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cassie was like a thousand years ago I
fought my way out of that cave became Iron Man realized I loved you analyst had no more surprises but I was
really hoping to pull off one last one the world has changed none of us all we can do is our best and sometimes
the best that we can do so Topher I saw all these people die I keep telling everybody they should
move on some do bananas small chance
we owe this everyone who’s not in this room to try we will whatever it takes whatever it takes however it takes whatever it takes I like this one what is poppin YouTube Warstu here
with another video on Avengers endgame so we’ve got lots of news to talk about
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your favorite part of trailer 2 so let’s get into news then we’re going to break
down some cows that a twitter user has found during the trailer that no one
else has spotted so that’s pretty cool so there could be a trailer 3 this is
not drill there could be a trailer 3 so the VP of Marvel Studios has tweeted
something very interesting I believe he’s the marketing VP Dustin who is the
VP for Marvel this tweet got deleted so fast
he was asking do you want another Avengers trailer yes or no but it feels
like Marvel are putting the feelers out even though we recently got trailer 2
less than a week ago it looks like Marvel are potentially
putting a feel at our I couldn’t catch the initial tweet but everyone is saying
that is what’s said but one user said this no I don’t want to know any more
than I currently know about it until I’m sitting in the theaters watching it the
fact that we don’t know so a little about it is part of what makes exciting
and I would hate to see them below that so it is pretty interesting because as
we know Marvel is going to put endless TV spots out in the next couple of weeks
because obviously we’re getting closer and closer to April the fact that we do
have – ticket sales coming available on March to 22nd which is this very Friday
they usually have some sort of trailer that says tickets now available so they
might be dropping a new trailer potentially this Friday and also I know
it comes out in England not sure about the states but we do have
the exclusive Empire magazine coming out on Thursday and I will be buying that
especially to break it down for you guys and not going to get to see it so
potentially a trailer 3 is coming do you guys want another trailer do you guys
need another trailer because realistically according to Marvel we
don’t actually know that much about this movie even though what they’ve shown is
in trailer 1 and trade 2 you can make a pretty good presumption about what is
coming up in avengers endgame aka Avengers 4 so would you like another
trailer I mean they do need to make they need to break the internet because this
is a culmination of every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie we’ve ever had
it to end in the fate and starting whatever the next period of Marvel
movies is gonna be because I don’t believe it’s gonna be called phase 4 but
obviously they were announced that after spider-man far from home like they’ve
said and obviously on March 20th which is coming up very very soon in two days
time they will own Fox they will have the property rights to x-men Deadpool
Fantastic Four Simpsons and everything they’re gonna own the market essentially
having a monopoly in theory so guys let me know what you think about that I will
be live-streaming more to combat 11 on the YouTube channel and maybe on the
twitch channel I might try and get that going again when more all combat 11
comes out as some longtime subscribers know we did stream a lot of injustice 1
& 2 on this channel so when more combat 11 comes out we will be streaming it so
we’ve got a pretty cool story it’s a scene in the trailer – when it
looks like Scott Lang the scene where it says missing and it looks like he’s just
got out of the quantum realm and he’s just discovered that half the world was
decimated an eagle-eyed Twitter user have has found something that I don’t
think anyone else has covered I have not covered it so I want to bring it to you
guys so the Twitter user goes by the name of quid vacuo
that is quid vacuo i will leave in the description box obviously because this
is where it came from but guys it’s very interesting so let me know did you
discover this so in the scene where it says missing
and it looks like he’s just coming to terms that the whole world is decimated
it looks like if you look to underwear the picture where the arrow is it looks
like he is rolling a miniature version of the quantum tunnel as we know the
ant-man and wasp post-credit scene was Scott Lang going into the quantum realm
being stuck there the decimation happening concurrently with the end of
Avengers endgame obviously he got out of the rest just at the end so it looks
like he is rolling around a miniature version or my critized version of the
quantum tunnel which is interesting but obviously this looks like it’s only big
enough to send one person through the quantum realm as we know it appears from
these but not leaked anymore it’s been trailer 2 they all seem to have a white
suit which I still don’t believe is just for the quantum realm I believe that
it’s a space suit it’s a suit that is going to be geared towards different
realities different climates after space and all that kind of stuff because they
wouldn’t just drop it for some reason so it’s very interesting that this Twitter
user has found something that no one else has fine I believe in order to send
the whole team through the quantum tunnel they’re going to have to go to
Hank Pym to lab and get something else in order for them to send the whole
squad you know squad goals to send the whole Avengers crew through the quantum
realm obviously they might use time vortices
as it was hinted by Janet Van Dyne in ant-man and it was when she spoke to
Scott Lang and said don’t get stuck into time vortices because you don’t know
where you’re gonna end up so it pretty much does confirm that the white suits
are real just alike I think for nearly a year now that this channels being
reporting on the white suits being real but there’s no clarification if the
suits are quantum realm suits would you why are you saying that because
ant-man’s got one and mannequin already time travel through the time vortex we
the current suit he’s already got and also you got a factor into the point
that Captain Marvel most likely will be having one now I know there was a lot of
speculation based on Samuel Jackson’s comments that she could time travel and
now it appears that he made it up and Marvel we’re not Marvel Samuel Jackson
is pretty much back tracking that powers come from essentially the space-time the
tesseract so essentially she could time-travel but
I think the reason that most of the Avengers are going to have the quantum
realm spacesuit is to go through the quantum realm they’re going to have to
go micro they’re going to have to go miniature so they’re going to need a
suit to do that now I believe the suit office space but at the same time
someone in the comment section my counter argue this fight
iron man his suits already good enough space yes I agree with you
the suit is good enough for space but cannot survive in space cannae from what
we understand the other Avengers might not be able to survive in space and
obviously it’s pretty obvious that the suits will build around the Avengers and
characters that haven’t via nanotechnology just like Iron Man suit
did in the Avengers infinity war movie you know to seamen anymore where he’s
walking along taking his shades off and he goes from wearing his jacket hoodie
kind of thing into the full Ironman suit it’s gonna be pretty cool when we see
all the Avengers where what appears to be a squad a uniform so it’s very
interesting and I believe this this scene here does confirm that we are
going to get in quantum realm travel but let’s be honest guys we’ve known it’s of
such a long time obviously the physicist not man and whilst did tell us the
quantum realm was going to be a massive part pushing forward although there were
some comments that we would be seeing some quantum round travel during Captain
Marvel movie that realistically didn’t function to anything we didn’t see any
quantum round travel or and if we did I didn’t notice it so does this confirm
quantum realm travel do you agree that Scott Lang is rolling around a miniature
version of the quantum tunnel and potentially they just need to get a
bigger version of the quantum tunnel that’s big enough for multiple Avengers
to go through there the leak Lego set when they were all
riding on some kind of vehicle so I believe there’s gonna have to be some
quantum tunnel vehicle inside them in order to allow all the Avengers to go
through but what is interesting is it’s extremely dangerous for anyone to go
into quantum realm so how are they going to tackle like multiple like six to
eight nine like literally everyone going through the quantum realm at the same
time I don’t believe that is how they’re going to do it initially but it all
comes back to these see into the behind scenes images where we have Scott Lang
we have Captain America we have Iron Man and Hulk in the motion capture so I
think it’s fair to make a judgement that these risk devices is essentially how
these new suits will appear and also in the latest trailer you can see in a
certain scene where Hawk eyes on the Bennet are when he’s talking to Natasha
Romanoff aka Black Widow yet it’s the Bennet are it’s pretty obvious than what
it is you can see that this device around the wrist
so this is obviously how it’s going to happen so obviously the white suit are
confirmed to Britt pretty much be suits for the quantum realm and the space etc
this scene in the trailer may confirm quantum travel but we’ve already known
that for a long time so it’s nothing new just wanted to go over that and go over
a potential Avengers 3 trailer which would make sense as the tickets go on
sale this coming Friday we’ve got the kind of empire magazine and you got to
understand Marvel have to go big Marvel and most likely wanting to break
avatar’s record and it is a bit strange for marvel’s digital marketing VP to
delete a tweet so fast after asking fans if they wanted another trailer yeah
another trades cool but I really I think they could drop another trailer another
minute of footage without realistically giving much away because it is a three
hour movie it’s like always guys please like subscribe and comment if you do
want to enter that competition all you got to do is comment down below what was
your favorite moment from trailer to and also subscribe to channel and also do
you agree with the Twitter user about this scene that Scott Lang is actually
rolling around a miniature version of the quantum tunnel it would make sense
because the quantum realm is future in the MCU from what we’ve been
led to believe from comments from people like Kevin Feige etc saying the quantum
realm is very important the fact that they’ve introduced a subatomic City in
there tells us that there’s going to be a lot of quantum realm stuff inside the
quantum realm the final battle width on/off could even appear inside the
quantum realm because I’m pretty sure his stones and power would not work
inside there because time doesn’t work the same in the quantum realm as it
works outside of the quantum realm anyway guys please like scarm comment
all your comments down below would be much much appreciated and I will catch
you in another video very soon catch ya later

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