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(dramatic music) – [Coyote] I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to be bitten by
the giant desert centipede. Here we go. (shouts in pain) Oh my gosh, this is so much
worse than a bullet ant sting. (theme music) (exciting music) It’s a fair statement to say
that I am no stranger to pain, as over the past two years,
I have arguably taken more intentional
bites, chomps, pinches, and stings, than any
other human being. Some people say that
I’m absolutely crazy, while others have labeled me
as being admirably fearless. However, I describe myself
as a passionate educator who has endured these
wild experiments so that we can all
learn about animals, and ultimately take
away from my discomfort a newfound respect for these oftentimes
misunderstood creatures. So while I might
be a little crazy, I certainly am not
completely fearless, and have made it very clear that there are only two
creatures on this planet that make my skin crawl. The first is infamously
known as the toe biter. Scientifically, this
alien-looking creature is addressed as the
giant water bug, and its bite, which is inflicted with a needle-like rostrum,
is unbelievably painful. (shouting in pain) Since we first featured
one of these insects several years ago, the Coyote
Pack has been requesting both a bite, and
aftermath episode. So I faced my fears, safely
caught one of these giants, and then in poetic fashion, let
it latch on and bite my toe. It was a pain that
I will never forget, and a fear that I
proudly conquered in the name of
science and education. My second fear needs no
elaborate introduction. Already know what it is. And yes, I will be bitten by
the giant desert centipede. (suspenseful music) (shouting in pain) These voracious predators can
occasionally be encountered when exploring the
deserts of the southwest. Whether you stumble upon
one under the light of day as it disappears into a burrow, or you happen to bear
witness to one as it hunts under the darkness of night, the reaction by most
is usually the same: screaming, running in
the opposite direction, and then mentally navigating
a thick cloud of disbelief for what your eyes
had just seen. A giant, leg-covered,
venomous fang-wielding terror that could only
have materialized within one’s most
horrifying nightmare. However, this is no bad dream. And it’s certainly no
figment of your imagination. In fact, this animal
is as real as it gets. And for me, the
moment you have all been waiting for, is
closer than you think. (brush crunching under foot) (suspenseful music) Centipede! Whoah, look at this. – [Mark] Where? – Giant desert
centipede right here. Right on the others
side of this bush. Wow, look at that! Hold on a second. Lemme try to bring it
out here for you guys. Pick it up with this. – [Mark] Be careful. – [Coyote] Oh no,
no, it’s moving. Here, gimme that
Tupperware container. Mario, get that container
out of your bag. – [Mario] Here, use your hat. Use your hat. Oh, it’s not workin. Did you get him? – No, no, no, it’s so fast. I can’t grab onto it. Hurry, hurry, hurry. I got it pinned. There he goes. Ooh, he got out. (groans) – [Mark] Nice. Got it? – Woo! – [Mark] That is
a big centipede. – That will get
your heart racing. The bite from this creature is one of the most painful
here in the southwest, and if there is one creature
that gets my heart racing, it is the giant
desert centipede. Wow, that is a big one, too. You see that through
the container there? – [Mark] That might be
the biggest one I’ve seen. – [Coyote] It very well may be. Wow. You’re looking at a
living nightmare right there. Look at that thing. – [Mark] That is creepy, man. – [Coyote] Oh my gosh. I can’t tell you how many people have requested me to get
bitten by this creature. It’s a lot. It’s a lot of people
have been wanting to know how bad the bite
is from this thing. – [Mark] I can see it
has your gears grinding. It’s got me a little nervous. – Well I’m definitely not gonna do it under the
darkness of night. What I might be willing
to do is sleep on it, and maybe tomorrow, under
daylight, we consider it. But, in the moment right
now I’m thinkin no. Absolutely not. But I gotta admit,
part of me is curious but part of me is just
incredibly fearful. You’re shakin your head no. – Yeah, I don’t know if I’m
comfortable with that, man. This is… – [Coyote] A bite too far? – Maybe a bite too far. – [Coyote] Well let’s do this. We can certainly hold
onto it overnight. Worst case scenario,
we do another episode
with it tomorrow, just kind of look at it, its
anatomy under the light of day, and we cross that bridge
when we get to it. How bout that? – [Mark] Okay, I
can agree to that. – Okay, well let’s hold onto it and see what else
we can find tonight. Woo, that’s gonna top off
the night right there. – [Mark] Great spot, dude. – Man, that’s crazy. (ominous music) When they say giant desert
centipede, they aren’t kidding. Look at the size
of that myriapod. Wow, it’s even more intimidating in the daylight
than it is at night. Now, we caught this
creature last night and I said, “Alright,
let’s hold onto it, “lemme sleep on it. “Lemme think if I really wanna “be bitten by this creature.” Here we are, 7:00
in the morning, I think we all know
what’s going to happen. Alright, guys, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna be bitten by
the giant desert centipede so that I can explain
to you just how painful the bite from this
creature really is. Now, before we
get into the bite, let’s take a look at the
anatomy of this creature because it’s just, it’s
like the perfect design for everything that is creepy. Now, it is an arthropod, like
all insects and arachnids, but technically it’s a myriapod,
also related to millipedes. And when it comes to centipedes, the giant desert is the
largest in the United States. And this is a creature that
you don’t often come across because they’re
strictly nocturnal. Now, it is so hard to sit behind this container and
look at this creature. I mean, you can
hear its little legs scratching on the
inside of this capsule. Whoa. I mean, Mark,
seriously, have you ever seen a creature that’s
more nightmarish than this? – [Mark] Nope. And I know this is
something you’ve been not looking forward to. – Well people often wanna know is there anything that
scares Coyote Peterson. I jump on alligators,
and I jump into swamps to catch snapping turtles. I handle black widows, and
golden orb weave spiders, but the centipede,
ever since I was a kid, for some reason just
always been like (groans) I don’t wanna get
near that thing. Because it has so many legs,
and each one of those legs has a little hook on it, so
when they grab on to something, they grapple onto something. And when they bite, those fangs ratchet down, and they hold on. – [Mark] So this
is not necessarily a bite and run, it’s
a bite and hold. – [Coyote] Yes. You know, when I’ve been
stung by things in the past, I hold onto them with
the entomology forceps and when I do that, I
let go, and the insect usually falls right
off of my arm. But in this instance,
this myriapod is capable of holding onto me and
inflicting more than one bite. (Mark whistles in surprise) – [Mark] Alright, well… – Let’s do this at this point, cuz I know you guys wanna get
a slightly better look at it. I’m gonna actually take it
out of this plastic container so we can get a good look
at its body segmentation, and the little
hooks on those feet. You ready for that? – [Mark] Okay, let’s do it. – Alright, now to do that… I’m going to just gently – [Mark] Whoa, whoa. – I gotta actually pin
down its head to do this. – [Mark] Whoa, jeez,
look at how fast it is. Now, Coyote, I’ve
heard this called the cheetah of the desert. – Yes. That is because they are
speedy, and they are lethal. Lemme see if I can actually … Man. – [Mark] Might need a
bigger set of forceps. – There’s just no good
way to go about this. (music crescendos) – [Mark] That was a committed
grab if I’ve ever seen one. – Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. – [Mark] What’s wrong? Is it biting you? – No, but each one
of these little leg segments is
incredibly sharp. Look at that body. Wow, and it is incredibly rigid. The exoskeleton on this
animal is rock solid. And each one of those
little leg segments grapples onto you, and it
tries to pull itself down so that the fangs can bite. Now those fangs, are
actually called maxilliped, and they are modified legs on (drum beat) It’s almost getting
me right now. – [Mark] My goodness. – Almost got me right there. – [Mark] That was close. – Okay, I do not have as good
a hold as I thought I did. I can actually see venom
coming out of the maxilliped. Wow, look at those. Okay, that’s a
slightly better hold. It almost was
capable of completely
wrapping its body down and inflicting that bite
sooner than we wanted it to. Wow, that is intimidating. Okay, not an easy
animal to hold onto because it is so
incredibly strong. Alright, guys,
I’m gonna place it back into the plastic
container here. Take a minute to compose myself, and then we’re gonna
head into the bite. You ready? Really gently, and there we go. Nice. Woo, barely escaped
a bite there. (eerie music swelling) Alright, guys, lemme give you
a little testimonial here. So as we know, I have
taken many bites, some of them nonvenomous,
some of them venomous, lots of stings, and the
giant desert centipede is the one animal that I
always thought to myself, you know what, I never wanna
be bitten by that creature. But, I have the
opportunity to do this and I guess part of me is
doing it for curiosity, part of me is doing
it for science, and part of me is
doing to find out just how painful
this bite really is. Now I’ve heard from
several different sources that it can be more painful
than a rattlesnake bite, not as painful as
a gila monster, which I’ve been bitten by, and some people say
it’s no more painful than a honeybee sting. So it’s all about how my
body reacts to the venom. Now it is gonna attack
my red blood cells, and I don’t know
what that will do. It could potentially
rot a hole in my arm, it may just cause some
localized swelling, and pain, and I
may be just fine. But I’ve kinda climbed the
insect sting pain index, and I feel when
it comes to bites, this has gotta be the last one. (eerie music) Oh boy. This just became a reality. Wow, there it is, the
giant desert centipede. And I’m about to
be bitten by it. Okay, well the next
thing we need to do is actually get it out of
this plastic container, and to do that, I’m gonna
gently go in and pin it. Ready? – [Mark] Yeah. It’s creepy. – There’s the commitment. Okay, got a hold on it. Ow, man those little
legs are diggin into me. Woo, look at those fangs. My goodness. Okay. Now I do, as always,
have an epinephrine pen, just stating that
for the record. And? – [Mark] Also have that. – Emergency satellite phone. Always important. – [Mark] Never had to use it. Please don’t let today
be the first time. Camera three rolling. – GoPro is rolling. Okay. Here we go. Ready? I’m Coyote Peterson, and
I’m about to be bitten by the giant desert centipede. Here we go. One Two Three (shouts in pain) (music intensifying) Oh my gosh. Right there. There’s where the fangs went in, you see those puncture marks? – [Mark] Oh yeah. Wow. Describe the pain. – Immediately searing. Oh my gosh, this is so much
worse than a bullet ant sting. (groaning) – [Mark] Talk to me. – It’s just searing my skin. Oh my gosh, this
is the worst pain I have felt since
the gila monster. This absolutely, just
completely eclipses all of the insect
stings I have taken. – [Mark] How sharp
are the pains? – Hold on a second. Oh my gosh. (panting) – [Mark] You can see where
they went in right there. Double chomp. – Could you even see that? It bit, and like
curled the skin up, and then let go and
bit a second time. – [Mark] Yeah. Oh wow. This is your blood
comin to the surface. Talk to me, talk
to me, talk to me. – Okay. – [Mark] I gotta know you’re
not like in serious trouble. You gotta keep talkin to me. – It’s a different pain
than any sting I’ve taken. It’s searing. It is absolutely searing. (shouts in pain) Sorry, I can’t compose
words right now, man. – [Mark] You let me know if you
feel like you’re in trouble. Any swelling of the mouth? – I need some water. I need some water. Oh my gosh. (grunting) – [Mark] Describe to me
where you feel the pain. Is it just localized
to the bite? – It’s goin up my arm. It is going up my arm just like the venom of a
gila monster, man. Look at the welts that
are forming on my arm. Dude, we might need to
use that venom extractor. This is … (screams) (pants) Just cut the cameras. Cut the cameras. We gotta get the
venom extractor. We gotta get some of
the venom out of my arm. (shouts in pain) I’m serious. Cut the cameras. Cut the cameras. Never before had I asked for the cameras to be turned off
during a bite or sting episode. Never before had I been in
such uncontrollable pain. And never before, had we
not completed an episode. (thrilling music) (wincing) (sobbing) If you thought this
episode was intense, stay tuned for the
epic conclusion as we show you exactly
what happened to me after I was bitten by the
giant desert centipede. And don’t forget,
subscribe! So you can join me and the crew on this
season of Breaking Trail. (drum beats and animal calls)



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