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Binging with Babish 3 Million Subscriber Special: The Eggscellent Challenge from Regular Show

[TV clip begins] “only once every thousand years does an
eating challenge appear with the ability to blow everyone away… the Eggscellent
challenge is that challenge. 12 eggs, chewy cheese biscuits, and a fruit ball
finish in under an hour and your party eats for free. hey what’s up guys welcome
back to binging with babish. where this week we’re celebrating three million
subscribers by taking the Eggscellent challenge. before we take a crack at this
so to speak I wanted to give you guys a look behind the scenes of my new kitchen
and apartment if you want to see the regular episode skip to about the 2
minute 45 second mark …otherwise let’s join me up on the roof. Thanks Me, so we’re up on the roof of my new apartment, my studio kitchen, my
home office and as you can see a lot of things have changed since we had a
million subscribers and a lot of things have happened that would not be possible
without all of your incredible support over the past two years. so thank you so
much for subscribing for watching the show and for just being an amazing
audience I really appreciate it. I love making the show for you guys and I’ve
got a whole bunch of exciting new tools to make the show with. so let’s go take a
look at them let’s head back downstairs. so this is the office where I … [egg drops] sorry… this
is the office where I edit all the episodes of binging with babish and I do
the voice-over and this is my best friend and business partner Sawyer who
does all the hard legal work and occasionally cleans up my messes. this is
my bedroom where I hire my apron before shooting every episode and often several
times during. and.. and.. this is the all-new binging with babish kitchen which I’m
super excited about it’s been way easier to make the show. I don’t know if
you saw the last kitchen but it was pretty cramped, tiny little railroad
apartment up in Harlem now I’ve moved downtown and I got a 6 burner Vulcan
stove it’s been so great to shoot straight across this, with this camera,
I’ve got multiple cameras I’ve upgraded to a nice cinema lens here on the a7 s’s.
three big work surfaces we’ve got the big boost block kept this from the last
apartment this will always stay with me this is the table upon which binging
with babish was birthed. so this kitchen has really cool fridges
and freezers their restaurant sort of drawer style ones which is really great
makes everything accessible, and ton of room in these four
guys. plus I have to keep all my seltzer, right in here, then if you come on over
here you’ll see the state-of-the-art trashcan. which, check this out,
open can [can opens] I never use that feature. and then as you can see I’ve got a bunch of
these ninja flame 4k monitors in and field recorders here there’s
Tim, that’s Tim, see Tim? so now if you don’t mind I think we should get down to
business of making the excellent challenge. let’s see eat eggs okay so ,first things first, we got to
make us some chili. now we’ve made a lot of chili on this show so I’m just gonna
make a super baseline, standard, no power windows chili. I’m going to start by
dicing one Spanish onion one green pepper and four cloves of garlic then
over on the stove we’re browning the ground chuck. simply heat over high flame
until he gets some nice brown stuff and some delicious fond on the bottom of the
pot and those that are fond of me know that I am fond of fond. drain off all but
a little bit of the beef fat and sweat the onions and peppers with in it once
those are nice and soft add the garlic, a couple tablespoons of chili powder, a
good shake of white pepper, and a little shake of cumin. let those flavors just
get to know each other for 30 seconds to 1 minute just to toast up the spices and
get the garlic all and aromatic. before adding 1 can of crushed tomatoes, along
with one to one and a half cans worth of water, and our Brown ground round. I’m
also gonna add 1 can of kidney beans and the adobo sauce from one of those cans
of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and a teaspoon each smoked paprika and oregano. stir this guy over medium-low heat for about an hour
taste testing every now and then so you see how the flavors develop over time.
until you’ve got a nice thick basic chili look at that, gorgeous. and now on
to an element that I’m much more excited about making biscuits. into a bowl i
measuring 675 grams of flour, 2 tablespoons of baking powder, 1
tablespoon of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of table salt or 2 teaspoons of kosher
salts sift those all together into an inadvisable small bowl. and then we’re
cutting up into tablespoon sized pieces some butter fresh out the fridge we want
this as cold as possible for the same reason we want butter cold in puff
pastry we don’t want it melting until it gets in the oven. try doggedly to make
your small bowl work before inevitably putting it into a
larger bowl. and use two butter knives or steak knives to cut the butter into the
flour. we want to keep going until the butter is the size of small peas. at this
point we are adding two cups of buttermilk and beginning to fold
together using a rubber spatula. we don’t want to over mix or over knead our dough
because we want to maintain those little chunks of butter to get all those
desirable flaky layers. so less knead your dough, and more coax it together,
convinced it to form a cohesive ball that we’re then going to refrigerate for
10 minutes. before rolling out and cutting into the desired shapes. in this
case biscuit shapes. make sure you dust your cutter with flour and cut swiftly
because we want clean cuts down the side of each biscuit. any pinching will
inhibit rise. place these on a parchment lined baking sheet and give them a
generous brush ‘o’ butter you can also at the tops with some flaked sea salts but
either way these guys are going into a 425 degree fahrenheit oven for 15 to 20
minutes or until golden brown and flaky. we’re gonna place these on a wire rack
to cool for 10 to 20 minutes but these are best eaten warm. so let us make quick
work of breaking down our fruit I’m not gonna bore you with how to cut up melons
we got some watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon that we’re gonna cut down into about 1 inch cubes until we’ve accrued a sum total of 5 pounds of fresh
fruit this alone would be a challenge to eat all in one sitting. but, let’s add
some eggs to the equation the eggs in the show are described as an omelet with
peppers and mushrooms so we’re simply slicing up a bunch of peppers and
mushrooms and getting a tablespoon or two of butter nice and foamy in a large
cast iron skillet over medium heat. once the foam subsides we’re going to add our
mushrooms along with a generous pinch of salt this is not only for seasoning but
also to help the mushrooms give up all their mushroomy moisture so once the
mushrooms have dried out a little bit we’re going to add the peppers and sauté
the whole affair until everybody’s nice and soft. you’d probably want to add some
garlic or onions or something but I’m trying to be pretty literal with this
challenge so we’re just keeping it to mushrooms and peppers. and now for the
big show the dozen egg omelet. I’m gonna start by heating up both olive oil
and butter in the bottom of a heavy cast-iron pan
beating together my eggs and dumping them in. I’m going with medium heat
because I want to partially cook these eggs the whole way through it before
letting them set so I’m gonna keep these boys moving with a fork until Kurds
start to form. kind of like you do for a French omelette this is gonna help make
our eggs less tough. you want to keep doing this until you can start to see the
bottom of the pan when you move the fork around, this is the point at which we let
the eggs cook and let a sort of omelette crust form. after about two minutes of
this I’m going to dump in our fillings and fold this guy shut case closed-
sorry. and now at long last it is time to assemble onto a large platter I’m going
to deposit our egg monstrosity egstrosity. top it with four full cups of our
chili. I was very, very surprised to find out that I had made just enough. good
thing otherwise this might have turned out, I don’t know …appetizing. we’re
topping that with two cups of shredded American cheese and a slightly more
reasonable 2 buttermilk biscuits and there you have it the Eggscellent
Challenge there’s only one more vital ingredient they didn’t mention on the
show.. there we go. keep those guys at the ready and start the timer. now I am not
what you’d call it competitive eater but this doesn’t look so bad and it actually
tastes pretty good. this chili isn’t going to win any awards at county fairs, but it is pretty solid. the eggs are properly cooked and there’s
lots and lots of cheese very few things to complain about. so in the end it was
pretty easy to blow through the whole thing with just 6 minutes to go. and if
you don’t believe me let’s play back the whole thing sped up so you can see that
there are no cuts and that I finished the entire thing and I’m just kidding I
gave up after like five minutes. I definitely could have gotten through
about half of this thing but I decided it wasn’t worth getting really super
sick to eat all this. and elected instead to share it with my comrades in the end
we put a pretty big dent in this thing and we saved the fruit and ate it for
breakfast the next day. so I’m sorry if that’s anticlimactic but I’m days away
from turning 31 and I don’t want to die. anyway it’s time to do some shots to
celebrate three million subscribers my life has changed wildly over the past
two years and I would not be where I am today without my beautiful friends, my
beautiful family, and especially you beautiful people watching it at home.
thank you so much but wait we’re still not done we still need to pick a winner
for the babish panini challenge so let’s head back to the office. all right dude
let’s find some intros for the panini Challenge here. we got like 250 on Instagram, we got a bunch on Twitter, a bunch on YouTube
people made videos and like they’re like a parody. hashtag I don’t know
babish panini… [Contestant clips begin] can do Andrew, hey what’s up guys welcome to another episode of
singeing with sabish, hey what’s up guys welcome back to munching with Matish, hey what’s up guys and welcome back to another episode of binging with J Mack… so he’s grilling up the sausages first, or sautéing the sausages. Oh! He’s cutting in the pan. no, no dude. ruin your knife
and your pan. We’re not gonna use this Steve, we’re doing something different. Homemade mulled made with Reese’s peanut butter cups and nacho cheese Doritos. chorizo sausage to fill in for the sausage.. then we’re gonna take
these guys we’re gonna melt them down… instead of a panini I’m gonna do a
quesadilla ….along with some kind of Dorito french toast concoction…. [End Clips] this guy
this is the guy with the dipping sauce and a really cool beard and deep V so
he’s rocking the deep chest hair. so guys guys [everyones babbling]…
yeah yeah and he’s got a lord of the rings tattoo. [Back to Contestant Clip] instead of the Vienna sausage fingers we’re gonna use Chorizo, some corn tortilla chips, some plain digestives,
let’s throw in a quarter cup of our Dorito breadcrumb mix , I candied the
bacon with a little brown sugar and fresh ground cracked black pepper [End clips] let’s start talking
like like Mary Barry and Paul Hollywood [talking in a british accent] ….. I can’t eat that don’t eat that Mary! Where’s the chip? no chip. the flake of the croissant? please. I mean its a delicious sandwich. No, no its not delicious I’m sorry. I think it would be!
Hazelnut spread in eggs bruh? Could be something, could be something
there. it’s a nice guy. he’s drinking a whiskey, he’s listening to rat attack,
it’s got all the all the elements in place… huh the better version of the
Babish panini it doesn’t exist. It’s funny. You’re not addressing the tasty
zangy, Zingy Doritosy, dustiness though. You Know? zangy and Zingy is cheesecake thrown through bud. You’re right. Ok, now, there’s some very good photography here very good. [mumbling] okay so we’ve
looked at hundreds of entries over the past month and thank you guys so much
for trying this out, thank you for enduring the disgusting creations that
you’ve happened across …..to the lab so I’d like to congratulate redditor GR8MAMUFFINS for winning the challenge with their goat cheese chorizo cheddar crisp
and mole panini so the first thing we got to do is make mole the ingredients
of which are laid before you here step one is to stem and seed Basia guajillo
and ancho dried chiles saving a few tablespoons of the seeds if desired.
we’re gonna heat a cast-iron pan over medium heat until hot and then we’re
going to dry roast the chiles for about two minutes until they smell warm and
fragrant. I use too many chilies so we’re gonna place about a dozen of them into a
high-powered blender. Next up, we’re gonna toast some spices let’s start with a
teaspoon each whole cloves and peppercorns. three bay leaves:
crumbled, a few tablespoons of our reserved chili seeds, and one whole cinnamon stick they were gonna break with our hands….
just like, that’s or… we’re gonna go off camera smash it with a hammer and then
come back and pretend that we’ve broken with our hands so we look strong and
capable. we’re gonna dry roast these also for about two minutes until the seeds
darken and then set them aside so we can toast up some tortilla. I’ve got a nice
big stale corn tortilla here that I’m tearing into pieces using my strength
I’m just gonna toast these up with a little bit of oil until they turn nice
and brown I’m gonna do the same thing with a single slice of white bread. these
are gonna emulsify in the blender and help give body to our sauce so toss those into the blender and then it’s time to roast
some nuts. a third of a cup each of peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and
raisins which I know are not nuts we’re gonna roast these as well with a little
bit of vegetable oil for about one minute. before adding a quarter cup of
sesame seeds let this go for one more minute before also placing in the
blender. and lastly, we are do our garlic onions and tomatoes. we get our pan nice
and hot before adding the onions the garlic and 1 large tomato quartered.
ideally you want to also add some tomatillos but I couldn’t find any… so,
sorry. try to let those sit undisturbed for a minute or two until they develop
some nice color like this right here. then in the last 30 seconds of cooking
we’re going to add a quarter teaspoon each dried thyme, marjoram, and anise seed let those flavors just barely get to know each other before we’re moving from
the heat and dumping like all things into the blender. we’re then going to
cover the whole affair with four cups of boiling chicken stock this is gonna get
everybody nice and soft for the trauma that is to come. pop the lid on make sure
it’s secure and let it be for ten whole minutes. I said ten minutes of a – hands
off! get out of here! ten minutes later and it’s time to blend
and if you’re anything like me you’ll be mesmerized by the colors for a second
and then you’re gonna blend it for about two minutes or until very smooth well
then I’m going to dump this mixture into a waiting pan heating slowly and gently
for about an hour. which is both going to deepen the flavors and abracadabra the
color and now it’s time to make our sauce nice and smooth by running it
through a fine mesh sieve now screwing around using the right size Bowl this
time and then after trying fruitlessly to get anything through your sieve go
ahead and move it to a slightly less fine mesh sieve stir and push it around
for a few minutes until you are left with a thick paste up top and a smooth
puree down below which we are going to put back into a saucepan over medium
heat and add the final wacky ingredients about four ounces of chopped bittersweet
chocolate you might need to add sugar if necessary. but otherwise there you go,
you’ve got genuine except for the tomatillos mole. now we’ve got to make
some quick cheddar cheese crisps we’re just going to make little mounds of
cheddar on a nonstick surface and bake at 425 for about 10 minutes until cheese
crisps happen. which we’re gonna put on a wire rack to cool last up our stand-in
for Cadbury eggs some goat cheese cream which we’re going to make simply by
blending together five ounces of goat cheese with a few
tablespoons of heavy cream and a little splash of honey for sweetness. just blend
on high speed until you’ve got a thick spreadable cream that’s hopefully gonna
cut through all the spice and sharpness in the sandwich. try not to knock over
your blowtorch as you retrieve your chorizo from the fry pan. and freeze of
sandwich craft I’m going to cut this guy into four manageable pieces then
finally it’s time to assemble. I’ve got two slices of sourdough bread here that
I’ve toasted on one side to provide a little bit of protection against all the
wet stuff in this sandwich I’m obviously buttering the outside it’s pretty good
thin layer of Mole on the bottom of the first slice topping with the sausage
topping that with our cheddar cheese crisp and then a reasonable dollop of
our goat cheese cream into the sandwich press it goes when it comes out nobody
knows except me. it’ll come out in like two to three minutes two to three
minutes later we’ve got ourselves a sammich remove it from the situation
using a spatula. and let’s get a cross-section going now in the
submissions that were more impressive cross-sections that were more creative
ideas there were more complex recipes but this one was good enough to be my
lunch. would I recommend it for recreational recreation? not really. but
it’s the absolute best of a bad situation. good job GR8MAMUFFINS and good job all the runners-up who will all be
getting a copy of my cookbook just slide into my DMS…. [mubling] [laughing]


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