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– [Both] Hey, guys! – I’m Marissa. – And I’m Brookie. – And today we are going
to take you along with us on our back to school shopping. (soft music) And we start on August 22nd. I’m going in to 10th grade. – I’m going in to 6th. – And we are going to go into DSW. If you don’t have a DSW,
it’s Designer Shoe Warehouse. We are here right now. I just drove, whoa. I am excited to go shopping. – (whispers) – It’s weird not going with parents because we usually go with our mom. It’s like a drive, we
can just go on our own. We’re gonna go into
DSW and get some shoes. I’m kinda thinking of
getting some Converse. – Same. – Don’t really know what color. – Yeah. – So, we’ll see. See you in there guys.
– We’ll see. Look how many shoes there are, guys. – Marissa. – [Marissa] I’m thinking
of red or gray or blue, or even some type of Vans, I don’t know. I can’t decide. – [Brookie] What did you find? – I’m deciding between these or these. I have no idea. – [Brookie] Oh, OK. – [Marissa] Then, Brookie,
you’ll have to wait til our back to school haul, but
she is getting some Vans. – [Brookie] Woo, woo. – Seat belts. – Where is mine, oh. – OK, so we just got out of
DSW and we got some pretty cool shoes, so stay tuned for
our back to school haul to see what ones we got. Now, we are going to go to the mall. Find some clothes, because we
need clothes as well as shoes, right, so here we go. – [Both] Look who we found, guys? – [Marissa] Brooklyn and Bailey. – [Brookie] Brooklyn and Bailey. – [Marissa] They’re so cute! – [Brookie] These are the shoes I got. (upbeat music) – [Marissa] I’ve never found
as many things that I have at Forever 21 than right now,
but we’ll see if they work. (upbeat music) I am in the PacSun dressing room. Pretty good. Lots of jeans. Some holes. I don’t know. – [Brookie] (imitates drum roll) – Shirt and two jeans. Justice. – [Brookie] Aw, it’s not (mumbles) – [Marissa] Whoa. – [Brookie] What does it say? Say? – [Marissa] Stand together. We are in H&M, and I found, oh goodness, it’s like right there and
everything is on the back. Can you get that off of me, Brooke. It is this pink ringer tee. If any of you know me, my
style is simple and cute. Simple and cute, right? White with baby pink. Black jeans or ripped jeans, I don’t know. Vlogging right here because
there’s nobody around. Empty. Except people that are staring at me. Yeah, I like those. Have you found any girlfriend jeans? – No, I haven’t. – [Marissa] Dangit. – Those are $30. I already have some like that, so it’s OK. – We are in Children’s Place. Brookie is trying to find
some girlfriend jeans. Kind of a search. – I think I’ll just get– – [Marissa] Boot cut (laughs). – [Brookie] They’re disgusting. – [Marissa] They don’t have any. Bootcut, skinny, super skinny. How many steps do you have? – [Brookie] Bam, not that much. My goal is 15,000, so. – [Marissa] 62,000? – No, 15,000 (laughing). (women talking in background) – [Marissa] They’re not bad. – Gonna see if they have a smaller size. Will you go see if there’s a smaller size? – [Marissa] (whispers) Yeah. – OK. – [Marissa] I think these’ll fit her. 5’s. Here, Brooke. Brooke. – [Brookie] Hey. – [Marissa] I’m kidding,
there’s 8’s (laughing). Did you end up getting them? – No. – [Marissa] Dangit. Here’s our deal. Every store we switch off bags, because it’s so heavy (laughing). Now we’re in Gap. – [Brookie] Can I get a smaller size, or? – [Marissa] I think smaller size. They have girlfriend jeans here. – Yes, that. – [Marissa] At Gap. – I’m gonna go try on those. – I’m sitting in another dressing room because I’m tired of walking. It’s OK though, I’m fine. Cute! – [Brookie] I like these. – [Marissa] If you roll
them up and wear them with your new shoes. – [Brookie] Yes. I like that. – [Marissa] Yes. – Yes. – [Marissa] I like your shirt, too. – Thanks. – We went shopping a couple
weeks ago for school stuff and I can’t help but wear
it, so that’s one of her shirts that’s gonna be in
our back to shool haul. This is just a whole teaser
for the back to school haul because we’re showing you
all the stores to go to but not any of the clothes we get. So, wait and see. K, Brooke, your turn. Yes, my hand is free. That looks so good, but
I’m off sugar right now. – I’m not. – [Marissa] Next store
is Abercrombie & Fitch. Sale! That’s what I like to see. Flannels are 40% off so I
might get some of these. I’ll try them on though. – [Brookie] Whoa, this goes
down to your belly button. – [Marissa] What even is that? – [Brookie] (mumbles) My belly button (laughing). – [Marissa] Georgia. (piano music) – Favorite part about shopping? (mumbles) Couches. Marissa! We have eight bags. (gasping) And this one’s the heaviest. – Alright, guys, we are back
in the car after a long time of shopping at the mall, so
we will do a back to school clothing haul of everything we got, every store that we went
to when we get home. That will be a separate
video, well maybe not when we get home, but, we will do a
separate clothing haul video on our channel soon so be tuned for that. This is kind of a teaser. As I was saying. We hope you guys enjoyed
coming along with us. We love vlogging with you, it’s so fun. Got lots of good stuff and good deals and we’re so excited to show you guys. – [Both] Thanks for watching. – Hope you enjoyed the video. – Make sure to subscribe down below if you guys love shopping. We’ll see you next time. – [Both] Bye! (upbeat music)

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