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Back to School Supplies Haul 2013-14 – Shopping at Dollar Tree (Part 1 of 3)

Hi everyone, itís Alejandra. And Iím so
excited to be doing this video. I just got back from doing a back to school supply haul
at Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, and Target. So my goal was to go to all three stores and try
and find the best school supplies for under $20. So I went to all three stores and I just
spent like two hours at each store trying to rummage through all the bins and find the
best stuff. So in this video, Iím going to show you the
best things that I found for under 20 bucks at Dollar Tree. And then tomorrow, Iím going
to show you the same thing except Iím going to show you all things I bought from Wal-Mart
for 20 bucks. And then the very next day, Iím going to show you the same thing I bought
at ñ not the same thing but the best school supplies I bought at Target for less than
20 bucks. So itís going to be a 3-part back to school
supply haul video series here on YouTube. And then at the very end of the three days,
I am going to donate all the school supplies I found to somebody who is going back to school
that needs the supplies. So yeah, thatís how this video series is going to work. So
let me show you exactly what I found at Dollar Tree. OK. So the first item I found at Dollar Tree
were these wall decal flower stickers. And I thought they were so fun just like the color
is fun, the pattern is fun, theyíre removable, and I just thought theyíd be perfect for
a locker door or on top of your binder or notebook or something. So you get some on
the front and you get some on the back also. So I thought that was a great price for a
dollar. So everything Iím going to show you has a
little price tag that I created myself. I wanted to do it because ñ I mean in this
haul, everything is a dollar so everything is going to say a dollar but in tomorrowís
haul and the next day of the haul, not everything is a dollar so it will be ñ like it will
make more sense why I did that tomorrow and the next day. But anyways, this was a dollar
and I thought that was a great price. OK. The second thing I found was lined paper.
Now, I learned that the Dollar Store is not the best place or not the cheapest place to
get paper, which Iíll show you in tomorrowís haul where I found it cheaper. But Dollar
Store does have 150 sheets for a dollar. OK. So the next thing I found was this clear
binder pouch from the Dollar Store. Now, itís kind of similar to the gusseted binder pocket
that Iíve shown in my warranties and manual binder except it has a zipper on the edge,
not a Velcro snap. So itís a little bit different but they had a good selection there and they
had them in different colors and itís a little bit gusseted so you could kind of see here.
So you could fit like a stack of papers or you could put your composition notebook or
flat school supplies like stickers or I donít know, anything flat. But anyways, I found
it in clear and then I also found it in pink. They had red, they had green, they had blue,
they had purple, lots of different colors. OK. So next thing I found were these fun folders.
They come two to a pack. Dollar Tree had so many just like cool patterns that are nice
and colorful so this is a checker colored one then the second one that comes in this
pack is like a green blue chevron pattern. So these were so fun like two for a dollar
is a great price. OK. So next thing I found was this 1 Subject
aqua colored notebook. So they had a few other colors. I forget what colors they had but
this was the prettiest one. Now, I loved this notebook. Iím really picky when it comes
to notebooks. I like when the paper is perforated on the edge and this is, I donít know if
you can see that but it has perforation here and the lines are nice and dark. So this is going to sound really weird but
I love notebooks with dark lines because when you write on it, I feel like it looks neater
and more organized. And so, these lines are nice and dark. And a lot of notebooks donít
have dark lines so itís actually kind of hard to find. So Dollar Tree had nice dark
lines. OK. The next thing I found was fun chevron
composition notebook like how fun is this pattern and these colors? Like if this was
my Math composition notebook, I feel like I would be more excited to go to Math class
just to use my fun notebook. So this was a dollar and it has nice dark lines. OK. So the next thing I found were these fun
neon colored index cards for a dollar. I thought this was such a great find. I love using colorful
index cards because I feel like for studying, if I color-code my index cards, I have an
easier time memorizing information because Iíll remember ñ Iíll associate what Iím
supposed to say with what color index card itís on. It sounds kind of weird but itís
so helpful for me. So when I saw this I was like, ìOh, that is a great find.î OK. So the next thing I found was this mini
purple stapler that comes with 500 staples. I feel like itís always great to have a mini
stapler like in your pencil case or in your backpack or your locker in case teachers donít
staple papers. OK. So the next thing I found was an 8-pack
of blue ball point pens. These were the nicest pens that I saw. I have not tried them out
yet. I donít want to open them because Iím planning to donate the supplies but yeah,
these were the nicest ones I saw. And then the next thing, itís another pack
of pens. Itís made by Pentel so theyíre going to be like named brand. Pentel makes
good pencils and pens and stuff. But I thought these were pencils when I picked them up and
then when I got home I realized they were pens. OK. So the next thing I found was a 4-pack
of highlighters. Now, Iím not really picky with my highlighters. I feel like if you donít
get like the named brand highlighters, itís not really a big deal. I feel like a highlighter
is a highlighter so I feel like this was a good deal. Four for a dollar and you get a
yellow, an orange, a pink, and a purple. I personally like the yellow highlighter the
best because I feel like these colors are so dark. But I donít know, it depends what
it looks like when itís opened. OK. So the next thing I found was a black
marker. I feel like everybody needs at least one good black marker. And Dollar Tree sells
the Sharpie kind which is the best kind in my opinion. OK. So the next thing I found was this notepad
of really pretty color paper and I feel like this is different from like the neon colored
note cards because I feel like this is more for studying and this is more for like writing
notes to your friends or I donít know, just like jotting things down, maybe you keep this
in the small compartment in your backpack for note-taking. I donít really know what
I would use this for. But I feel like this was a really good deal. You get so many different
fun colors. You get 100 sheets and it was a dollar. OK. So the next thing I found was this mesh
silver magnetic locker organizer. So all you do is you stick this on your locker door.
Itís magnetic on the back and you put pens, pencils, markers, and things. All right. So the next thing I found was a
4-pack of 1 Ωî x 2î sticky notes. So you get 400 sheets total for a dollar and you
get fun colors. OK. So Dollar Tree had a lot of pencil cases.
I tried a lot of them like I tried the zippers, I tried the boxes, and the only one I really
liked was this one. It has a good zipper like it actually has a really nice zipper. Itís
a fun color. The only problem is on the other side is a pattern. Itís a Disney pattern
so if youíre not a Disney fan then youíre probably might not go for this. But I feel
like you could just easily cover this with stickers, wall decals, duct tape, washer tape
or something or pinning it. I donít know. Somehow get creative and cover this if youíre
not a Disney person. Like I feel like I would not use this if I was in high school. But like I said, if you get creative, you
can figure out a way to cover it. But I just feel like it has a really nice zipper and
I feel like itís a good size. You could put all your pens, pencils in here, eraser, and
a few other things could fit in here. I actually liked it so much that I actually got two of
them and I figured well, we can just get creative and cover the other side. So this one is Superman. So again, if youíre
not a Superman person, just cover it. Oh sorry, itís not even a Superman. Itís Spiderman.
All right, I havenít seen either movie so yeah, itís a Spiderman. But anyways, it has
a good zipper and I feel like maybe if you put your pens and pencils in here, you could
put your colored pencils and your markers in here and kind of spread them out. So again,
you have to get creative on the cover if you donít like Spiderman or if you donít like
Disney. OK. So the last thing I found was this locker
mirror. It has a magnet on the back so you just stick it on the door for only a quarter.
So every once in a while, I will go to Dollar Tree and like random things are sometimes
always a quarter. I donít know why. But it doesnít happen very often but it happened
with this locker mirror. Yeah, it was only a quarter. It has fun pattern, the mirror
right here, and itís magnetic on the back. So I feel like that was a total steal because
locker mirrors are sometimes expensive. OK. So the total cost of everything you see
here was $18.30 from Dollar Tree. That is unreal for all of these things. I feel like
I went there and I picked all the best things I could find. I spent literally two hours
in the store just rummaging through the bins and I feel like I just got really great things. The only two things that I did not get that
I would need if I was going back to school was a binder and dividers because I feel like
I did not like the selection they had. So I probably have to go to a different store
to get those two things. But I got everything else that I would need. So tomorrow, Iím going to be posting part
2 of this back to school supply haul and Iím going to show you the best things I got at
Wal-Mart for less than 20 bucks. And then the next day, Iím going to be posting part
3 of this back to school supply haul and show you the best things I got at Target for less
than 20 bucks. So it just goes to show, you do not have to
spend a lot of money to get good back to school supplies or fun back to school supplies. If
you just shop around, you can find really awesome things. So if you want to see part
2 and part 3, you can come back tomorrow when Iím posting them on my YouTube channel. All right. I hope this video was helpful.
And Iíll see you guys soon. Bye! 2


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