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Box Fort Sweet Shop Kitchen / AllAroundAudrey

(playful music) – Hi, guys, it’s Audrey and: – Jordan, from JustJordan33. (laughs) – And today we are gonna be chefs in our very own mini
kitchen box fort, yeah! – Yeah! – So, as you guys can tell, we’re in our mini kitchen box fort, and we have a bunch of
treats we wanna make today with you guys. And we’re gonna be
selling some of our treats to our brothers and family members. So that’s just super fun. Jordan and I used to do this all the time when we were little. We would put on plays that
people had to pay quarters to come and see, like our family members. But today it’s gonna be food edition. So, let’s go! – Wow, somebody’s hyper. – I haven’t even (drowned out). – And we haven’t even started eating any of the sugary foods yet. – Alright, before any
good chef starts cooking, we need to wash our hands,
so we brought some Wet Ones. – That’s the thing to do. – And you have to wash
all your supplies, too. But, shh, we’re gonna let
you in on a little secret, we don’t wash any of
the machines beforehand. – However, I did clean these utensils, because I was a very goodly chef. – Alright, so our
Easy-Bake has been cooking for a long time. It was only supposed to
preheat for, like, 20 minutes, but this took a long time to set up, so I’ll start baking
whatever Easy-Bake stuff. Jordan, you can start
on either the cake pops, the soda, or… – I’ll start on soda. – Our unicorn frosting thing. – I’ll start on soda. – Okay. I know that one of Ty’s most favorite Easy-Bake treats are these mini Whoopie Pies. So I’m gonna open up
one of these bad boys, and we’re gonna make it for Ty-Ty, and overprice it, because I
know he’s gonna wanna buy them. (laughs) What any good chef does at their bakery. Alright, I need to find a baking station so I can start making this. – I honestly don’t know what I’m doing. I’m getting everything setup. When I opened up these packets, it smelled like medicine, so it smells like grape medicine over here on this corner of the bakery. But I set up the little cups. Oh, there’s mini twisty straws. Yes, this is cute. Okay, I’m guessing they go right there. I don’t know. Oh, there’s another one. Okay. So, this is a soda machine. So you’re supposed to, like,
mix all the powder with water and put it in these little syrup bottles, and then you put ’em in here. That way you can take
your cup and just be like, “Oh, here, I want this flavor, “plus the water, plus the fizzy.” And that’s how you do it. So, I’ve gotta fill
these up with soda powder and activate it with water. That sounds like slime. It’s not slime. – (sniffs) Mm, this smells pretty good. Smell vision. What do you guys smell? Brownies? Alright, this, I feel like I need a lot more water in here. But it doesn’t say to put more water, but I feel like I need to
put a little bit more in. – Uh-oh, are you straying
off of the recipe? – Maybe.
– Oh, no. – I’m straying from the recipe
because it’s wrong, okay? Chefs just, I feel like
they go off their own whatever they think is right, and I’m doing just that. – Yeah, like how I’m going with my finger to pick up the rest of the powder. – Oh.
– That’s just right what you need to do at this moment. – Okay, now I have to
sprinkle flour on my hands and roll the mixture into a ball. Yeah, this is gonna be really messy. – Ahh, you know what, we’re
done with blue raspberry. I can’t get any more out. Um. ‘Kay, what’s next? Orange, okay. Too bad there’s no
orange, oh, it was hiding. Just kidding. – (gasps) Did we bring Pam? – She’s going to check
if our Grampa has Pam, because we’re at our Grampa’s house. Shh. That’s where we’re hosting our bakery. ‘Cause we didn’t bring any Pam, and if not, then we’re
gonna have a sticky mess. It’s gonna be all over the pan, and, yeah, it’s gonna be a problem. In the meantime, I can’t open this! Okay, so I need two scoops of orange, and it’s going in the first one. Orange soda’s my favorite. Fun fact. One. Two. Alright, next up we’re gonna
do one cherry and one orange, so might as well do the
orange while we’re here. Oh. We have a little spillage. I feel like this is the
easiest one to make, because all you have to do
is mix powder with water. But, you know, that’s my cooking level, so this is perfect for me. Welcome back to the
Aud and Jo Baking Show. – Trademark. – Once I mix this all in, I
think our soda machine is ready. – We’ll be back when we’re
done with our stuffs. Time to stick my pies in the
cake batter pie cookie machine. Alright, so, I have
never done this before, only Jordan has. Still not closed. There we go, now look at the other side. Yes, perfect. I’m a perfect professional chef. Okay, now I’ve got to set
a timer for 12 minutes, and while this is baking, let’s make some frosting unicorn swirls! – [Jordan] Oh, no, oh, no. – Yes. Let’s go. – Okay, so now I’m
supposed to put the syrup in these little squirty containers, which I don’t know how
this is going to work, because I feel like it’s just
gonna drip drop out, like it’s just slowly gonna
drop out like that, so I don’t know what to do. Okay, wait, I gotta… Really, there we go. That’s how you do it. Okay, so then that one goes right there. Orange, ooh, it’s working. Okay, and this one is orange cherry. This next flavor, wow,
there’s a lot of flavoring. And there’s still more in the packets. Wow, they give you a lot. This is a good deal. (laughs) Wow, look at that, that’s so cutesy. Okay, next up is cherry. Okay, next up is green apple. This one’s really easy. I want to take a taste test. Ta-da. And then green apple and blue raspberry. It’s a rainbow, see? And lastly, blue raspberry. Okay, I wanna try it myself,
because this looks good. So I’m gonna try it myself. So I’m supposed to fill it up with this little, like, vanilla base, until it’s halfway full. So. Oh, there we go. Halfway full, oh, stop! Okay, there we go, halfway full. And then add a flavor. I wanna go with orange, ’cause I said it before
that orange is my favorite. And I don’t know how much to add, so. – [Audrey] Ahhh, I need plastic bags. – I’m just gonna add in a lot. ‘Cause why not? And then you’re supposed to add fizz. Okay, so now I’m supposed to turn the knob and get some
fizzy powder in there. Oh, no. I have a feeling this is Pop Rocks, and it’s just gonna, oh, man. What? Oh, oh, it’s fizzing! Oh, look at that. Oh, that’s exciting. Okay, let’s stir up
the fizzies underneath. That’s so cute! Oh, my. Okay. Oh, it’s going. Wow. Tastes interesting. It’s not the best orange
flavor, I must say, but it’s fun, ’cause you have a mini straw. I mean, look at that. It’s got a little loop-de-loop as well. Well, that was a success. There’s chaos in the
kitchen right now, you guys. I finished up my soda machine, we have run out of table space, and we are now making
our food on the floor. It’s so sanitary, you guys. And I’m about to start
off with my new Easy-Bake, the red velvet and strawberry cakes. But Audrey’s Easy-Bake stuff is done, so I gotta get it out right now. – [Audrey] The timer just went off. – So we’re letting that
cool for five minutes, and then we gotta put in
Audrey’s second batch of that. And in the meantime, I’m gonna make this. So, this looks really good. I’m confused because this one, this cake has zero cream in the middle, and these two cakes have
cream in the middle. So I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. We’re gonna read the instructions. – Next up, I have to put the bowl in the freezer for five minutes?! Um, I don’t have a freezer in here. Or a microwave, which you
need for another thing. The cake push pops. (gasps and screams) My phone! I just spilled water all
over the cardboard floor. – Audrey! Alright, they’re done. Oh, my goodness, that
actually looks really good. – [Audrey] Wait, is it done? – It smells really good, too. Audrey.
– Yeah. – That looks really good. Hey. – Now I just have to make
the rest of the batches of batter, and then I’ll be done
with this cookie project. – [Jordan] Yeah, so. – Oh, we need to set a
timer for the frosting. – Okay, so I gotta make
the red velvet cake and the strawberry cake, and then you’re supposed
to layer it on together, like, on the pan, and then bake it. So that’s what we’re gonna do. So we gotta get the water here. – I’ve never felt more like
a chef in my whole life. – Yes, I knew, me, too. – As I’m whisking my little frosting. – Audrey’s is still baking. – What do I do? Okay, guys, so I took
it out of the freezer, and I stuck it in here, and I am the worst at
sticking stuff in here. It’s supposed to be
rainbow and cutesy, but… – [Jordan] That did not happen. – This is what happened. And now I’m supposed to insert the plunger and dispenser cap into the dispenser. Okay, if you say so. Okay, we gotta stick
it in the unicorn now. Are you guys ready? It goes right in her head. Okay, it’s supposed to be,
I guess it’s supposed to look like ice cream, but it’s not really ice cream, you guys. Okay, here we go. Is everyone ready? – [Jordan] Oh, man. – [Audrey] Ohhh, ooh. No, no. – [Jordan] Oh, man. – [Audrey] All I see is pink so far. Oh. – [Jordan] Audrey. – Anybody want a delicious ice cream? (Jordan laughing) I do. – [Jordan] I want it! Actually, I really don’t want it. – Anybody want a manhandled ice cream? – [Jordan] I watched you
make that, I do not want it. – I bet the boys are gonna want it. Okay, guys, so I’m gonna
make another batch of this, and it’s gonna look a lot better, ’cause I’m gonna hold the
cone while I squeeze it. And then we’re gonna chill it, and while this is waiting, I’m gonna start making the
Yummy Nummies Cake Push Pops. Okay, you guys, so my
cookies are done baking, and now I’m just putting the frosting in the middle of them. I can’t wait for Ty to try one of these. I hope he likes them. But this is already looking way better than my frosting unicorn. Aww, it’s like a little Oreo. It’s a homemade Oreo. Alright, I’m gonna finish up these. Jordan’s gonna stick
her things in the oven. – Oh, man, okay. So here’s the red velvet cake. It’s going in the pan. I’m so excited for this. Actually, the strawberry
cake smells really good. What does this one smell like? It smells like chocolate, actually. Now I’ve gotta spread it out, and then it’ll be ready to go in the oven. – Alright, you guys, we are
making the push pops right now. Chefs who work together stay together. High five. Knuckles. (Jordan laughs) This is what it looks like so far. I gotta go microwave this for 15 seconds. I’ll be back. – Okay. In the meantime, we’re also
waiting for my cake to be done, which it should be done any minute now. But, you know, gotta wait for the timer, because that’s what goodly chefs do. Okay, the blue frosting is done. Let’s make the pink frosting. This is fun. (timer chiming) Easy-Bake’s done! – Guys, we’re on a time
limit for 20 minutes, because our brothers are gonna come soon with their quarters and
buy stuff from our bakery. Chef, are you ready? – No! (laughs) It’s a hot pan, and I’m
trying to get the cake out of the pan and I can’t. – I would help you, but I’ve
got to make two more of these. – Go so slow. – I’m going! This is so difficult, you guys. Oh, we gotta make the pink one. Guys, look what I did to
decorate some of my cookies. I put the ice cream thing
on it with a gumball. – That’s so smart. Audrey, can you spray the spray on it? Spray it! Okay, here goes the strawberry cake. Go! This one is runnier for some reason. I have no idea why, but it is, so. We’re gonna see if this
one actually bakes okay. Or not. Done. Ah! – Guys, they are here, they
are here, they’re here. We’re not done! – I’m trying to make my cake. – [Mom] Are you guys ready to shop in the, uh, the sweet shop box fort? – Yes. – Yeah, but it smells kinda weird. – [Mom] What are you hoping to buy? – Ice cream. – [Mom] Oh, they might
have ice cream in the shop. – Oh, there’s a chef. – [Mom] Ty, what would you
like to buy in the shop? – Ice cream. – [Mom] You’re hoping there’s ice cream? – Or slushies. – [Mom] Oh, a slushie would be good. – Ohhhh. – [Mom] Yeah, well,
you’ll get to shop soon. – Alright, you guys, welcome
to our sweet shop bakery! – Whoo! We’ve got lots of treats in
here for you guys to buy. And our cash register station
used to be over there, but that became a junk table, because we have too much trash. – [Audrey] So, I’ll be sitting
here with the cash register. – [Jordan] Yeah. – So, once you get your food, just put your money in
here for the checkout. – [Jordan] No, you can’t have pretzels. This is the bakery, okay? – I can’t have pretzels? – [Jordan] No, we didn’t bake any. Go look at what we made. – [Audrey] Would you like a happy farmer? (girls laugh) – They’re not Jolly Ranchers,
they’re happy farmers. Oh. – They are (mumbles). I’ll buy them all! – Will this pay for it? – Oh, Ty’s getting an ice cream, and that’s an ice cream. – Money jar. – Yes, that will pay for it. – Uh. – Wow. – This ice cream’s only, it’s eaten. So I can get a discount? – I mean, Ty just paid
for everyone, basically. – Here. – Yeah, I mean– – I have some money. – Oh.
– Oh, wow. – Pick out any other treats
you would like, you know. Ty, I think you would like
that red soda over there. For you, I made especially for him. Let’s see if he likes it. – [Audrey] Jake, try a push pop. Try a push pop, Jake. – [Dad] This ice cream’s
really good, actually. ‘Kay, you making a soda? – Yep. – [Jordan] Yay, Ty-Ty. – [Audrey] Add a little carbonation in. – [Dad] Carbonation? – [Audrey] Fizzy fizz. – Fizzy stuff. – [Jordan] If it doesn’t twist, you could just use a spoon. – Okay, I’m just gonna… – Oh.
– Ooh. Crunchy carbonation. – How much? Just gonna, again. – [Jordan] Ty likes his soda really fizzy. – Okay. Time to mix. – [Jordan] Alright, get
your twirly swirly straw. Mixing it in, and take a taste. What does it taste like, Ty? – Orange. Mmm. – [Audrey] Does he like it? – [Dad] You like the orange? – Uh-huh. – Yay!
– Yay! – Here, take your… – [Audrey] Now you gotta bite it. Take a bite. – I don’t like it. – Nooo!
– Ohhh! Well, I was not the one who made that one. – Yeah. – It was made fresh out
of the Easy-Bake Oven. – It’s fresh? – [Jordan] Yes, I just barely made that. – [Audrey] It’s a squishy. – [Jordan] Oh, the entire thing, wow. – [Ty] This looks like a doughnut. It’s squishy. – [Audrey] Do you like it? – Here’s some more money for it. – Okay. – Oh, man. – Wow, money’s just falling everywhere. – [Dad] I’m a big tipper. – Audrey, I think, I think, I think we made back our profit. – Yes! – Even after we ate, like, half the items. – I know. Wow.
– Very good. Is that a gumball on top? – Yes.
– Yeah. – [Audrey] And the ice cream,
too, so it’s all in one. – I got ice cream and the gumball? – [Audrey] Yeah, and the Whoopie. – [Jordan] Yeah, that’s why it’s $1.50. It’s a more expensive one. – I’m gonna take the gumball off so I can eat the Whoopie. – [Jordan] Oh, man. – [Audrey] Wow! – Dad just eats it in one bite. – Whoopie. (girls laugh) – Hello, there. I made some treats. – [Grampa] Oh, you’re a chef now. – [Audrey] Yeah, would
you like to try some? These are red velvet cake, and these are Whoopie Pies. – Looks really good. – Thank you. Tell us your honest review. – It’s yummy. – Yes! Score. You should see if you
like one of these ones. So, it’s a Whoopie Pie, and we made a little
bit of ice cream on top with a gumball. So it’s all in one. – What’s in the middle? – Frosting. That’s the gumball. It’s a lot of sugar. – I love sugar. – Yay, we got a winner! Awesome. – Taste’s great. – Yes. All of our hard work paid off. Let’s go back downstairs. – But wait, I brought a cake pop for you. – A cake pop? – Yes, good luck. – [Audrey] So far the cake
pops haven’t been a hit. – Why? – You gotta push ’em up. I don’t know, Jake didn’t like it. But he was the only one that tried it, so. Wow. – [Jordan] He ate it all. – That tastes good. – Oh, here’s the second one. You could eat ’em all. – Ahh. – [Jordan] Wow. – We’ll just leave these in here for you. – [Jordan] Enjoy. – Enjoy your food. Alright, guys, so that’s
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