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Beyond Traffic: Join The Conversation!

We asked Americans: “In 30 years, how will
you travel?” Since then, you’ve downloaded “Beyond Traffic” over 300,000 times, and you’ve tweeted, posted, and visited the Beyond Traffic website to
share your ideas about the future of transportation. Robert thinks, “Self-driving autos and trucks
are a game changer.” And Stephanie asked on Twitter, “What does
climate change mean for freight flows?” Jonathan thinks, “We need to look at the connection
of land use and transportation.” And Kendra tweeted we need to “fund research
to support innovation.” Dean highlights the need for “providing a
safe and accessible … environment for” pedestrians and bicyclists.
And Jeff thinks, “We need to help promote the shift over to low-carbon technologies.”
The conversation is just getting started! Share your ideas with hashtag Beyond Traffic
or on our website at www.dot.gov/beyondtraffic. Together, let’s envision a future in motion!

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