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Apartments 2016-02-20

Hey Guys. Hey, what’s up. Hi! Welcome to Stockton University. My name is Jayson and I’m a Resident Assistant
here at the University. In this video we’ll take a closer look at apartment style, as well as apartment
alternative housing options available to upper class man
as well as some first year students. It’s exciting to think that you might be joining
the resident community. Living on campus is such an important part
of the University experience. Being so close to classes, as well as campus
events and services is very helpful to the enrichment of students on campus. The RA’s as well as the Residential Hall Association
help plan programs like Late Night Breakfast and Building Battles to help you
connect with other residents. I personally met my best friend at Late Night Breakfast. It was great to walk in at like 9 PM at night
and see bacon and pancakes all over and just people sitting around and having a great time. You know, you bring some notebooks or study materials and you just sit there and meet new people. Now let’s take a closer look. First, I want to mention that all students
on campus receive Free WiFi, cable, laundry services, parking and a shuttle service. We’ll start our tour with largest housing
complex, Housing 1. If you take either of the two walking paths
from the center of campus. It’s located just across Lake Fred. Each Housing 1 apartment is accessible by
way of a student’s personalized programmed I.D. from the outside. Housing 1 includes 8 courts of 32 apartments. Now let’s hear more my friend Emily. Hi I’m Emily. This is a housing 1 apartment. Each apartment has two rooms, with 2 or 3 beds depending on whether you live in a 4 person or 5 person space. There is a shared living room, bathroom and a kitchen which also includes a full size refrigerator and an oven. The best part about living in Housing 1 is that I’ve made a ton of friends with people who live in my court. On a nice day we’re always outside or grabbing
food from the Lodge at Lakeside. Which also has a meeting space and a computer lab. Just a few steps from Housing 1 you’ll
find our Housing 4 complex. Housing 4 has 8 buildings of 8 apartments
each and our friend Sam will tell you more about that. Thanks Jayson! Hi, my name’s Sam and I’m really excited to
show you around my friend’s apartment. This is your typical Housing 4 apartment. Every apartment includes 2 bedrooms, a living area, a bathroom with double sinks and a kitchen with a full size refrigerator and oven. The apartments are fully furnished and every
student gets their own lofted bed, a desk and this huge closet! (Laughing) The Housing 4 apartments all surround
the Housing 4 Quad. Which is another great outdoor space here at Stockton. It has a walking trail as well as a large field. The quad’s a kind of place that can be quiet
one day and then host a huge Greek Life event the next. Thanks Sam. I also want to mention that there are 2 main
offices of Residential Life to serve students living in campus housing. One of those is housed in the Housing 4 complex
that Sam just showed us. Next up, we’ll look at our Housing 5 complex. In Housing 5 there are 6 buildings with 3 floors each, that also include an elevator for easy access. There’s a social lounge as well as a study
room and even a billiards table on the first floor. Our friend Robyn will tell us more about this. Hi everyone! I’m Robyn. I’m a graduate student and an R.A. for the
Office of Residential Life. I’m excited to show you my friend’s
Housing 5 apartment. In Housing 5 there are four students to each apartment. Each student has their own room. This is different than any other option on campus. Housing 5 apartments are the perfect option for a student who’s looking for a little more privacy. All the rooms are furnished. There’s no stove, but there’s a full size
fridge and microwave in the kitchen. The shower, toilet and sink are in different rooms. Which is really helpful when different roommates
are getting ready at the same time. Housing 1 , 4 and 5 are situated on our main
campus, but Stockton University is continuing to grow and so are our housing options. Our Housing 6 complex is located just a quick
shuttle ride away and it’s also known as the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Resort. This world class resort has a residential
community separate from guest rooms. Hi my name is Bobbi and I’m thrilled to show you the most unique Housing option at Stockton. Housing 6 also known as the Stockton Seaview. Like Jayson mentioned this complex is a short
shuttle ride away or a 10 minute drive from private student parking lot to our campus center. So you don’t even need to have a car. The community at Seaview is great. The Hotel amenities are available to the students which include an indoor and outdoor pool, a fitness room and a game room which features pool tables, ping pong and air hockey. Housing 6, Stockton Seaview is
considered an apartment alternative because each room offers a private bathroom,
but no kitchen space. Courtney, a Seaview resident of 3 years will
tell you all about it. I really love living at Seaview. Each room offers lots of space, temperature controls and furniture that includes 2 beds, 2 desks, a TV, a micro-fridge, a microwave and shared storage space for both residents. In addition to the awesome common areas, housekeeping comes once a week
to clean your bathrooms. Which is a huge perk! Also, the on site grille room offers a web based food ordering system, which makes eating here easy. I also want to mention that at every location
there’s an R.A. like myself, never far and always available to help. And there you have it.. Living in Housing 1, 4, 5 or the Housing 6
complex is an awesome opportunity for students to get involved with other Stockton students
as well as have safe, convenient and comfortable access to campus life. See you soon!



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