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BEST APARTMENT TOUR (Hypebeast Heaven)

Yo you guys What is going on! It’s Blazendary here. Today in this video I’m gonna show you my apartment tour Let’s get into it! It is long overdue since I have done a room tour Apartment tour – type of deal As you guys may know if you’ve been following through my videos,
the past couple weeks life has been pretty hectic for your boy. Moving in, is a grueling task. Wherever you’re moving into, bringing all your stuff from one
place to another is very difficult especially if it’s your first time. Keep in mind I am only 18 years old. I’m still figuring out this whole thing we
call life but I’m living it every day and I’m making YouTube videos. This is my
full-time job. I owe it all to you guys! So thank you so much for all the
love and support you’ve given me over the past couple years. So yeah moving in, it just kind of sucks. You just have to make sure all the
things are in order. Buying furniture Building it Setting it up Having to deal
with it being in chaos and then on top of that I still have to produce content
on a daily basis Whether that’s through my Instagram @Giancarlopurch Or my
new Twitch stream twitch.tv/blazendary Link in the description
below. There’s just a lot going on. I’ve been working on a ton of new projects
lately My new show with Complex called Grailed Wars It’s a really cool
opportunity I’m really happy to be a part of it. Bapeboys.com that’s my new
Bape website that I’m running with my friend. Because I’m celebrating the
first time I’m moving into my new place, I’m gonna go ahead and do a giveaway for
you guys! I asked you in my storage unit video, what you wanted to see me giveaway and you guys really wanted to see the CDG Converse be given away So all you
have to do is SLAP!! a LIKE on this video Let’s see if we can get to 40,000 likes! That’s a lot of likes Like let’s see if we can make it happen Drop a comment down below that’s funny or something like that cool / positive whatever it may be and leave your Instagram handle too. With that being said
let’s get into The Apartment Tour To start, this room is called a Foyer. Foyer And basically what it is, it’s a place that you come in when you get home and you put
your shoes here. Maybe hang up your coat in the closet. Or you got your little
robot vacuum and you just kind of flick on your like “yeah” and go do some cleaning whatever I got my boosted board hung up on this little mount right here. In this
closet I’ve got some stuff like some skateboards longboard and then we have
this lovely Collage And I’m rotating out a couple of things We got these air forces And then now once you come out, you have this hallway which leads to my bedroom, and then you have this hallway which leads to the hype room. And then you have
the center, which is everything else. So guys this right here is my camera shelf
studio. Basically what I have going on is just a ton of storage for all the
different camera equipment pieces that I own, as well as the lenses that I use. Some of the batteries down below in the bottom and then on this shelf I have all
my Polaroids. I love collecting them it’s one of my hobbies. Let me know in the
comments if you want to see a little bit of a camera and equipment tour. And I
really like this area being right here when I leave my apartment I could check
and see if I’m missing anything While I’m on the way out So let’s walk through
here. We got some really cool artwork All custom hand done by my girl Val BANG!! We
got the bedroom The lighting is kind of ass So give me one second This is
the bedroom! So you walk in and you guys are greeted with of course my bed. You
have some bags hanging up, a mirror right here. I hand painted this mirror with my
dad a couple years back but I’ve had this thing since my crib days. Open this
up. You got some beanies in here Some supreme headbands Stuff like that Belts Slides A really cool rug and the step stool that I have so my cats can get up on my bed a lot easier. This is princess, She’s 13 years old this
year In May She’s the best cat ever Right here you got my TV Speaker system and I got stuff in here like my socks got some other pants in here this is my
watch box that my dad got me right here you got my bookcase so I’m gonna be
filling this up pretty soon I got a lot more books and storage to go through some
manga books up here I have some other like historical books Those are like my
favorite things to read. And then if you go into my closet I’ll give you a quick
sneak peek AHHHH okay That’s a different video altogether! And then this is my
bathroom over here it’s just the bathroom. you guys have seen it if you
watched my Supreme real life series Which by the way Comes out Next
week Stay tuned Another perk I have a really bom ass tub
I’ve been told. And this is a painting that my grandpa drew shout out my man
Papa R.I.P And this is kind of my faux pas night stand. Because, well I
don’t really have one Nightstand Review I just got this little windowsill This little IKEA shelf and then the best part is under bed storage that’s what I like
the best so I got like merchan here and this is my bedroom. It’s a master bedroom
in an apartment I think it’s pretty spacious and I’m really happy with it! I love how it turned out Now let’s navigate
through the hall of light boxes and rearrange them so I can show you all. Well, actually this right here is my laundry room. It’s kind of messy, don’t
don’t judge it. Like cat boxes in there and stuff like that. It’s really nothing
glamorous..So Make sure y’all watch this video all the way through I’m gonna be
putting in a $25 Amazon gift card in a random spot starting right now so y’all from now to the end of this video you have a chance to win an Amazon
gift card but if you’re watching this, probably like 30 minutes after? Somebody’s probably found it so don’t bother Shoutout to my notification gang So this is
my living room There’s a ton of stuff going on in here so stick with me I love this couch a lot fully customized it myself you have right here the reclining
chaise lounge and it also doubles as a great bed for a guest this couch reclines but the cool thing about this guy’s bang power bop bop now we’re
cooking corner piece with a bunch of hype on it and the cool thing about this
whole set up is that I get this see inside of my office that I also get to
choose if I don’t I have a fireplace that I don’t use and I never plan on
using so I have right here a plant a rug and I have some stuff up here for
display that’s my grandma sailboat my YouTube Awards pictures that my grandpa
drew let’s go ahead and get the Bape pillow on blast I have a bunch of
speaker stuff I have to set up this is a nightmare but you know what it isn’t a nightmare? all these cool ass games in this
revolving cabinet I finally have a nice spot to store all of my old and vintage
games and y’all will be seeing a ton of this stuff on twitch.tv/blazendary because I’m gonna be gaming hardcore over there console pc
everything we even have a discord join the discord link in the
description below this is my entertainment center I got to choose how
I wanted this thing laid out the glass the different style of openings in the
bottom and then just to show you guys a little bit about me I won’t go too in
depth in some of these cabinets but we have a lot of stuff on display I’m still
working it out like I got this insane stack of Pokemon cards right here these
are some of my e x cards this is the first card that I ever pulled from a
Pokemon pack in like 2009 I got to get all this stuff organized we’ll review
this stuff later on and another cool thing I wanted to show you in this cabinet is my autograph Future vinyl That’s really cool That’s the living
room This is my dining area What I like about this table? it can
extend into a full six person table I have all the different BAPE placemats we got the blue the green the pink Leading into my sunroom, which is my
office, the Supreme Bamboo curtain we’ll talk about that a little bit later In the kitchen over here we got a couple pieces of art we got the deck right here and the kitchen man, it’s just a normal apartment kitchen sorry about the yellow
lighting but some cool cups I guess I have like supreme cups I got some cool
Kith Cup The Blazendary’s crunch plus plus pluses made by noah and we got like
my vitamins let’s see people be getting sick around here this is the most Hype
cabinet Definitely got the most cool things like supreme thermoses The Blazendary kicks OG mug bape kith supreme stack’ems we got the bar
stools that go from here to the kitchen and a bape clock some more artwork and i
think now we should talk about my office lets go We got the vibes right now Now we got
light so this is my keyboard right here I finally got a better stand we have a
Takashi Murakami rug down there too and we also have this desk right here this
is my streaming and gaming desk I’m still getting all this setup because I
have a relic of a desktop a baroque MSI gaming laptop and a really bunch of cool
hardware that I just am dabbling in the new world of streaming on this desk over
here we have some very cool essentials these desks are from Ikea not sponsored
wish it was but they sit and they stand so I’m gonna start editing while
standing up because it’s better for your posture and I have it so that all the
wires are perfect and that there is no bad juju when it comes to cable
management you could probably imagine maybe sometimes a speaker would fall or
something would happen but I got long enough cords and it just took a while underneath too we have this off-white rug it’s the loading I thought it was
perfect because this is blank back here and you can’t see it you can see up here
it’s just great and this right here guys I have a lot more space to work with I’m
getting a bunch of done a bunch of new ideas a bunch of cool things happening it’s gonna be a lot of fun to record videos with the overhead style this is
another desk right here because I’m trying to expand out my Blazendary media company and so we have Val say wassup Val “hello ” acoustic paneling on
the corners which somehow like no tape explained that one because I can’t it just
works alright I just deal with it crooked
picture frames this is the New York Times This is a Lancaster News PA super
random article a fan gave me this out of the blue this is another one Charlotte
Observer for when I did my donation video a lot of great things a lot of great vibes
in this room Bape rug “Let us explore” The final room bum-bum-bum-bum the
Guest Bathroom now explain the hype room hey shout-out
yellow lighting shoutout soap dispenser that dispenses way too far look at this
look at this I’ve made the mistake one too many to squirt it on my shirt and
it’s just not fun check it out live it love it another shower there’s a piece
of art from the illusion same with this piece of art as well this one’s called truth and opposition and there’s another piece of art leading
into there’s nothing worth dying for supreme the hype room which is blocked
by a light box as you guys can see before I turn the lights on I can change
these lights to whatever color I want and it’s gonna be a really cool backdrop
to film with and it’s gonna be a great spot to chill in when the lights are off turning them on I can even turn them off with the switch – it’s pretty cool
actually and now with the light boxes as you guys can see we have a fully fledged
filming studio I can film on this wall I can film on this couch I can film on
this back sneaker wall right here and as you guys can see we got a whole new
camera rig set up there’s going to be a full video about this room because the
construction and the set up was about a month this room took forever because I had to unbox everything display everything and it’s not even all
displayed correctly this is just up like I just wanted to get this video out you
guys will be seeing this video very very soon this is angel she is princess’s
twin and this couch actually converts into a bed so I pull this out and now we
have either one queen bed or break them apart two twin beds this is a coffee
table that I also have is a shadow box 5×5 display just of any item that I
choose really I’m gonna swap all the items out every video this is part of my
supreme collection and it’s just a great way to display all this stuff and other
accessories are not on this shelf they’re scattered all throughout the
apartment cups are in the kitchen keychains and lanyards on my nightstand headbands in the drawer it’s all out and about so that’s why I’d
like this whole new set up because I can just display off my items the way they
should be used and the way they should be displayed In here we
have my closet along with Jessica say wassup Jessica “you ain’t acknowledged
me in years fool!” this is kind of like my storage / clothes that I wear on the day
to day as you guys can see this closet is a pretty decent size but I’m holding
stuff like my sneakers up here some of the day-to-day clothing includes like Travis Scott some fragments stuff but it’s a deep closet I’m holding stuff in
this top storage like sneakers and sneaker boxes This is my Nike MAG Corner and some sneakers that my grandpa made for me he didn’t make these but he made
these right here New York City tribute Tiger camo on some air forces All this
stuff that comes with Nike MAG memorabilia which I’ll be going in depth of course on the hyperoom video This is my sneaker wall but I’m gonna be making a
sneaker collection video as I have not made a sneaker collection video a year
and a half too long Thank you guys so much for watching this
apartment tour video I really hope you enjoyed it if you did please make sure
you go ahead smash a like on this video drop a comment down below and let me
know what you want to do for that CDG converse giveaway cuz I mean it’s for
free but you gotta stay tuned to the vids but you gotta be subscribed thank
you guys so much for watching have a great night day whenever you’re watching it’s blazing air I’m out stay positive and I’ll catch you guys with some
bangers now that the apartments done! Stay positive guys you


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