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Astonia Classic 2 BHK Apartments at Undri, Pune – A Property Review by IndiaProperty.com

Hello and welcome to Indiaproperty.com The area we are exploring today is Undri in Pune Undri is located on the southern outskirts of Pune and has come up as a school hub in recent years Several of Pune’s best schools are located within a 3-4km radius of Undri chowk The property we are looking at today is also located very close to Undri chowk NIBM road is close by NIBM itself is roughly 2.5 Kms away Magarpatta and Hadapsar are both 8 Kms from here Pune railway station is 13 kms and Pune international airport is roughly 19 kms from here The property we are looking at today is Astonia Classic by Amit Enterprises This property, as we mentioned before is located very close to NIBM road The other road quiet close to this property is the Katraj-Saswad road which has been proposed to be the new Mumbai-Hyderabad highway Once the proposal passes and is sanctioned, that road will be a 200 ft six lane roade The Katraj bypass is also not very far from here and there is an ISKON temple close by Astonia Classic is spread over 15 acres of which 2 acres have been allocated specifically for amenities There will be 12 buildings in this project of which 10 buildings will be 12 floors each and 2 buildings will be 15 floors each All of the buildings will have 2 lifts of which one will be a regular lift and one will be a service lift There is full parking for all members The property is flanked by roads on three sides which means it is open on 3 sides The flats have been designed in such a way that all of the flats are corner flats Even the flats are open on all 3 sides One more interesting thing about this property is that there are 1200 flats in all, all of which are identical and all of them are open on 3 sides Some of the amenities offered at Astonia Classic include a club house which is a part of a multipurpose hall, a gym, two swimming pools, a herbal garden, an organic garden, a yoga centre, 7000 sq feet of open spaces which can utilized for outdoor games or events Full parking for all members, 24×7 security and other such features Let us now take a look at a model 2BHK apartment in Astonia Classic We are now in a model 2BHK apartment in Astonia Classic This apartment has a carpet area of 603 sq ft plus 67 sq ft of terrace area The saleable area is 905 sq ft Before we continue let us mention that the furnishing you see in this apartment will not be provided by the builder Coming to the carpet area, we mentioned to the builder that 603 sq ft does not seem too much space for a 2BHK flat In response they had to say that they employed a Singapore based architect just to make sure that space utilization is done in the best possible way The architect seems to have delivered The flat we are looking at right now is not very large but does not seem small by any standards The living room has dimensions of 14 ft x 10 ft and as you can see space has been utilized in a very good manner There is a sofa set right here, a TV installed in front and a dining space installed in one corner which happens to be right next to the kitchen The kitchen has been placed very strategically, away from the flat and there is a large window in the kitchen which ensures that cross ventilation keeps happening between the kitchen windows and the large French windows which lead out to the balcony of the living room All of the floors in this flat have been done in 2×2 vitrified tiles The walls have been done up in an oil based distemper paint the switches seem to be of good quality and plug points have been provided at convenient locations Let us now take a look at the compact but good looking kitchen At 8×8 ft the kitchen is small but once again, space utilization is the key As you can see there is a granite counter top running along the corner and it ends in a stainless steel sink There is a window right in front of me, which is a small window and there is a window in front of the counter top which is a large window 2 windows excellent ventilation The kitchen has also been lit very well Considering that this flat is going to be open from 3 sides we can ensure that there will be no fumes going inward the house Also, the kitchen has been set away from the rest of the house which is once again a great thing There is space enough for a refrigerator and there’s also a niche for a washing machine there is a dry balcony where you can dry your clothes that said if you utilize space well this kitchen should be more than enough to store kitchen appliances and kitchen essentials Let us now move to the bedrooms At 10ft x 10.6 ft, the secondary bedroom is once again quite compact There is a large window at one corner which helps and ensures that you don’t feel claustrophobic in here One interesting thing about this flat is that in most flats the master bedroom is the inner most room in the apartment This flat however, the secondary bedroom is the inner most room As you can see the builder has installed a queen sized bed and a large wardrobe in here, which does not leave much space to walk around but the budget you’re getting this flat at it’s a fair compromise Let us now move on to the master bedroom The master bedroom has dimensions of 10ft x 12ft Which once again is not very large but space utilization is brilliant and full points to the architect for that In fact I really love how this window has been placed strategically on this wall and it provides enough light and air to make you feel good about this room There is an attached toilet and bath in which the floors have been done in skid proof tiles and the walls have been done in designer dado tiles up to the lintel level The fittings in the bathroom seem to be of really good quality In fact they’re of a brand we’ve never heard of, before but just looking at it we feel that it is going to be good The common bathroom is located right across the passageway from the master bedroom It is slightly smaller than the attached toilet and bath but in other aspects completely similar to it All in all we’d like to say that this flat is a good investment if you’re looking to buy a budget 2BHK home in Pune That brings us to the end of this video property review We hope that this review is helpful to you Whether looking for any kind property, land, residential, commercial or farmhouse India property has it all Thank you for watching.


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