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BEST GTA 5 APARTMENTS – Expensive Apartments!

best gta 5 apartments yo what’s up guys u plus you’re with a
new video for you guys and this you’re gonna show you guys the the best to 25
of expensive apartments in the game and it’s all in my opinion by the way so
well yeah without the way it’s gonna get started also by doing this off of like where
we’re departments around not just off the looks and stuff like that what’s
inside are you doing it for all those other
reasons and stuff exactly are you guys getting so yeah it’s going are still
coming in for a third best apartment is actually be the 365 oakley drive on
that’s the seven hundred thousand dollar apartment up in the mountains and the
reason i picked this one is are also claims in a different video it’s because
of our wear it around if you don’t like living in the city but you like being
relatively close to there because you want to go there don’t want you also want to be close to
all are all those stories like the model shop in the closed door and stuff like
that then I that this place actually really
good for you because you don’t have all those Psychopaths and see trying to kill
you every second and you know just trying to get the KT
up and stuff like actually just come up here and like not have to worry about
that stuff and just no let go you’re not gonna get killed when you go outside and
yeah just then that’s just normal are not normal but pretty rich as you can
see only had downstairs instead of upstairs
at your opinion if you like that has all the house stuff and stuff like that to
high-end department and yeah the good stuff so just by the wraps off for this
apartment are going to get into our second one all right so I number two we have two
towers apartment 42 and the reason I choose this one is because where it is
placed again and it’s worse places actually so good because the middle
pretty much everywhere you have the module operate around you got all these
clothes store around you pretty much all the stories you need
right beside you are the inside is not it’s not the best compared to the other
ones arm it’s still not bad don’t get me wrong
but the inside could definitely be better it’s nothing too special about it other
than dying again can hold 10 cars same thing with the wild also probably
never said that one it can hold 10 cards too and yeah it’s nothing just two special
about it overall again our other than the fact that its place and yes for it up for this apartment is
going into our first one and that our best most expensive gt5 apartment are we
actually have a clip tower penthouse apartment 3 and the reason i think this is because
right here are you can change your apartment cell anytime you want in case
you get bored of your current apartment style and class about 1.3 million
dollars which is really expensive but again this video’s assuming you could
buy any point within the range so on yeah you know it just has all the all
the basics in the house you know the bed closet the bong and stuff like that and
you know it’s everything you expect from a normal from abnormal apartment arm had
nothing other than is too good and you can change your apartment sell
any time you want again there is a balcony but you can’t access it which is
a I mean would’ve been a lot more cool if you could it could actually go to the
balcony that actually create in my opinion but yes what is up with this
video is right beside temple towers were so it has all those great features two
towers has and yes four wraps it up for this video gun thanks for watching guys u plus here and
I’m out



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is this for next gen only


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Great video

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Why did u change ur Chanel name wtf

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There is no such thing as wild oats drive

The Chaotic Vortex

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Talking crab

The Chaotic Vortex

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No apartment 3 cost 500000


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like this if u like the pent house

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