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Bella’s studio flat, Hughenden Halls of Residence

Hi there, my name’s Bella. This is Hughenden, welcome. I’m about to show you my room, hope you enjoy it! So this is my room, and it’s a studio flat
in Hughenden, High Wycombe. It’s one of twelve, it’s really good – it’s
self-catered. There’s a kitchen, there’s a long balcony. It’s got a really big bed, it’s really spacious. My own bathroom so I don’t have to share with anyone, and it’s really nice! I’ve been here since September when I moved
in, so it kind of feels like I have my own apartment away from home. Hopefully my parents won’t come that often,
to ruin it! Yeah, it’s really good. I’ve got my own microwave
oven, my hobs, everything is really good. And if I ever have an issue with maintenance
they always come and fix it, so that’s really good. It’s been really fun! It’s a really good flat
and I’m really enjoying it!

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