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Barton School Apartments Success Story

In 2012, the county along with a coalition
of communities, City of Hartford, City of West Bend, Village of Jackson, Village of
Richfield, and the Village of Slinger collaborated with the United States
Environmental Protection Agency to create the brownfield Site Redevelopment
Program this program identifies contaminated and blighted sites
throughout the county that have the potential to be transformed into new and
vibrant economic developments formerly contaminated and unused industrial sites
are being transformed getting back in the tax rolls and acting as a catalyst
for further development in our communities the Barton School Apartments
are one of the more recent projects that have benefited for this program this
development is an apartment complex that is within walking distance of an active
downtown area Barton school was originally built in 1925 and it had
several additions put on over the years in 2014 the district completed the
Silverbrook Intermediate School project. We’ve been working with the school
district in the city since I think the middle of 2015 since that time worked
through the rezoning process with the city got the rezoning and then
we went forward to get affordable housing tax credits from WHEDA we’re here
four years later and all the hard work is coming together. We assisted the
county and the City of West Bend in helping them transfer the property for
affordable housing and we performed a phase one and a phase two site assessment
and then we did cleanup planning. The city is very appreciative of Washington
County for pursuing the brownfield EPA grants Deb Sielski and her team have
done an awesome job working with the SRC and prioritizing sites like this. In
terms of the SRP funding that was really a key funding source for us that allowed
us to do a lot more upfront environmental work than they would
otherwise be able to do. Workforce housing is certainly needed in West Bend
in Washington County as a whole we embrace all types of residential housing
opportunities. This project is providing 40 units of workforce affordable housing
units are going to be built to Wisconsin green built home standards so we’re
gonna have energy efficient appliances lighting insulation will be a
higher quality. Lots of people know this facility, went to school here, taught here,
are excited to see and hear about the remodeling of the school adaptive reuse
like this facility is certainly a win-win-win for the school district, the
city, and the county. The site should be completed by the end of 2019. This
development is gonna have a real positive effect on the neighborhood
there’ll be more people moving in the property is now on the tax rolls or will
eventually be on the tax rolls. I just would like to say a big thanks to the
county for their help in this their funds coming in first to help us figure
out what environmental concerns the site had you know having the ability to work
with the county to do more environmental research to make sure that we had a
complete plan to address any environmental concerns was a was a key factor in us
being able to move forward with this project

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