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Are Lizard People Real?

– Are you a sheep or a lizard?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Thank you for making us a part of – your daily routine.
– Link, what is your opinion on lizards? I respect lizards, but I
do not touch them. – Really? They’re tough to catch.
– Yeah. You catch ’em by the tail sometimes,
and then they get away and – you keep the tail.
– My kids try to catch them, and I act like I’m not afraid while
they’re doing it. What if I told you that they were in a
secret space station inside the moon controlling everything you think? – (forced evil laughter)
– I would say… I would say I wouldn’t believe you, unless
you started shaking your head and laughing manically under your breath.
And then I’d be like, “Okay, I’m in.” – Or whatever this is.
– Well, that’s an oversimplification of something that a man named David Icke
does believe, and I have been introduced into the world of David Icke. I have
spent a lot of time just… – You and Dave?
– I feel like I went to the moon space station. I feel like I’ve gone, and I’ve
come back, and I’m here to report to you and the Mythical Beasts on what
I have learned. Okay. So this is like a public service
announcement. – Not really.
– This is like a crash course in, uh… – lizards?
– Yeah. Crash course in lizards. – Tell me about it.
– Lizards 101. Okay, David Icke: he believes that the world is controlled
by a race of 12-foot-tall, bloodsucking shapeshifting alien reptilian-human
hybrids. – What?
– That’s a bold claim, and so I’m going to give you a little of bit of
background, okay? – Well, bold’s one adjective I would use.
– (laughing) – Another one is crazy.
– You don’t believe it? – And awesome! Sounds awesome.
– It remains to be seen. Okay, he’s a guy that played soccer back
in the 70s… – Oh!
– …or football as they call it where he played it, which is in England. And he
only played for a little bit, but then he because a sportscaster and actually
became a public figure in England. – He was well known as this sportscaster.
– Oh, really? Okay. Think Bob Costas without the pink eye
at the Olympics. – In 1990, he was in a bookstore,
– (Link and crew offscreen laughing) as sportscasters love to frequent
bookstores, and he heard a voice telling him to go to a certain section. And this
wasn’t from the intercom, like, – “Science books on sale.”
– It’s wasn’t like a libr– It was a librarian whispering through
there, like… – No.
– “You should check out…” – What did he check out?
– Well, it was the psychic section. – (laughing)
– “You should check out the… – …psychic section.”
– So it was a voice. He actually felt a magnetic force pulling him toward the
section, which would be a great thing to install at Barnes & Noble,
if you’re listening. – “Go to the psychic session. Section.”
– (stammering) It happened to him. And he goes to the psychic section.
There’s a book by a particular psychic. He decides not just to read her book,
but to visit her. Anyway, during his visit with her, she basically tells him
that he is special, and that the spirit world is going to bring messages to
Earth through him. He took this incredibly seriously. – And so are you.
– How seriously? Well, in 1991, very shortly after the
psychic woman interaction, he held a press conference — again, this is a
public figure. Think Bob Costas. This is like Bob Costas doing a
press conference. – Okay.
– Saying that, “The world is coming to an end, and also, I am the son
of the Godhead.” He was wearing a turquoise track
suit while he did this… – (laughing) Really?
– …which is a keen detail. Because he was also entering the
turquoise period. – Where… like once a month?
– That’s what he calls it, man. And this isn’t just like something
your wife goes through in May. – This was… (stammering)
– (Everyone on and offscreen laughing) He was in a period where he felt
like he had… – My wife does not wear track suits.
– And I just realized — first of all, this was not intentional. I swear to you
that wearing this shirt was not intentional. I was not intentional.
Which means that… – Ahh… It’s getting to you, man.
– …the freaking thing is true! He goes through this period where he’s
wearing this turquoise… – That’s not a track suit, though.
– …track suit, or turquoise in general, because it brought him closer to God,
and also helped channel positive energy. – Sure.
– Of course, he’s saying these things. This gets a little bit of attention, so
he gets invited onto a talk show, The Terry Wogan Show, major British
talk show, where this happens. Was it a great shock for you to discover
this at 38? – Well, I think the…
– (audience laughing) I think it was gobsmacks. But again… You know the best way of removing
negativity is to laugh and be joyous. So I’m delighted that there’s so much
laughter in the audience tonight. – (interviewer) But no one said…
– (audience laughing) – But just let me say this…
– They’re laughing at you. – They’re not laughing with you.
– (audience laughing) – Fine.
– (laughing and applause) Poor guy. I mean, he was trying to
spin the laughter. And they’re laughing at him. And I
guess I was laughing at him right before – this. Now I feel bad about it.
– Well, he does have like a hockey cut, – and he is in the track suit.
– The track suit looks good, though. I like the track suit. I got no problems
with the track suit. – Yeah.
– The track suit — I’m totally on board – with the track suit.
– But what is this? You go on a show… – …and then you just get laughed off.
– So what basically… – There’s no “this” to it.
– Everything kind of unravelled for him – after that point. He was a laughingstock
– Oh. in England and beyond. And he couldn’t
go into a pub without being made fun of, he was being chased by the paparazzi,
people were like, “It’s Bob Costas.” I’m putting it in terms for you.
“Bob Costas is crazy. He always – wears a track suit.”
– Mhm. So this got to a point where he was
willing to just let go. He had no reservations, and he just started saying
exactly what he thought, which is he believes the world is controlled by a
small group of people called The Babylonian Brotherhood. Kinda like
the Illuminati. You know, they’ve infiltrated the government and they’re
running the world. They’re the people who are really in control. Not the puppets
like the presidents and the prime ministers, but actually The
Babylonian Brotherhood. – But they’re shapeshifting lizards?
– They’re shapeshifting, human-lizard hybrids, Link. Because back in Babylonian
times thousands of years ago, these lizard aliens came to Earth and
they mated — that’s the international symbol for mating, at least on
Good Mythical Morning it is. – No, it’s not.
– And they mated and they made a human-lizard hybrid people that have
started this race. There’s multiple races, but let’s keep it simple. They’ve
started a race of hybrids that have, through the generations, ruled the world.
You can’t tell it because they’re shapeshifting. You can’t just look at ’em.
They don’t have weird eyes, or anything. They don’t smell like they’ve been in a
pet store. They are just these hybrid shapeshifters. But here’s a few
people that he believes are these lizard people. Queen Elizabeth II, the
Bush family — that’s the first George and the second George — Bob Hope,
Al Gore, Kris Kristofferson… – (Link) Kris Kristofferson!
– …country singer and actor, (Rhett) and Boxcar Willie.
This is the most… – He’s a country music singer too, right?
– He is. And this is the most convincing to me, because he has a song called
16 Chickens and a Tambourine. – I’m sure it’s a great…
– (Rhett) And he also believes… – ♪ (16 Chickens and a Tambourine) ♪
– …that the moon… -♪ (All I need in life) ♪
I don’t know how it goes. …the moon is like the Death Star. It’s
an empty space — it’s a planetoid. It’s empty and the lizards are in there.
They have control over it, and it’s like a satellite that is broadcasting what he
calls a moon matrix, which causes you and me and everyone on Earth to not
be able to see reality for what it is. – It’s being broadcast.
– Now, the moon matrix I do believe in. – Oh, good.
– I’ve been with that for years. – Track suit, moon matrix.
– Right. – I’m partially…
– I’ve said all these outlandish things. Here’s the interesting thing, Link.
I don’t know if this guy’s crazy. – He may not be.
– Okay, before Rhett tries to convince me of that dubious statement, it’s time for – ♪ (fanfare) ♪
– (Link) Breaking News! Okay, this is a segment where we have
written “news” stories for each other, and we’re gonna read them from our
individual teleprompters. And the person who laughs or breaks the
most loses. And we have not read this at all. We
wrote it for each other, and this is the first time that we’re seeing this news.
And I’m going first, right? – Yes, go!
– Breaking news! At approximately 6:23 AM this morning, a local hero saved
the life of a stray cat. According to eyewitnesses, the feline had become lodged
inside of raw chicken while dumpster diving for dinner. Residents say the cries
sounded something like Ohhhhch! Bleeeeeeeach! Meeer! Meery-meer-meow! – The rescuers (stammering) authorities…
– (incorrect buzzer) identified as Ben Dover was able
to free the cat by eating the entire raw chicken around it. Dover contracted
salmonella and died shortly thereafter from aggressive doody-poops.
(laughing) – (incorrect buzzer)
– I am told he have footage. – No? Okay.
– That’s not a break, ’cause I haven’t started. Breaking news. Yesterday,
a local man received a tattoo of his family on his chest. Upon arriving
at home and getting a good look at it, he noticed the extraordinarily poor
artisanship of the tattoo. Instead of his wife, daughter, and stepson, it
appeared that the tattoo was a – bulldog, a Muppet, and a demon.
– (incorrect buzzer) A statement from the offending tattoo
parlor, Are You Inking What I’m Inking, – reads… (laughing)
– (incorrect buzzer) “When his chest hair grows back,
his wife will look less like a demon but his stepson kinda actually looks
like a Muppet.’ Breaking news, and now an update to
a recent story we reported on a tutor who tooted the flute. Well,
he has now tried to tutor two tutors to toot. Said the two to the
tutor, “Is it tougher to toot or to tutor two tutors to toot?”
The tutor refused to comment on – this story. (holding in laughter)
– [inaudible] (incorrect buzzer) – Right there at the end. A big one!
– (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) – Breaking news. I have scorched —
(laughing) I have a scorching rash. I can’t tell you where. It’s all I can
think about. It’s itchy. It itches. Ahhh! Ahhhh! Like sands through the hourglass, these
are the days of out lives. Breaking news! Researchers at the
Institute for the Travel and Human Reanimation are celebrating
today. What a bunch of losers. – Gerr! (laughing)
– (incorrect buzzer) Okay, break — bar…
barking goose. Gaaaaarf!
Garf. Myaaaa!
Gaaaaaaarh Gaaah!
Ee- gonk-gonk-gonk-gonk-gonk! – Where the bread at? (laughing)
– (incorrect buzzer) – Eeenh! That was a laugh.
– That’s a break. Okay. – But I still win.
– Okay, congratulations, Link. – (Rhett) This has been Breaking News.
– (Link) Barking Goose? – Okay, so…
– You’re about to convince me that David Icky… is…
That’s not how you say it. – Icke.
– Icke. Is, um… I’m not gonna convince you of anything.
Your brain is your own. – Something to think about.
– I don’t have a matrix broadcasting – towards you. It’s just not as simple
– Okay. as just saying, “Oh, he believes these
crazy things, and that’s it.” – I’m just gonna give you the full story.
– Okay. So is he just a crazy dude in a track
suit that nobody listens to? No. He has a massive following. Millions
of people. – Really?
– Huge following. Just couple of his notable fans: Billy Corgan of Smashing
Pumpkins, Russel Brand, Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and many more,
not just some celebrities. But he goes on these tours around the world, and he
does eight-hour-long lectures… – Like in hotel lobbies.
– …and thousands of people — – No, in like theaters.
– Hotel rooms. Really. No, he sold out the Wembley Arena.
That’s over 12,000 seats. – Wow.
– And people show up, and they stand in line, and they’re super excited, and
they’re huge fans, because this is – a movement.
– So he gives… There are some of them that are watching
right now. – So eight-hour-long seminars.
– And they’re totally into it. You watch one of these lectures and
they’re like… you know, he’s a very charismatic guy, and he’s funny,
and he’s got some interesting visuals, he’s got this message that really – resonates with people.
– Does he not mention the lizards? – Is that really what it is?
– Oh, no. He talks about the lizards. But lemme get to that. He also wrote
15 books in 16 years that these people love to read, including one where he’s
completely naked on the cover. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.
I am Me I am Free. – A lot of people have bought that book.
– Is it a non-fiction? It’s all his theories together. 15 books
in 16 years, man. What he says resonates with a lot of
people. You know, because it… – Why?
– …isn’t just about the lizards. It’s about not trusting the media. It’s about
how people like sheep; they’re easily controlled. That we should be caring for
one another. That, you know, it isn’t as it seems. The media is
controlled. All these things that I think – a lot of people can really agree with.
– Yeah, okay. But then he does bring in the lizard
people, and he’s not ashamed of it. But here’s an interesting way to see that.
A lot of people think that this is a satire type of thing. That he’s got all
this stuff that he’s telling you, and he’s throwing in the lizard thing almost
as an analogy, just to get you to think – about reality in a different way.
– Like the Colbert Report or something? Yeah, he purposefully doing satire.
Now, having watched a bunch of his interviews, I don’t think that’s what’s
going on. I think this is a better theory, and some people believe this. Is that he’s
actually part of the conspiracy himself. He is actually an agent of the secret
society. Meaning he’s saying a bunch of things that are true, and then he’s saying
a bunch of things that are just crazy, like the lizard and the Moon,
so that you… Discredit the lizard and then discredit
that they don’t want you to believe is true. ‘Cause you’re like, “Crazy people believe
in that secret society! You hear about the moon matrix and the lizard and stuff?”
But it actually is true, and they put him out there as an agent to confuse
people. That’s an interesting theory. Which would mean that me and you
are now part of the conspiracy, because we said how crazy he was
and talked about the lizards and the track suit. We’re just part of the
system now, Link. – (Link) Or, you are.
– And we don’t even know it. – I’m a lizard.
– Person. – Hybrid. I’m very tall.
Are you? Maybe you guys are familiar with this.
Maybe you’ve been to some of these eight-hour-long lectures. Let us
know in the comments. Thanks for liking and commenting
and subscribing. You know what time it is. Hey, whats up? This is Wayne
from Jacaranda FM in South Africa, and it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! For other breaking news, make sure
you follow us on Twitter! twitter.com/rhettandlink. That’s us.
We have a Twitter. Ha ha. And also click through to
Good Mythical More. I wanna share an interesting encounter that I had
while going to physical therapy. – (Rhett) Woop woop woop!
– ♪ (brass fanfare and bells ringing) ♪ – Finally, we got one of these again!
– Oh, congratulations. GMMWinFace! (Rhett & Link) Corvus… Shy-baraaa… (Rhett) You win a personalized
Good Mythical Morning. I don’t like watching people floss,
but when it’s… – (robot voice) Corvus Hey-eye-bara.
– …I don’t mind. Right, right. I would actually buy
tickets to watch… – (robot voice) Corvus Hey-eye-bara.
– …floss. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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Christopher Finn

Oct 10, 2019, 3:12 am Reply

The only thing you can do to offset the control of the moon matrix is to take psychedelics.

O siris

Oct 10, 2019, 6:49 pm Reply

12:40 You are right Rhett he is actually a reptilian himself.

Arthur Heuer

Oct 10, 2019, 11:48 am Reply

4:56 "He was a laughing stock… in England… and beyond."

Illuminati Confirmed 2019. XD

Paolo Escobar

Oct 10, 2019, 10:25 am Reply

Nice shirt, Link!


Oct 10, 2019, 2:32 pm Reply

Do this game with Markimoo

YodaFlame VEVO

Oct 10, 2019, 5:44 am Reply

“Breaking news”
Me: Double taps right side of screen

Maltese Falcon

Oct 10, 2019, 12:52 am Reply

Next time i have troubles falling asleep ill watch this.

Jake Martin

Oct 10, 2019, 10:05 pm Reply

i believe in lizard people

Jason Hagar

Oct 10, 2019, 6:18 am Reply

I know about their secret time reset button. I need them to please hit it so I can return back to July 6th, 1990.

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