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Blac Chyna | House Tour 2020 | Her Classy 3 Million Dollar Mansion

It seems like Blac Chyna has been living her
best life without her ex and baby daddy, Rob Kardashian. She insists she’s gotten to where she’s
in life at without any help from the Kardashian clan. One thing we do know is Chyna has invested
in a pretty nice house for her and her kids. Blac Chyna’s 3million dollar Los Angeles
mansion is classy and traditional looking from the outside. It’s a step above where she used to live
in the past, like the Calabasas crib they used to rent from Rob’s little sister Kylie. If you’ve ever wondered where Blac Chyna’s
living these days, we’ll be giving you ALL the details in this video. Angela Renee White, better known as Blac Chyna
is a model, entrepreneur, and just like Wikipedia says – a former stripper. If we’re being real we all know Chyna is
most famous because of who she’s dated. There’s been a handful, but most notably
would be her two baby daddies – rapper Tyga and of course Rob Kardashian. That being said Chyna is also the mama of
two – her son King Cairo, and daughter Dream. Lately, she’s been receiving some heat in
the tabloids because of Rob. He’s been throwing accusations at Chyna
and wanting more custody of their daughter saying that she’s a bad influence and more. Of course the two are taking this to court
and Chyna denies his claims, but I guess only time we’ll tell. In the end, only they know the truth! And we’re not gonna be talking about that
drama today anyways. At the time of this recording, Blac Chyna
is 31 years old. Despite being an influencer and getting income
from her social media, she also has a makeup brand Lashed By Blac Chyna and a beauty salon
in Encino, California. Not to mention she’s made money from her
reality TV appearances. Her net worth is estimated at 4 million – which
would make her worth more than her ex Tyga’s if its true. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. Some of you guys requested one on Blac Chyna
so today we’re gonna see where she calls home. We’ll look at her classy mansion in Los
Angeles and where she used to live before that. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
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because I love connecting with you guys. I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. I need you to let me know who to do next in
the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. So I don’t exactly know what Chyna’s childhood
home looked like, but she’s from Washington DC and she lived there with her parents. When her and Rob were still together and she
was expecting they paid her hometown and parents a visit, documenting it on social media We can already assume Chyna came from much
humbler beginnings than Rob Kardashian, considering her first job was at McDonald’s and down
the line she turned to stripping. Apparently she always knew she had star quality,
but Chyna’s definitely come a long way from her past life. I guess in the end she was right about that! Fast forward to Chyna becoming famous, and
by the time she met Rob she was already living the good life. She had her own house in Tarzana, California,
and even though her and Rob were expecting a child together they still spent time living
apart. In fact, Chyna said that baby Dream would
live with her when she was born, and once admitted to People magazine:“We lived together
[at my house] for two months in the beginning, but he stressed me out every day. And I said, ‘One thing you won’t do is
stress me out with this baby in my belly.” Despite that, Chyna ended up moving in with
Rob which is where they lived for some time with baby Dream. Of course the two haven’t lived together
for some time now but this was where Chyna used to call home – so let’s take a look. Rob actually rented out this home from none
other than his little sister Kylie Jenner. So, Chyna was moving in to Kylie’s house
essentially – must’ve been awkward at first considering they share an ex boyfriend. We all know Kylie owns a few houses in the
neighbourhood of Hidden Hills California, where the Kardashian Jenner clan just loves
to buy. In 2016 she rented out one of her empty cribs
to Rob, Chyna and Dream. This house was purchased for over 6 million
and was 7000 square feet of living space with 6 beds and 7 baths. I could see why Chyna gave in to living there. The Hidden Hills mansion had beautiful views
especially from the balconies, as well as a ton of open space and natural light. There was a ground floor master suite, with
a fireplace area too and dual walk in closets. Not to mention the attached covered patio,
and ensuite bath with steam shower. Chyna and Rob’s rental pad offered the usual
rooms like a large chef’s kitchen, massive family room and additional living and dining
areas. There was also a wine cellar, Butler’s pantry,
and even a bonus home movie theatre. Moving outside there was an attached 4-car
garage and spacious grounds especially in the backyard. Here you’d find the solar heated pool and
spa, patio with barbecue centre and an outside pool bath and fountains. If that’s not enough, aside from the grassy
lawn space there was an additional concrete pad for a basketball court. Although this place was lavish and I’m sure
Chyna enjoyed living here, once her and Rob were over so was this living situation. Even Rob was house shopping post break up
because I’m sure he didn’t want to rent from his baby sister forever. Now we’ll take a look at the home that Blac
Chyna purchased post Rob – and it’s surprisingly classy and traditional. She bought this home back in 2018 for 3 million
and it’s located in Woodland Hills. Woodland Hills is a neighbourhood in the San
Fernando Valley of Los Angeles which borders the Santa Monica mountains. Safe to say, Chyna has some nice views from
her place. She’s shown us a bit of her home in the
past on her social media because I’m sure she was excited to show it off. Blac Chyna’s mansion is 7054 square feet
of living space and sits on nearly half an acre of land. Inside, there are 6 beds and 6.5 baths as
well as an additional guest house on the property with 2 beds and 2.5 baths. When you first enter her home, you’re greeted
with a gorgeous open concept entry way where you can see the staircase and into the main
room. In the main living space there’s a dining
area and living room which open up to the backyard. You can also see her custom built glass wine
cellar when you walk in since it’s by the front door. Chyna also has an additional eating area in
the large kitchen, for those less formal meals. We can also see she keeps a fully stocked
fridge – and she loves cheese JUST LIKE ME. Chyna’s master bedroom comes complete with
a beautiful fireplace and a walk out balcony. Not to mention she has a fancy ensuite bathroom
and massive walk in closet ALL to herself. Aside from all of the guest rooms, and rooms
likely for her two kids, there are additional seating area throughout the home as well as
an office. Looks to me like King and Dream love hanging
out here with their mama too. Outside the home, aside from the guest house
there’s a gorgeous pool and patio area, and we can see that Chyna also got a large
playground up for the kiddies in the yard. Not to mention she has plenty of space to
park her luxury cars. There’s a garage as well as a large driveway
out front. Chyna has done a nice job settling into this
gorgeous multi million dollar LA home with her family. But she also sat down with an architect and
basically designed her ultimate dream home. She hasn’t made that happen just yet but
now at least she has the blueprint now so she can work towards it. According to Chyna her dream house would need
a bunch of things. Her wish list includes a 10 car garage with
two wings, a helicopter pad, an infinity pool, a warehouse for her products, recording studio,
a party light room – whatever that is, and more. She said her house would be all-glass and
everything inside needs to be marble. Chyna also wants a secret “sex” room,
and an all-white room as a money room. I guess we’ll have to see if that home will
be the next one we see Blac Chyna living in down the line. I think her current one is still pretty nice
though. So now we’ve covered where Blac Chyna’s
living these days and taken a look at her Woodland Hills mansion. We also saw the house she lived in with Rob
prior to their break up – even though they were renting from Kylie. I think Chyna has done well for herself and
the home she’s purchased for her and the kids is both classy and gorgeous. What do you guys think of her place? For someone who made her living as a stripper
for many years – mind you, a pretty famous one, Chyna has come a long way and is definitely
living the good life. Besides her home – did you see that car
collection? I think my favourite part of her LA home has
gotta be the traditional style it’s designed In and her large pool out back. Ok guys, before we wrap this up I’ll be
reading out some of your comments from previous videos. On our JLo house tour, Marilyn Norvell wrote:
“JLo houses are all beautiful but my favorite is the BelAir house. Well done JLo. You deserve everything you have. We love all of you here in Yorktown, VA
I loveeeee her Bel Air house too. It’s so unique. On our Tyga House Tour, Hagos Tewolde said:“Tyga
will go broke soon; he has bad credit that’s why He can’t purchase a house worth 12.5m
the fact that his only worth 3mil smh . Hope he gets it together. I guess that makes total sense with the bad
credit and would explain the net worth too. Crazy he’s renting such expensive places… And Finally on our Britney Spears House Tour,
Abba4life said: “Glad she has a cool house, I’ll always
love that girl but I feel bad for her, she has been through so many personal attacks. Like your necklace btw. God bless Britney and her kids!” Thank you !!! and I feel bad too. I’m happy reading these comments though
how much loyal fans she has and everyone is so respectful of Queen Britney. Aright guys, all I could find on Blac Chyna’s
current home in Woodland Hills, California. Did you guys like her 3 million dollar mansion? What was your favourite part? Let me know in the comments. Also be sure to let me know what other celebrity
houses you’d like to see so I can add them to my list! Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you in the next vid. BYE!!!

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