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Apartments for Rent in NJ – Where & How to find apartments for rent in NJ (New Jersey)

Closed Caption by YouTube Lawrence and we’re your favor right real
estate team in New Jersey and I try it on a daily basis from time to time to
bring you another valuable video that can help you so if you landed on this
video chances are you’re searching for an apartment for rent in New Jersey but
before I get into the resources I just want you to know that you have the right
team here if you’re looking for anything in real estate we have a team anywhere
across in New Jersey father is licensed to help you with buying selling leasing
refinancing credits fixing investing anything that has to do real estate
where you go to for any questions you may have and if you have any questions
really all you have to do is go through the link in the description which is all
our Lawrence coms lines go and you can book a call from there but yeah let’s
talk about apartments for rent or really quickly you know my first go-to when I
think about apartments for rent the first place I go to is when in New
Jersey is best to rent nj.com okay it’s a very popular website and they have
over maybe about 85 communities that you can search true Woodbridge Avenue you
know central New Jersey you know it spans across multiple different counties
and and you can see like in the map of New Jersey here I think they are pretty
much anywhere in this orange area okay so that’s one place but one thing I will
tell you is that you want to be prepared for regular typical scrutiny like credit
checks background checks rental e-street checks now why do they do these things
they do these things because obviously you got to remember they’re in business
right so what do you want to make sure that you’re going to pay every month and
the way they look at that they are pretty lenient but you still look anyway
and then they’ll make our I think they make it subjective decision if they want
to rent you an apartment or not but they are pretty lenient so if something was
painted into now if you don’t want any of those
things like credit check you don’t want anybody doing too much scrutiny you can
go to a place like Craigslist Craigslist org ok correctly just search for it it
comes right up and so it’s coming up with central New Jersey based on where I
am but you can go to wherever you are a local area pretty much some hear central
New Jersey you can just you can simply change this to the whole Craigslist very
much ok it just goes to your position but you can change the location here you
see where it’s not Jersey where you can select North Jersey from there you can
go by US cities you can go by US states so you can go straight into New Jersey
right you can go to different part of New Jersey here Central Jersey Jersey
Shore New Jersey South Jersey now also even New Jersey suburbs of New York City
like West New York Hoboken Jersey City things like that now what I’ll tell you
is this ok I don’t know why you look at the rent
but you may want to check with us maybe you’re qualified enough to buy a home we
we don’t care about pushing you into a home want to make sure that it’s right
for you but in most cases you are better off buying a home when it comes to a
financial standpoint in terms of saving on taxes in terms of your building
equity over time and and we try to ignore the speculations you know a lot
of real estate agent will try to get you into a home based on speculation no I’m
talking based on present today’s marketplace if you are going to be
paying $1,400 in rent and you might as well be paying for $200 in just a
mortgage and be building equity of course building equity and saving on
taxes they put you in a better position from a financial standpoint so make sure
you contact us if if you’re not sure if you’re fit to buy a home yet you can
contact us quite frankly some people are just not ready to buy a home but we know
how to be honest with you and let you know if that’s the case so if you want
to contact you on a book a call just simply go to all our Lawrence comm /go
or you can see the link in the description
of the video and you can take it from there so anyway if I’ll you to go to
Jersey Shore New Jersey South Jersey or the New York’s above sub region of New
York City so let’s just for example say I was looking in central New Jersey
right you want to go on the house and you see apartments right here you click
on that all right you click on it you can see all kind of different apartments
here now typically the people who list here are a lot of them are private
owners okay but what you should understand also is that a private owner
would not be as responsive or be a better landlord for you okay so for
example if I was to be renting I like a situation where I’m renting from a
company where I can make a call if your toilet is broken and they can fix it
there’s an emergency in middle of the night if you got kids you want people
that are responsive so just keep in mind that private people will not be as
responsive they usually can’t afford to have a sofa or they can’t afford to have
a management company okay so you just want to keep that in mind as you go
through the list on Craigslist here but you have a ton of other opportunities to
rent here and you can also go by criteria you can make you can you can
select only those that have images you can go a mileage from a radius a it’s a
superb facility online property where you can search easily okay now if you
want us to if you don’t have time if you have much more time than you have money
then you can do exactly what I just shown you and find the right apartment
for you okay if you have more money than you have time and you don’t have time to
be doing others you want us to find the right fit of apartment for you then
simply what you want to do is you want to go to again Ola Lawrence calm
Lawrence comm slash go right you go there and just go straight cuz I don’t
want that to track me right you go straight when you click all our eyes
don’t go it takes you to this page right here okay and and then you want to wait
a few seconds then you see this thing loading right here and and you
essentially want to fill out this form okay go for loading loading loading
loading they go it comes up you want to give us your best phone number issue if
you don’t have a mobile phone number chances are we can help you okay so put
your phone number that way if you have the text message or anything like that
we or we can do that but you want to fill out your name your email address
and then you want to under here you want to select rent okay and then you want to
tell us a little bit more about what you want and click Submit okay
so that that’s pretty much what we have for you so hopefully this has been
helpful for you when you’re looking for apartment in New Jersey my first go-to
if you have everything is best friend nj.com
there are other if you if you look to those places and you can’t find it you
still want to dig a little bit deeper you can literally go and in search on
Google apartment for rent in NJ right and you can search directly
on Google there’s a couple you know primers calm couple of them here but
those are my first go-to 0 also leased apartment you know so you
can browse now if you don’t have time to go through all of this again feel free
to contact us and we’ll help you get through that and then also if you’re not
sure if you should be or if you’re not sure if you you should be you’re not
sure if you should be renting or or buying a home definitely get in contact
with us you see a link come up on the page on the video and simply book a call
click on it and book a call with us with that form I just showed you all right
I’ll see you on the next one bye for now

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