to get through. The next thing I have is just this little cutting board, it’s really cool to just go to the Dollar Store and just walk around and realize all the stuff you don’t have. This also came with a little cutting knife, um, I don’t eat a ton of fruits and vegetables, so, I don’t know how often I would use this, so, I told myself I don’t need a top-of-the-line one right now, I’d kind of just get this cheap-y plastic one, doesn’t take up a ton of space, it could go underneath stuff in the drawer, and then it comes with that little knife. This is just a microfiber, um, towel, so I can dry my dishes with [it], or just have, like, a little kitchen towel, um, I’m going to try to be more conscious about, like, how many paper towels I use and stuff like that, So, I’ll probably pick up another one of these for cleaning up around, and then this one would be for drying off dishes. So, I got this soap dispenser for my kitchen for dish soap, um, and then, [realized] when I moved in, I don’t have one for hand soap either, when I wash my hands in the bathroom, though, I just use a little bit of Dr. Bronner’s, so I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to situate that. But for the meantime, I thought it’d be really cool to have a soap dispenser for my kitchen, like, dish-ware and stuff. So this is cool, it’s kind of, like, fake bamboo print, [finger nails on ceramic] and, for a dollar, I was like, “Hey, why not? Hopefully it works.” So, I have that. I have a little blue can opener, [clack] um, like, I hope it works, I eat canned food, most cans and stuff have the pop-top, but, I figured, “better safe than sorry” on this one. So, [here are] the last couple things I have from the Dollar Store, and, in total, I spend thirteen dollars at the Dollar Store. Pretty good, I think. Um, so I got a two-pack of forks, spoons, and then knives, [clanking] and all of these were a dollar each, and, for now, I just figured “That should be enough?” [clanking] So, I thought these were cool, too, um, and this is just a three-pack of these little dividers for forks and knives and stuff, to go into your drawer. Um, when I was at the Dollar Store, I wasn’t really sure [about] the dimensions of my drawer, because they actually had cooler ones, they had one that was, like, a metal frame, and those were a dollar each, but I thought that those would be more sanitary, I guess, ’cause they’re metal? I don’t know. Unsure about the dimensions of my drawer, I thought I would just be safe and get these first, and, ya’ know, forks and knives kind of fit in here, pretty perfectly, So, I thought that that would be… …best, um… …so, yeah! That is everything for this haul, I bet this is like one hour long, but I really wanted to show you guys, like, kind of, like, my starter stuff, what I have, and everything I bought pretty cheaply, and I really wanted to show you guys this table because I [knocks on table] love this table! And, again, such– thank you so much for all the support, it has been really awesome, and I’m happy to relate to you guys, and show you the apartment and everything, and I really just hope this becomes an awesome space for filming, creating content, and living a more stress-free life. So, thanks again, leave a comment down below there is anything you’ve scored from the thrift store, I’d love to know! Let me know what you liked about it, And thank you guys, again, for all the concern, honestly, I read all of your comments, and although they really– some of them were, like, really stressing me out, and then other ones, I was like, “Oh, that’s really good,” Definitely, definitely thank you all the time for the help, give this video a thumbs-up and subscribe if you are here for the new apartment stuff! Anyway, until next time! Bye!


Kathryn Elizabeth

Mar 3, 2017, 3:57 pm Reply

would love to see your reupholstering adventures if you decide to do that! also trader Joe's has sponges that come in a pack of like 12 but they are dehydrated and flat so the whole package is the size of 1 sponge and they are made of paper so when they get too gross you can recycle or compost them! also would recommend keeping an eye out for a little basket you suction to the side of your sink to hold sponges so they can dry and not get moldy! (sry I have a dirty sponge phobia so I'm obsessed with keeping them not gross)


Mar 3, 2017, 7:20 pm Reply

You can buy 4 packs of silverware at Walmart for 88cents

Catherine Hill

Mar 3, 2017, 5:17 am Reply

"The kid was wearing Korn t-shirt, so I noticed him"
i laughed so hard, you're adorable


Mar 3, 2017, 7:26 am Reply

I love Dollar Tree way too much

Stéphanie Kenny

Mar 3, 2017, 10:01 pm Reply

We habitat for humanity stores on the east coast of Canada in New Brunswick 🙂


Mar 3, 2017, 2:59 am Reply

You should get command hooks (so they come off without damaging the surface) to hang kitchen utensils, and things under the cupboard. great for things like the dish brush if you hang it over the sink itself so can drip dry, between uses.
also try boxing the extra plates you aren't going to use and store them on the top shelves of the above sink cupboard or at the back of the bottom cupboards, so you have extras if you need for company, or if you break any that you have.


Mar 3, 2017, 2:16 pm Reply

Don't apologize, I would freak out so bad if I was in a mold apartment. Especially because I'm allergic to mold so it would be dramatic for me. Stay strong

Roxanne Marshall

Mar 3, 2017, 1:40 am Reply

I love that table! Great find. You seem happier, I'm glad 🙂 keep going


Mar 3, 2017, 11:53 pm Reply

Whats the font used at the start? <:

Brittany Linn

Apr 4, 2017, 10:00 pm Reply

love all your videos! I actually used to live in Doylestown and used to go to the Care and Share you were talking about in this video! It's so funny because no YouTubers live anywhere around me so I think it's cool that you did! Keep up the fun videos!

Jeanna Walton

Apr 4, 2017, 3:47 am Reply

You are on your way!


Apr 4, 2017, 5:41 am Reply

You're vegan but you don't eat fruits and vegetables? ….What do you eat?

Kaitlynn Baker

Apr 4, 2017, 6:23 pm Reply

My sister puts the dish rack away in the cupboard when it's not in use. We have tiny counters, but we're a family of 4 so we needed a rack lol

Quannie Clark

Jun 6, 2017, 12:47 pm Reply

Great info and video

Lily Davies

Jun 6, 2017, 10:12 am Reply

Wow! You got some good finds!

Katelyn Spencer

Jan 1, 2018, 4:05 pm Reply

This is great. Love it . Added to a moving playlist.

Pami Cat

Jan 1, 2018, 5:10 am Reply

Mold is no joke, you don't need to apologize. Love the vid!


Mar 3, 2018, 10:35 pm Reply

You can get packs of like 3 silverware at Walmart for like $0.88, I got some last night, just letting you know lol not that important but yeah lol

Caroline Gerber

Jun 6, 2018, 7:30 pm Reply

I am so excited that you are bragging up H4H!!

April Antwine

Jan 1, 2019, 2:00 am Reply

Girl mold is serious. Dont trip off what others say. Look out for u

Erika Ramirez

Oct 10, 2019, 2:32 am Reply

I got that little cutting board when i moved too lol

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