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Bike Storage Ideas For Apartments – Mondays With Milt

– Welcome to another episode
of Mondays with Milt. Now today, how about you join
me on a bike ride to work. (upbeat music) (door opening) (heavy foot steps) (birds singing) Wow, what a beautiful day. You know, great time to
ride my bike to work. (heavy foot steps) Oh, safety first. Let me get my helmet on. (birds singing) (shuffling sounds) (upbeat piano music) (road sounds) (horn honking) (upbeat piano music) (blowing wind) Boy, that was a nice ride to work this morning on a beautiful day. Let me just set my helmet down. We’ve got the Wall Rider. We do a lot of these, especially
in apartment buildings, condominium buildings, where
people have a lot of bikes. Then we just simply take this. Hang it up there. I’ll go ahead and just
put my helmet on here. Now I didn’t bring a padlock with me, I don’t think I need one here. But I could just take
it, and loop it through, and lock it here if I needed to. So, we got Wall Riders, great for condominiums, apartment buildings. So, that’s all we got this week. We will see you next
week on another episode of Mondays with Milt. Thank you. (upbeat music)

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