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Best Alarm System for an Apartment

Hey, DIYers. I’m George from Alarm Grid. Today, we’re going to be going
over what security system is best for an apartment. Now, typically a
lot of people think that security systems should
only be placed into a home. False. You can actually put a
security system into any place that you want protected. So let’s say, for
instance, a dorm room, a garage, a warehouse. By garage I mean separated
garage, something separated from the house. You can have its own
security system for that. Anything that you want
protected, go ahead and put a security system in it. The best security
systems for homes are going to be wireless,
all-in-one systems. Now, these are different
than your typical wired alarm systems, where you used to
have the big, beige metal cabinet that was in the storage
closet area or the basement area. And then you would have
a keypad out in the field by the front door, back
door, or the garage. So as you’re heading out, you
can arm it from the keypad and have enough time
to leave the house. Now these wireless
all-in-one systems have everything built into
one self-contained unit. So they actually
have the keypad. They have the screen. They have the motherboard. They have all the communicators
built into that one system. Now today, we’re going to
be going over two systems that I personally think are
the best for an apartment. I want to go into
the Lyric, which is Honeywell’s newest security
system out on the line right now. It has Wi-Fi built in. It has Z-wave built in. It is a wireless, all-in-one
system, like I said. Now these systems,
so that you don’t have to mount them on the
wall, how you usually see most keypads, where they
have a hole in the wall. Now, if you’re living in an
apartment, dorm room, anything like this, you
usually don’t want to make permanent
holes in your wall. So what we offer
is our desk mounts. Yeah. They’re little kickstands,
basically, for an alarm system. What you can do, you
use the desk mount. And you can actually prop
the security system up on a countertop, kitchen
countertop, whatever you want, somewhere where you don’t have
to actually physically put a hole in your wall. Now, the Lyric security system,
it does come with a desk stand. But you have to
get it separately. Yeah. So the desk stand
is sold separately. For the Colossus panel,
this is Colossus’s IQ panel. This actually has a cellular
communicator built-in, has Wi-Fi built-in,
and Z-wave built-in. Now this one, it comes
with a desk stand. It’s a basic desk stand,
which you can apply to it right in the back here. That’s what these
two slots are for. And it’ll prop right up. And you can go ahead and put
it on your kitchen countertop. There is another one that you
can buy that’s sold separately. It’s a little more stable,
a lot cleaner look. You can also get that as well. Now, these security
systems are wireless, all-in-one,
self-contained systems. They do have the option to
hard-wire one or two hard wired zones into them. So if you have a wired
door or window contact, you can certainly use
those slots to wire in a door with no contact. But for the most part, all
of the zones available, all the slots
available, are going to be for your wireless sensors. Now, these wireless sensors– this is the sixth contact. These wireless
sensors, some of them just come with the
back plate allowing you to screw them into the wall. However, what we
recommend for DIYers to do that live in an
apartment or a dorm room, since you probably want to take
the system with you when you move out, we recommend that you
get the double-sided foam tape. You get one strip,
put it on the back, and then you get the others. And then you just go ahead
and mount it on the wall. Same thing. You get another piece
for the magnets. And you’re going to mount
the magnet in the same way. Now, some of the sensors,
like the 5800MINI, these sensors already come with
the double-sided foam tape. So all you have to
do is peel right off, place it, door or window,
wherever you want to protect. And you are set to go. The motions, you can
do the same thing. You can add the
double-sided foam tape. They mostly actually
come with a corner mount. So you can actually place
it in a corner of your home. And it covers the
whole view of the room. Right? Now like I said, these systems,
they’re wireless, all-in-one. They’re easy to install. They have Z-wave built in. So you can start playing
around with home automation. So if you have any thermostats,
light bulbs, anything you want to add
to your apartment, dorm room, anything
you want to protect– if you want to start playing
around with home automation, they do have Z-wave
built-in in so you can started doing that as well. Now again, just to
recap everything, I think that the Lyric
and the Colossus panel would be the best security
systems for your apartment. They’re easy to install. They require no making
holes in the wall. You just plug it right in. They have desk mounts
where you can easily prop the security system up. And again, if you’ve
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Trino Ponce

May 5, 2018, 2:55 pm Reply

You didn't mention it, But I assume the Lyric system's sensors are compatible with all Ademco Honeywell wireless sensors. That looks like an Ademco wireless motion detector.

Paul Asaro

Sep 9, 2018, 12:16 am Reply

great video what about smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that most important that we all should have in our apartments should be part of security system!


Oct 10, 2018, 5:35 pm Reply

xfinity scams customers, their home security system does not protect customers, their equipment sends false alarms to the police resulting in fines, the security system is not professionally installed or professionally monitored, they simply do not care about customers, after a alarm, they don't even make contact with you to see if you are still alive, they make no attempt to correct malfunctioning equipment settling on blaming the customer as a company policy.


Jul 7, 2019, 10:20 am Reply

Lol so where is the security camera?

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