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Mark Slavin by oh hey You got pigeon spinner you got pop sockets there on the floor marks Lincoln, Bio Well, John. I’m like really height yeah, wait a long time for this man. I Ain’t been all day playing the fidgets bitter all day. I’m be here Guys once the merchandise as always virtually goodbye Oh, go down below just finish it lit check it out. These pop sockets – look at these things Oh yeah, we got the wayne gold – I’m gonna. Go get one take of my merch girl Yeah, I just got been watching the mail look how many fingers spinners are along with pops up if there’s a lot in here So my mom just texted me you guys saw yesterday’s vlog. I put my shoes on backwards on purpose My mom said why were your shoes on backwards, and I said they were and she sent me a bunch of laughing faces I don’t know if you guys picked up on that, but I thought it’s pretty funny It’s just so stupid and random. You know my man Chris over here is on a whole new level This is how you go to the bathroom – upside down is how you get good wi-Fi for posting pictures on Instagram You sit like this Well should I hit it with the instagram tag right now hit him with that instagram Hey, there’s there’s Christians Instagram tag hey What up guys hi guys doing today, so I got my little pre-workout freeway Freak I don’t do it again What up guys hi guys doing today? So I’m starting off the day with a little bit of Pre-workout about the gifts into my system hit the gym as always Christian ready for the gym. Hold you ready for the gym completes We love there – yeah, we’re going to get done pretty soon probably Well, we haven’t been here like how many leave so a couple weeks now – and I guarantee we’re gonna get into it completely like the first day were back And then again like a warehouse or something because that would be amazing because honestly dude like we cause too much construction What if you guys missed I? Get off dumb YouTube after that right good Night, what are you doing? It? Call me Magic glass broke Magic lance did he? I Just like myself seriously when I thought I was he’s counting on the phone with the insurance To talk about the Camaro situation when we did crashing fortunately, so we’re trying to get that all figured out right now But we are hitting a gym – let’s get this workout in I’m going to be honest. I miss this web as well It’s like when I’m way better than big It’s like not every single day you feel like you walk outside, and you’re going to get dehydrated instantly Not this is you can sit down in that chair for hours bran just feel perfectly fine. You’ll melt We got 95 is on deck. I tried 100 before like I say like a week ago, and I wasn’t really feeling it I’m Gonna try my best you That’s what I like to see look at that cherry face Look who just rolled up big nick. Oh what up bro. Hey? What’s going on? Oh? You dyed your hair. Yeah, bro. Didn’t get to see you yet. Thank you Eminem Rosa Eminem yeah, Rob I’m robin branagh and I’m now what’s up hayley. I know that you miss your mom and I know you miss your dad dude I get it. I’m here. You’re always my buddy. Yes, baba, Nanak Twitter already videos. You know I think Anybody’s nervous about a dirty look. I’m ready buzzies. Yeah Yeah this wraps up that workout I would say we killed it today But we kind of started slacking a little bit toward the end only because I started to feel like I crazy heartburn I don’t know what I ate this morning, but I felt like halfway through my workout I was going to end up puking so we cut it a little bit short But I think I might come back later on today to try and pump out. Whatever I couldn’t do this morning. Which crazy is anal With the crazies Aidan still has Jessie our new apartment. So he’s about to come over right now and check it out I completely forgot that like we moved in here almost a month ago But when we moved in Aidan wasn’t here at the time he was in New Jersey And then we went to Vegas and he got back like not that long ago I think he got back like a week ago, but he still hasn’t seen this place yet I’m back wow Daniel I mean you guys into I feel right? Well my God stop for you, buddy got I got murch Lincoln 500 works Lincoln But wicked in Mario fidget spinner ae see you. I like them about time guys They got a while back and boy he’ll either sit and read me pops I get to be a cop socket ask when I’m thinking about a chicken. Oh You haven’t seen me in a month. I know you look like a beast bro, Lar There is I get diesel you can’t off to say hi to me fuckin broke me a little bit Well yeah, here’s to know you so long. We’re having a gym later tonight Showdown. I’m done man. Oh here We go back again with the DEv is get it on man There’s a huge balcony. We have like ridiculous during is this good room? Theo’s honestly you guys want to poop Pad right there. You know I would so put it better I know you also, and it’s so easy like if you just Yeah, it’s a good way to jump down to the person below you yeah Definitely. Oh, that’s a parking garage right that is it yeah, well. I mean crap, bro If you don’t feel like taking the elevator jump right down here What’s that like Monday night on Tuesday, Monday night? There’s always people outside the club. We should just like now I don’t wanna get you kicked out here Always showed us a good song to like get me in trouble. What wait I’m going to show you why to show them how close this is? right yeah, you can literally like Or water boiling over there? Yeah, you know. It’s funny. I didn’t do this, but I was with people who did that before and When I could say who was they did end up getting in trouble for it, but uh? Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty crazy was like a year ago. It was actually from right down there. Yeah We’re ready at the parking garage Nice guy like I know they come out here like naked in the morning drink some coffee. Yeah, maybe the fans can peep you He did what not what’s wrong Bellino? Complemental is he on her game. She can you help her she looks yeah, I know BicePs are freakin shoot is a bigger than yours right now the delay Lizzy’s been going hard at the gym I was dude. I’m dead serious like I’ve been watched someone’s been going hard in your butt Because I can watch any girls on Instagram and like all they do is work a lot every day, so I really meyer I yeah, like I want to see if I get a big bun. Oh yeah, it’s my quads are way stronger than my boss I gotta balance it out I told you guys before that I need to start painting on my diet because I do eat really crappy sometimes I mean also Recently I’ve been starting to eat a little bit better But I don’t feel like I need to be on meal plan and ate and actually just brought this up There’s this place not too far from here that we’re going to check out But I actually do have meal plan so if I could just do that every single day know exactly what I need much intake log so much easier Yeah, because when you start eating just like random stuff it hurt you so hopefully when I start doing this meal plan It’ll make me look a little bit extra slow Tyrannosaurs Flex I was going to say lead, but I guess that works too Rock Obama what slow Overhand Lincoln I don’t know what he’s saying right now whoa bro Yeah, I did that just with my foot so dominant You’re always disappointing me aiden, bro. Tell me how aiden says it’s walking distance walking this You said it was like right down the road, okay? We look up We look it up, and it’s a 30 minute drive away. It’s ten miles dude. I’m not walking ten miles We’ve done it before let’s run the ten miles. I’m not walking My camera died so I get a blog on my iPhone right now Hey, I will tell you guys your battery was exhausted out for the web course. I will see you guys in ten miles. Yeah Still not there. I think we made a total I Was like 300 feet the last time I talked to you guys on. Thank you. Yes When you haven’t seen each other in like a month and a half. It’s been a while It has been a while your dad is here. Oh I know we’re coming right back to the apartment right now, but yeah, we’re not we’re not running ten miles right now We’re gonna take the car over there Kristin’s gonna come with us now if no idea where Chris when we were just about to leave What bro? doing You keep destroying all these carpets. I’m just too big no Chris you bring some girls in the key already Cody’s Gonna be mad at you no, word Another another time that we messed up today aiden, so we are on our way to the place And we didn’t realize that they closed at 6:00, and I check the maps and it says we’re going to get there at exactly 559 p.m By the time then by the time some parking and everything It would be too late this sucks. We got to turn around, so So we could do what we’re down here like we already headed now I mean, I don’t I don’t know anything well look at this We just realized that we also don’t have the key to open the car garage right now so it looks like we just got to wait for somebody to come open it for us yep, this kind of stuff that’ll Be here a minute Well on the bright side. I’m on the phone with uh cody right now going on cody. Oh Somebody let us in cody called the Gators tagged for the day. So there’s your tag Fine you called to get your tag for the day. Oh Are you losing? Do you need a new block hammer? Yo can this day get any worse? Lizzy literally locked us out of our own apartment, and we don’t have the case well We do have a key we have the magical key yeah We have keys but we have none for the apartment to ask the key word for area button, so I don’t look it, so Sketchy as hell go Let’s see how great this works Chris when Chris is loki been sleeping in my bed for like the past three weeks You know there’s got a key to everyone’s reforma Yeah, of course you don’t can hear me. Yeah, thanks for leaving the door unlocked. I did. No you didn’t it’s locked. Oh Now you know what I did leave it all up I Like that yeah. Yeah, I like it too. I don’t know what you’re talking about what I? know that’s where they are by Hayden you started some blue suede ever. Oh, how far is this danny sick that is fired We’re the best Look, I got a blue jacket as well, and it’s free fire, but this one have a more fire No, I think if I suggest you go in flames Thank you, my appreciated oliver And this is why we need to get on meal plan so Chris can stop eating Ramen all the time please mark out? Bro, this is so bad for you. It’s not bad for you. It’s just not that good Yo Christmas is on the face. I’m okay with that girl right and I Completely like cock blossom guys. He was on facetime with his girl, and I’m like yo Chris. We still having a threesome later tonight What did you say so are we really working out again? Yes, just uh Dead prince doesn’t believe me okay, so aiden asked me to go to the gym with him today But who’s unfortunately like an hour drive away? And we didn’t really feel like waiting So we just went early in the morning instead of waiting till like 3:00 or 4:00 until he got back so Aidan wanted us to Go to the gym with him and I was like all right listen I’m going to go this morning, and then I’ll hit it again later on tonight with you and Christopher believe me I was like yo, we’re going later on today with aiden because we haven’t seen him in like the past month So I was like yeah Chris. We’re going against tonight, and he still doesn’t believe it. I’m about to go pretty soon Are you coming? Yeah? Let’s do it. I mean, you’re hitting it again All about Chris bunch of you people are just killing you think about it. Yo, you usually do it faster I will say I was like kind of expecting that one. I knew you’re gonna do it but like sometimes Chris will just but jolt you. It’s so funny, though me now. I know you don’t mean it, but it’s just funny How you go about it like normally, I’d go crazy right now so today. We’re but everything is everywhere Yeah, yeah Jeff I know that noise, but was that noise Chris and music Amazon. I guess it means the cameras on That’s what you just did I? Put the camera down and Chris is like okay. Seriously cameras off are we actually going to the gym, and then I started the recording So yeah, we’re actually doing this Come on. Boy. You begin a husky lately I know but I can’t give up on your dreams to be a professional Meathead I don’t know what do I call your sessional me? This is same time as weighing you down to go to the gym. I don’t love what he’s talking to who’s he talking to? I Don’t know who he’s talking to God Who are you talking to aah? What is wrong? I’m sure dude oh You’re recording Me no, I was recording the whole time. No. I’m not even kidding I sigh out of this shirt like three or four times, and it’s still Playing hopscotch, or something goes Jim Hello, sir ramadan. They all like a penalty throw up. I guess it’s a war This is how it goes down Chris Yes, like it’s like playing whack-a-mole right now He’s quick. He’s got it. I’m surprising just stays in the same spot Moved over the little in a bit. I’m sorry you’re going to end up on like the other side Anything now? We if you’re holding cell phone the whole time I see that Cuba I still got I Was trying to talk. It’s all time. I know oh Hey, watch it. So follow me inside I Know who does it man? This is how you get your games just eating ramen like that free work wow? It’s not a good minute offering up He doesn’t joke What was the measurement what is this pre-workout no? That’s pre-workout. Yeah Chris I think we both forgot that we have this to clean up now Rob reider double over there. Good devil Honey get the premium wood, how do you plead on boy? My mom always tells me to dust the wall, so I take this will did a job mine. Yeah. Yo, she look different Thank you, you got a little haircut, but wait let’s see his face, and they’ve been able to get it all for a diverse kid Not a skin is right here his furs died when it gets really dark is that something? I have to try to keep up with but it’s real hard And I don’t want to irritate his skin and his eyes by scrubbing it every night This sucks because I white dogs they all get this thing I need more man Yeah
Real hard to ever like you and you’re like your parents said a geo like you think you wouldn’t get it cuz you would keep Up with it. It’s just what happens is though. You know it’s crazy I’m sure there are dogs out there that are white that don’t have that But it’s like the dogs that we haven’t had two of them so far and it’s really hard to take care of yeah But yeah, we just like we’ve tried everything and it’s not helping I got the healthy way not not the wrong way It’s not bad if you reach a dog especially fifties still a little puppy. You know cute I just I wish I would I love to yell cause he feels wait. What is this? We got the whole crew in there. Oh gang in camera, okay? It’s so rip right now, right. I just ate it out They didn’t come to the gym at I might have about to go to a nightclub look at why you hatin, bro Look at come on torn dress up more than me. Why you dressed up helen nice to go to the gym All right, it goes automatic, bro. I tell you something after classes ended today. Why do they come so dressed up to the gym? I’m like I don’t get it Look keep the money you can have a chain on to a $2 each at my club right now I don’t know. I always come to the gym it. I don’t care what I look like as a nightclub apparently now look at everybody else up I Have no idea. I don’t want to be at this club. If anything doesn’t do enough reps. He’s going to drop the ball is not Don’t if I don’t defend Gonna do 40 cents more oh huge What that thing though right? Yeah, the bulky go ahead Rosin him now I’ll do it when you’re not exhale. Just wait till we do squat Where’s that going? What kind of level of this shit on right now? it’s like cake form I Don’t know. What are you doing real-life tarzan guys yeah real life star, then there is tarzan back at it again training As there’s so many people yo spencer’s an animal. He just did all this way, and that’s crazy That’s impressive, bro. There’s a 225 yeah, I’m about to try it just y’all never done its weight before cute Come on you There we go won’t let me push you off so easy one I Got in there. I didn’t touch it. Yo Thanks One rep Max. I got nowhere. I don’t feel like I could have done two or three of that whoo I chilled that workout way better this time around since when is ron sticky oh He okay Here I go Pick him up, and you’re gonna like yeah I know like sometimes co has very magical powers where he turns to teleport first play this oh Chris never actually tried this yet before the games bowls that I get Does he like it? He did try but I think he went into it like knowing. He’s not gonna like it, so I feel like person’s Gonna like it Because it’s work. I have no idea. Theo did it so don’t ask us oh Chris loves it He’s like. I saw the whole new world Chris you like it that much it’s fire Now that you actually tried. It actually went into it like you know what let me see if I like it or not He loved it. Yo, you’re like trying to screw me. Yo I’m getting cornered I’m so cute Co is chilling is sleeping. It is coolie. Why is that like a devil face? What where right there? Where thanks, okay? Boom was he so fascinated at this horrendous right now? She’s moving her eyelid Do you everybody screenshot that? Yeah, you’re like some of up guys that need to do a little crab walk some Of this girl’s name if she is trying to report for their boyfriend and we’ll bend down to get the crab walk in Lizzy had to run all the way back because she left her straightener plugged in What? it was And she left her purse and flippers here ain’t Grogan and games Whoa, and we went to floor above from what we’re supposed to be how does it keep happening? and you just run it to the wall and Why does this plant look like the top of the pineapple and why is there a company called Siemens? And why does this hallway look so creepy right now? Why are you asking so many questions is why not? Yes? Why wow wow? Wow smells on in here. I already know bro this viewers ticket. Yes, though all the projector is built to May I know what you’re doing? Dang bro. Let’s switch off hahaha. What is he doing? Killick Cowbell You guys notice anything David no which all my shoes oh? my God I thought you were just standing on It look like you’re walking with your legs outside I did this yesterday in the vlog and you guys a lot of you picked up on I thought it was really funny enough Oh, yeah Yo, this is sick in a little studio right now Well there the son of police surrounding our building right now. I’m not really sure what’s going on Apparently there’s like some of the arms running around I’m not really sure yo what the hell apparently as hell Acosta’s ran into the building with shotguns in our hand I don’t know what’s going on right now. This is crazy world, Listen. Oh, there’s another comp up here This is so yo, they got like a whole line of people in there Okay, so apparently the police said it’s clear now. I really no idea Like I had no idea like going on building somebody flipped it I have like lot teams running around and everything like all right guys. That is gonna actually end today’s vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did sleep it that sums up, but and don’t forget to turn my post notifications I give notification status every single day to people that have my notifications turned on of course you guys want a notification Shout-out you have to leave a comment down below saying you have my notifications on and of course turn them on Here are today’s shout-out of the day and Other than that I would see you guys next time peace If you guys are interested in any of our 210 merchandise make sure to click the link down below the very top description check it Out over there make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on my post notification And you haven’t already make sure to check so cody just got an outline of the tattoo I’m going to wait til completely done to show you guys I think it’s going to be Dope I Think I like a good spot


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