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Beautiful apartment | South Athens | Vacation, work or Erasmus rental

Hi! Thank you very much for your interest in my page and my flat. With this video I would like to introduce to you myself and show you my flat. This big building behind me is where my flat is; on the first floor. OK.. so… my name is Stelios, I am born in 1980, 13 of June. I was born in Athens and raised here. I am a Physical Therapist, I like very much helping people. I was a very warm member of the Couchsurfing society a few years ago. I like very much sharing in general, I like very much traveling, I try to be healthy and fit in my life and I like very much meeting new people. So, I hope I will meet you too! This is the building, as I told you, behind me now. We are going to get it to show you everything in there. So, we are going in the main entrance now. As you see, this is the main entrance and next to it is the private garage we have, which you can also use it, if you come here by car and if you let me know a bit in advance. OK, this is the main entrance. We are going in. We have a lot of flowers here. My father loves them and he is taking care of them. And this is the entrance of the building here. I have left the doors open for you. Now these are the stairs to go on the first floor. I am going up. OK… this is the door of the house – of the flat. And now we are going into the living room. This is a nice and warm living room which I love. You have a TV, you have a fireplace, you have a playstation, air-condition up there, two nice couches, one purple one and one blue one here. And this living room is connected with the kitchen of the house. This one here… which I like it very much. There is a big fridge here, a cooker, you see everything here you can use it. A toaster, a kettle, everything you have here you can use it. And from the door behind me now you can go up… you can go out to the balcony, which you can use it and have some nice dinners here… especially during the summer it’s amazing! And this is the view. OK… now we are in the bedrooms. First of all, the small bedroom.This is the one, with one single bed. Here. Everything clean and nice. And now the… the big bedroom. Here… everything clean again and nice. I am waiting for me new Airbnb friends to visit me. There are some towels you can use up here. And the backdoor balcony here. I am going out again. OK… I hope you will like it as well, as much as I like it! And now I am gonna show you the small toilet I have. This one here. And the big bathroom I have. This one. OK… and ok… that was it… I hope… you will choose for me and I hope you will enjoy your stay at my place… and I will do everything I can in order to make you feel comfortable and safe! Thank you again! Bye!

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