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Astana Apartment Tour

*door opens* Hello and welcome to my first ever apartment tour! Woohoo! Finally! *Light, carefree music* Oh, hello I didn’t see you there and yes, I’m in a onesie because it’s my house So I haven’t done an apartment tour because I wanted to like “make some changes” but it turns out I’ve been living here since August. It’s now January and I haven’t really changed anything So, what am I waiting for? Just as a precautionary, this apartment may not be like all apartments in Astana and Kazakhstan in general. In fact the apartments differ between the buildings on this university’s campus, so this is just my apartment and take what you will from it. Also another note: I have no sense for design. All of the furniture was already here. Most of the appliances were already here. I haven’t moved anything. Haven’t done anything. Some of the knickknacks are basically the only things that I’ve added, plants blah blah blah So go ahead and judge me, because I know I have no design sense at all. So without further ado Let’s start! This is my largest living space, as you can see. It’s my living room and my kitchen. There’re windows behind me. I have pretty big windows that let in the light. Here’s my knick-knack spot, my diploma, some books, and some other memorabilia. I am trying to keep plants. I’ve kept three alive, three have died… I’ve also built a cat tower for my cat and I’m planning to maybe make a video if someone wants to see it. They gave me a little desk. I bought a little Christmas tree. Ordered it online and I basically never sit at this desk, but it holds some stuff. This is my lovely kitchen where I edit videos and also cook. I like to put pictures on my fridge instead of magnets, and some of them are Polaroids of my pets and some are friends that I have. I love photobooth pictures so I like to put them up where I can see them. Welcome to my kitchen counter space! I always have some fruit up there and the tea kettle and toaster were there, but I recently bought a blender. Of course everyone’s true fear when they moved to another country: the washing machine. I only know one setting and that’s what I use. Isn’t this so cute? I just wanted to add it. Ugh and here’s the bathroom. It’s not dirty or anything I just have trouble filming in it because it’s so small. It’s big enough for me and I like the shower bathtub. Oh, yeah a It’s big enough for me and I like the shower bathtub. Welcome to the bedroom where nothing happens I also keep little Polaroids here of some friends that I have and also some events since I’ve been in Astana. And I forgot to mention every room has a radiator, which of course heats up the room and you turn the dial to make it hotter. Last but not least my FREEZING balcony that is connected to my bedroom. This is where I basically just dry my clothes on that really broken clothes rack. So that’s it for my apartment tour! I hope you enjoyed it or at least learned a bit from it. If you’re from Kazakhstan, let me know like how different is my apartment from other people’s apartments, because you have no idea. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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