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Apartment Tour: It’s All About Those Eclectic Vibes

– Hey, come on in. Let me show you around. So because I have a studio,
I really wanted a way to divide my space into different rooms. So I put these up, which
is kind of a room divider. This I feel has become a
focal point for my apartment. So I’ve decided to not
have dressers in my place. Just, I feel that it
gives it a more open look. So this is where I like to paint. This was actually a gift from my grandma, and it’s always been a
really special piece for me. So I have a lot of books,
and I like to use them as displays. So this plant here was getting quite big. I needed to prop it up a bit, so I used some of my favorite books as kind of like a mini shelf. These bookends are one of
my favorite purchases ever. They’re actually blue agate,
so there’s the shiny side here and then what I love about
them is that it’s unfinished on the outside. So this is one of my
favorite thrift finds ever. I considered eating
soup out of it. (laughs) And then later thought that it
was much too large for soup, so I put a plant in it instead. (laughs) These stencils are great,
because when you’re ready to move out, you can
just peel them right off. I’ve always really loved textures. Again, I like it when things
are different and mismatched. So here, I have seat cushions that I got, a pillow here with some geos on it. This piece was given to me,
and it was originally brown, so what I did was I spray painted it white to match my decor, and then
I used it as a plant stand. It’s nice to have a covered balcony, because it acts as another room. So what I’ve done here is
add a table and some chairs. So I got these little tiny lantern lights, and they’re actually solar
powered, which is fantastic. And then I’ve also put
a whole bunch of plants out here, too. I actually grew my own kale from seed. It tastes really good. (laughs) I hope you enjoyed my tour. (light music)

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Super cute..i also live in a studio. ?

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