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Best Portable Air Conditioner Deals for Summer 2016!

– Today, frugal fans. – And crazy AC deals. (dynamic music) – This is big. Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one stop shopper savings. – I’m intern Amy and I think
this fan is taller than you. – I’m just over 5’9″, I really
hope that’s not the case. Whether you know me from your
local station or USA Today. How tall are you? – I’m about 5’4 1/2″. – That’s a great height Amy. For those of you watching, thank you. I find huge deals, no companies
pay you to talk about them. – That’s pretty close. – It is close, that’s a real deal, and both items come with a remote, as subscriber requests. You have asked for this. It wasn’t too long ago
that Amy and I tested the bladeless Dyson fan deal. – Whew. – I found an amazing deal
– Great. – on that, but for those of
you that are looking for items at a better price point, and again, I wouldn’t
spend that amount of money. Right under this video screen, if you click the show
more of toggle random, of some huge fans. The brand, which is
obviously not paying us to talk about them as the last go. – I don’t know what the brand is. Should know this one’s Shinco. – There’s something amazing about this portable AC
deal, with free delivery, which Amy’s going to put to the test. But first– – [Amy] If you’re a subscriber,
click the subscribe button, so that you can be signed up for a huge giveaway at
the end of the video. – [Matt] If you have your
notifications turned on, you are eligible, and I want to start with the first deal, which is the best portable AC unit we have tested. Now, I can’t come right out and say perhaps the brand that
you haven’t hear of, which looks identical to this LG, may make the item, or be
in the exact same factory, but I will tell you,
its price point today, under $250 with free delivery, on a very well rated unit, is a complete score. On the fans, obviously this
brand needs no introduction, look right under this video screen by clicking the show more tab, and you will be hooked up
with the best fan deals. Now, Amy put the AC unit to the test. – [Amy] Okay, we just plugged
in this window AC unit, it’s at 74 degrees. It was about a 30 second hookup, so extremely easy. It’s plugged in right there, and the outlet is right into that wall. It’s nice and powerful, and it’s on low mode right now. As you can see, it’s very powerful. I’m going to turn it on high. Yep, that’s definitely powerful. – Awesome demo, and on the remote factor, again, the range on this
you said was really good. – Yeah, that was really, really good, and me and Luke had a
great time testing this, especially because he now has an AC unit. – He got a free AC unit, and again, we have all sorts of big
freebies coming away. I don’t think we’re giving away another one of these due to the weight. – This is very portable. It’s a very awesome, good for apartments. – Absolutely. – AC unit. – Easily handles 200 square feet, and a few or more. In this case it was way more, right? – The range that this tested was amazing. We tested it in both the basement and then upstairs, and it worked well in both areas. – If you’re watching right now, I’d be interested to know
what area of your home doesn’t get hit effectively, even if you have central AC, we can always use a reinforcement. Is there that corner? Is there that attic? Do you have a third floor in your house? Are you lonely in an apartment? I was. I’m not anymore though, and thank you for being here. We will never be lonely with you existing. – Thank you guys so much for watching. Be sure to let us know what
you think of this video in the comment section, and as always, click the subscribe button. – We love you. For free stuff, click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that, and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts, you’re going to see a wheel
beside the subscribe button. On the mobile device, it looks like this. Click the box and turn
on your channel alerts. That will ensure you’re emailed every time I upload a huge deal. Remember if you want to
buy any item on feature, there’s a link right
under this video window, click the show more tab, and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go. You are awesome. Thank you so much for watching.

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