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Budak Tebing (2020) | Episod 1

My name is Arif.
This used to be our spot. And we were called
the ‘riverbank boys’. These are all the
riverbank boys. This is our activity. I caught a fish! Help! It’s huge! Let me hold it.
-No! Don’t let him hold it. No! I told you not to touch it! What’s wrong with you? Do you want me to go?
-Go home! After the year-end exam,
every day, the teacher… …told us to do
“free” activities. So, we came here. It certainly
gave us more freedom. What was the point of
going to school? Move it.
-I’m tired! Why did you bring such a heavy
bag? -The teacher told me to. Just go back to your school!
-No! Go, now!
-I’m telling Mak. You’re such a tattletale.
Let’s go! Get up! My turn!
-Don’t grab it. Wait for your turn. Arif! Arif, wait! Just a moment! Mak. I left Henry Gurney
just two months ago. I understand
how my mother feels. Mak, how are you? It wasn’t me! I swear!
-Why did you do it?! Why, Arif?! You’ve really hurt
my feelings. I didn’t do it! Mak, please! You’ve been throwing away
all of my containers?! Stop feeding the cats here.
They stink! Just so you know, your
attitude stinks even worse! What’s your problem? If you slap Laura, it’s
the same as slapping me! Relax! Laura, go home. I’ll replace the
containers later, okay? Take care, Laura. If you care so much,
clean up the place! What’s wrong with you?!
Do you want to fight me? Don’t fight. I’ve brought
something for you Where did you steal it?
-Don’t ask. Where should we ‘process’ it?
-That’s a good question. Let’s go over there.
This place is too open. Let’s go! I can’t wait. Let me help. Whose shoes are those? Did Abang come home? Peace be upon you, Abang. You’re back! How are you?
-I’m fine. You’ve gained weight.
Have a seat. Let’s eat. It’s okay. Mak cooked for you.
-For me? While you were gone,
Mak never cooked like this. When I come home,
I usually cook for myself… …or I’d just eat
leftover nasi lemak. Sit down. Eat with me.
-Okay. Mak, we’re going to eat now. Abang said that
your cooking is delicious. Yes, it’s as good
as I remember. But it’d taste better
if you join us. She’s praying.
You should eat. No, I’ll wait for Mak. I don’t want to eat.
I’m full. Hear that? You better eat
or you’ll starve. It must’ve been him.
Why would Arif hate me? Was he shy? Perhaps. I didn’t cook.
Our maid ran away again. Again?! I have to order food
every day. Delivery isn’t cheap. My name is Tengku Bakri.
But I don’t have royal blood. My dad decided to
give me that name. The riverbank kids
call me Tongki. I don’t know how I got
stuck with that name. It annoyed me at first. But eventually,
I thought it was cool. This is my fulltime job. Sorry I’m late.
My bike was acting up. I hope you won’t….
-Tongki. Aren’t you Tongki?
Don’t you remember me? I’m Bakri, not Tongki.
-I know you’re Tongki. Tongki! What’s your problem?! Give it to me! What did you steal it?
-That’s my phone! Your parents are poor. Your parents are rich because
their ancestors were pirates! Tongki, get in the car! Where are we going?
-Hurry! Where are we going?
-Don’t ask questions! Did you just come home?
-Yes. I just arrived. I want to tell you something.
-What is it? I know you’re struggling.
I never took a deposit. But I hope you understand.
I’m struggling too. When can you settle
the rent? Can I pay for all three months
at the end of this month? Somebody wants to move in
here at the end of the month. I’ve taken their deposit. I’m not kicking you out,
but I hope you understand. I’m really sorry.
-I’m sorry too. Don’t stay there! Cover me! Where’s Mak? It’s 10pm. She’s sleeping. Before dawn, she’ll cook
nasi lemak and sell it later. She’s selling now? Do you have RM10? What for? I want to buy top-up.
-Hold on. Thanks.
Would you like anything? Want a top-up?
-No, I don’t have a phone. Go on.
Don’t come back too late. I’m sorry! You left this! Dirty. She’s pretty. What a waste. My top-up! How much for tonight, dear?
-As usual. Come on, I’m your
regular customer. That’s why you have to
pay extra. Didn’t you just get your salary?
-Yes. That’s why I came here. But please.
I always come here. That’s why I can’t
give you a discount. Go inside! Look here! Who’s that? A new worker?
-My daughter. Seriously? Can I have her?
-Leave! You’re so fierce.
Okay, I’ll leave. Bye. Why keep her? Just sell her
while she’s still wanted. When she’s ‘expired’ like you,
it’s pointless. I may be dirty, but I don’t
want my daughter to be dirty. Your daughter isn’t Nur,… …who’ll be picked up
by Ustaz Adam? That’s just a drama! You’re really…. That’s enough.
Don’t cause a scene. Go upstairs!
-Enough, Mak. I never fight for free!
I expect to be paid for it. Don’t fight, okay?
-No, I’ve to work… …or what’ll we eat
tomorrow? Go upstairs! Go! Who’s actually ‘expired’,
me or you? Hi, darling. It’s time for Subuh prayer.
You should pray. Let me do it. It’s okay. I’ll do it. Where does Mak sell
nasi lemak? Go outside the gate and
look left. You’ll see her. Just shout and
she’ll hear you. Get up! Get up! It’s still too early.
School is nearby. What school?
Get up and pray! Five minutes.
-No, get up now! Ten…. How stubborn. Who is your God? Fine! I’m up. How many do you want?
-Two packets of nasi lemak,… …with chicken.
I don’t want wings. Two packets? How much?
-It’s RM7. Thank you. Won’t it go missing
if you leave it here? Did a customer leave this?
-It’s your reward. Praise be to God. Let me. He came back?
I thought he’d be hanged. How did he escape?
This won’t do. Did you clean up this place?
-Do I look like DBKL? Arif was released.
-I know. How’d you know? Here. -How do you know
that they belong to him? This is his hangout place.
A mother wouldn’t accept… …a child
who murdered someone. I saw Arif. He got along
well with his mother. So, who came here? How should I know?
That’s why I asked you! Should I order?
Who’ll deliver it if I do? I hope it’s Tongki. Miss Laura?
-Yes. Is that your order?
-Yes. Can I ask you something?
Do you know Tongki? Tongki? What a weird name.
-Is it weird? Never mind. Thank you.
-You’re welcome. Be careful. Let’s go to the riverbank. What? -Let’s go
to the riverbank. What’s over there?
I don’t feel like it Always with your games. Is my prayer valid if I can’t
even memorize the Al-Fatihah? What’s the matter? My stuff went missing! What stuff? Glue? Always with your glue! Why are you still looking
for it? Get up! You’re giving me a headache!
Can’t you stand still?! Can’t you stop complaining?!
What do you have?! He’s asking me? Do you want to see?
Let me show you. This is much better! This is good stuff!
-Hands off. But this place is
dangerous now. Don’t worry about that.
Let’s just use this stuff first. You’re smart. Let’s do it. I’m the leader. I’ll start. I treat this place like my home,
and you people make a mess. Do whatever you want,
but don’t trouble me. I’ve never troubled
any of you. Drug addicts are so…. You even took drugs here. Tongki.

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