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Berkeley Rental Housing Cycles – The Best Time to Rent Your Apartment

(mid-tempo music) – Hey, my name is Devin Ratoosh, and I’m a real estate
agent in the East Bay, and today I wanted to talk
about Berkeley apartment demand, the cycle for apartment demand, when it’s the highest,
when it’s the lowest. And I actually, I mostly do sales, but growing up my father’s had
a property management company and I’ve helped him with
a lot of leasing as well, and I’ve just seen a lot over the years. So, just a description
of when is the best time to rent out an apartment in Berkeley. And so this whole cycle, it
revolves around UC Berkeley. It’s the biggest institution. It has 40,000 students,
undergraduate and graduate. They employ 24,000 people, and so this apartment cycle
kind of revolves around the flows of the students coming
in and out of UC Berkeley. And the best time to be
renting out your apartment when you’re gonna be able to rent it out the fastest and for higher prices is kind of that August September window when students are just starting, when they’re coming out to the campus and they need secure housing. You’ll see the most demand there. There’s also a secondary
time at the very end of the spring semester or quarter, and that’s usually May,
late May going into June, where a lot of students are coming out of the student housing and trying to secure housing over the summer because not everyone goes back home during those summer months. So those are the two best times. Also something to be aware of, if you’re looking to buy
an investment property and you see that the
tenant rented the unit last May or last August or September, you’re gonna need to
realize that you might see higher rents than what
you can actually get later if you were to rent this apartment out in let’s just say February or March when it’s a slower rental market, and so you just have to be aware of that, that you might see some
inflated rents there. So that gives you an idea of
what apartment demand cycles are like, and again, this
is just for Berkeley. So if you have any questions,
feel free to give me a call, send me an email, send me a text. I’m always happy to help.

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Colin Ziegler

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Very nice, when is the best time to rent out a mini mall?

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