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hello everyone welcome in a new video
and welcome in my bedroom this is a new vlog about my bed makeover because I
decided to buy a new bed for this bedroom as you can see my bedroom is
white and brown but I don’t like brown so I decided to replace all the brown
pieces starting from the bed this morning as you can see I have this top brown the
two bedside tables are white and brown the bed is all brown and also these two
pieces near the balcony are brown so today I started to replace my old brown
bed with a new white bed and so let’s do it okay guys this is the final result here
is the new bed as you can see is white is higher than the previous one and as
a storage space underneath where to put the bed linen my bedroom has a new look
now also because I have changed the to corner covers near the balcony I have
to do other changes in this bedroom and I’ll keep you updated in the next videos
but now thank you so much for watching this video and goodbye

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