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Bear Creek Apartments at CU Boulder

So one thing I really like about our apartment: i love the layout, it’s great. There’s four girls living here, but we each get our own room. Then we share like, two girls share a bathroom but they each get their own sink, which is really nice for girls. We tend to have a lot of stuff. Then as far as our kitchen goes, it’s great. We have like, you know we have a counter, a bar, so you can spread out and do your homework while somebody’s cooking something in the kitchen. There’s plenty of cabinet space, you know, we have plenty of space for everybody’s food and dishes. Coming to CU, you’re a student first, and compared to off-campus housing, here you’re supported being a student because we have study spaces, and additionally it’s a part of Housing and Dining, so you get free ASAP tutoring and free tutoring is really nice. I like the fact that Bear Creek is here and the Buff Bus comes around to the loop. That’s definitely a big convenience for me, because if I were to live on the hill, then I’d have to walk all the way to campus and that’s just more of a hassle especially when the weather is going to get bad soon. I think I definitely feel like I belong to a Bear Creek community because there’s just so many things to do, there’s so many events and some of them are really big and some of them are really small, so you can meet a lot of different people, and you can just do like fun activities. Like sometimes there’s making food, or there’s just like going and playing games, so there’s just like so much to do. They’re always trying to get people involved, so if you like you really, you feel like you’re part of community because people are always doing things together. I have a lot of friends living here, so it’s really cool to be able to walk around and sometimes run into them on the Buff Bus or doing laundry, so you can always hang out with people. We don’t pay our own, individual electricity bill, our water, utilities, and any of that, it’s kinda just included in the cost, which is great. So you don’t have to worry about, you know, collecting money from your roommates, everybody trying to divvy out you how you’re gonna pay for something. So the nice thing is, if you have a meal plan you can just go to the dining hall that’s in Will Vill and you can use your munch money to go and buy stuff at the market, or you can go to the dining hall and just sit down and eat with friends. The furnishing is great. It’s so helpful, especially coming from another state. If I had to move all my things, like a whole bed, that’d be really difficult for me, so this is really, really nice.


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If you are a minority do not go here

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I was wondering if boulder had any blacks??? Guess they do

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