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Batumi Paradise Fully Managed Aparthotel Real Estate Investing

Hi David, rhew Bush refer to me paradise in Paradise building company We’re sitting here in a lobby of one of the nicest hotels in in Batumi maybe one of the nicest hotels in in all of Georgia and Nina and I were having coffee and we were talking about some things and we thought hey we should shoot a video about this to Put on our on our YouTube channel, you know In Batumi paradise. Basically, what we are is we are real estate investing consultants and we are also developing vacation rental properties and clients come to us from all around the world looking to invest in real estate in materials and 99% of the time the reason that they’re looking to invest in real estate in bituminous because they’re looking to buy Property that they can earn income from they want to buy a vacation property maybe sometimes you know, they’ll use it themselves They’ll come stay a week or two or a few days or whatever in Batumi and use their own property but most of the time they’re buying property in Batumi for the purpose of having us manage it for them and rent it out to Make income and at batumi paradise, we strive to earn around 15% net profit for our customers That means after we you know, after we rent the property, we pay all the bills, you know The electricity the gas the water cleaning all the little shampoo bottles and all that kind of stuff After paying all the bills and everything We try to have enough money left over so that you as an investor Have a net profit of around 15% per year now This is something that in the past was very easy to do but over time it’s getting more and more difficult As with most businesses and as with most industries as you get more experienced in the industry You learn things and you start to make adjustments you start to make changes that are more profitable or or better for your business And we’ve started doing that in Batumi paradise one thing that we’ve noticed Here in the last couple of years is that there is a dramatic difference in a way that you can make money renting rental properties Between two different types of properties and if you notice I’m sitting in a hotel right now. I’m in the lobby I’m in the cafe of a hotel, but basically I’m in a hotel and let me explain that. What what a hotel is I’m sure you’re aware of what a hotel is a hotel is a place where people rent a room where they can sleep but a Hotel is a lot more than that. It also usually is, you know a nice reception. It’s security It’s the a guarantee of a certain standard of you know, sleeping and cleanliness of your rooms, you know hotels They they clean the room. They clean the linens they change your bed for you They provide maybe meals maybe breakfast whatever everyone understands that a hotel is much more than just a bedroom it’s a huge amount of service and quality and hospitality involved in in operating our hotel This is much different from having an apartment If you have an apartment You can offer a lot of the same things as a hotel you offer someone a place to sleep You might check them in, you know meet them and open the door for them and give them Wi-Fi or whatever like that But generally our apartment is very very different from our hotel well We’ve noticed over the last few years managing apartments in Batumi is the fact that apartments have huge disadvantages against hotel when it comes to renting especially for tourists most Tourists still prefer to choose hotels because of one major things Amenities and service. They know that there’s somebody at the reception that they can go down They can cut walk down to the lobby and ask the receptionist. Hey, can you help me get a taxi? You know, they can ask where is the nearest restaurant? You know, they can order food to come up to the room You know in the evening, whatever there’s a lot of service on a lot of amenities, you know swimming pools gyms you know Samas things like that that are in hotels, but you may not have in your apartment, but the other major Major advantage that hotels have over apartments is marketing Hotels can market on so many different channels trip, you know Travelocity TripAdvisor Expedia the entire Expedia Network hotels comm kayak travelogue Oh
there’s thousands and thousands or the network’s out there the book hotel rooms that don’t book apartments and also the other Advantage that hotels have over apartments is the fact that they can do their own market They can market directly to companies and tour agencies and travel agents and stuff travel agents and tour companies can book entire You know Suites of flats, you know if I’m a tour company and I’m bringing 60 people to batumi I can book, you know, 20 rooms or 30 rooms or whatever in one building and it makes it a lot more convenient This is something you can’t do if you have one flat in Batumi So what we’ve started analyzing and started figuring out is in Batumi There is a really unique option that we can offer to our clients We have decided to start doing the exact same thing that hotels do which is to create hotels We have start we have two projects right now that you can look at on our website that are really amazing products very high quality Really neat they both have different features One of them is on shark tava street, which is planned to be kind of the new central You know tourist destination of it’s gonna have all the high-end shopping centers really nice restaurants, you know casinos, you know bowling alleys cinemas places to eat Nightclubs trendy night spots all of that’s going to be on shark tauba street so it’s gonna be a trendy place to go for tourists and probably one of the most Populated popular places for tourists in the next few years. So we have a project on shark Alva Street called black sea blue and black sea blue is designed to be a very high-quality upscale hotel now also out on the beach We have a property called seagull seagull is designed to be a beachfront hotel, but a really nice beachy theme, you know And really really beautiful rooms right on the seat So we have two really cool options for you if you want to invest in Batumi real estate we have seagull which is a Beachfront hotel and we have black sea blue which is a high-end upscale Hotel right in the middle of all the cool stuff to do in Batumi But the interesting thing is I don’t know if you notice what I keep saying their hotels. They’re not apartments You can buy an actual unit inside of a hotel. So what you’re investing in you’re buying an apartment. Yes It has a kitchen. Yes. It has a bathroom. Yes. It has a living room. Yes. It has a bedroom It’s just like an apartment but the main difference All of them are on one floor with a shared corridor with a common space You know what every one of them is gonna be just like a hotel they have a lot of the same amenities as a hotel Okay, and black sea blue we’re gonna have a swimming pool. We’re gonna have a gym We’re gonna have a sauna we’re gonna have all the same things Is that a hotel would have same thing in seagull swimming pool gym sauna? upstairs on the top of the roof There’s gonna be a beautiful, you know for relaxing and swimming and suntanning stuff all the same amenities as a hotel Reception, you know housekeeping Security all the things you would have in a hotel, but the interesting thing is you buy one apartment inside of this hotel So for the first time ever you can actually own part of an operating fully managed hotel This is a much much larger advantage for you as an investor Instead of just having an apartment and trying to make that apartment compete against all the twenty thirty thousand other apartments in Batumi You own a piece of a hotel you own a piece of an operating business with all the amenities all the service all the stuff that every other hotel has Reception 24 hour, you know service housekeeping security, you know swimming pool sauna pool beautiful rooms luxury environment perfect linens everything a hotel would offer and both Siegel and Flexy blue are gonna be on the highest quality highest standards that we’ve ever seen in Batumi Black sea blue will be way above that. It’s gonna be a super premium hotel Siegel is gonna be kind of a beach themed hotel a little bit lower You know, they’re not super premium, but still really really high quality So if you want to invest in a in a business if have you ever thought, okay? Look, I’m sitting in one of the nicest hotels in in all of Georgia And actually this hotel chain happens to be one of the nicest hotel chains in the world I’d love to own one room in this hotel. Could you imagine the money? I would make every year I own room in this hotel Same thing if I know in one room in every one of these hotels all around the world if I just had one room in That hotel I could live off of this income It would generate me a lot of money and this hotel takes care of everything they clean it They staff it. They quit, you know, they they manage all the reception they maintain it. They keep it perfect for me This is what I’m talking about with Lexie blue and Siegel you own Basically a room inside of a fully managed fully maintained hotel That just makes you money and you can use it anytime you want. It’s your apartment So if you want to come stay for a week in Batumi and relax and enjoy guess what you own Your own suite you can come in tell us hey take it offline for these two weeks I’m gonna stay there you get to do that So if you’ve been looking for a way to invest more profitably in the to me You should look at our projects black sea blue and seagull and have an opportunity to invest in a fully managed fully operational Hotel, this is not just an apartment This is a business with a business plan with professional marketing professional staff professional management everything Included so your investment is much much better. You’re not only going to generate fifteen to twenty percent return on investment every year But the value of the property itself will continue to rise Especially I project it will rise much much better than you just owned an apartment because owning an apartment means you’re responsible for Everything whereas if you have an apartment on a floor of other apartments That’s all inside of one hotel. This whole entire thing has value. It’s an operating business It’s much more than just an apartment So give us a call or come to our go to our website shoot us an email info at Batumi Paradise comm or you can go to our website But to me paradise com We’d love to talk to you more about this concept of actually Investing in an operating business in a hotel and show you how you can make more money Investing in Batumi real estate then if you just go out and buy your own apartment by yourself. Thank you


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