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Apartment Tour in Toronto, Canada | Home tour | Life in Canada

Hi friends !! Welcome to my channel. This
video is a tour to my apartment. I am so excited to do this video today, so let’s
get started. If you plan on moving to Toronto then this video might be
helpful for you. We are a family of three and we live in a one-bedroom apartment
which costs us around 1,400 dollars per month whereas two-bedroom apartment costs 1650
and penthouses cost $2,000 per month in the same building. We have seasonal
outdoor pool, indoor car parking, centralized A/C, Sauna and Gym. The Rent includes
our heating and A/C charges, heating in winter and centralised A/C for the
rest of the season. we also get stove and refrigerator in
the kitchen. Other expenses that comes along with
rent are hydro, laundry and home insurance. For our usage we get around
45 – 50 dollars per month and for laundry it costs us $50 per
month whereas home insurance which is a must and we pay around $35 per month . Now we are done with all the expenses , let’s move on to my home. This is how it looks
as we enter the apartment we have a spacious living room, kitchen, dining area,
one bedroom and a rest room. We have tried to set up this house in a minimum
budget. This 3-piece leather recliner sofa set is from a local warehouse and
we got this for $1,200. If we had got this from a branded show room, same would
cost nothing less than $2,400. One of them is having a rocking option as well.
Believe me it is so comfortable, easy to assemble and they even did a free home
delivery for us. To the right we have a small closet to
keep our jackets and shoe racks. These shoe racks are from Dollarama, 3 dollars
each the chair that we see here is from Ikea which I got for $10 and I
mostly used to reach the smoke detectors when it’s alarming. It is very sensitive
and it goes off every time I start cooking. We have two small closets as
well here and one of which I used to keep my laundry stuff and order to keep
our files and other household stuff. we usually prefer buying electronic
items from Costco, this Samsung Smart TV is from Costco and we use a Jadoo
setup box to watch our Indian channels live which is around $200. This is a
portable heater which comes with a tiny remote and it is very convenient to
control the room temperature. This tower heater is also from Costco and we got
this for around $65. We have two entries to kitchen, one is from the living
room which we are seeing now and other is from the dining area. This corner of the house usually looks dark because there is no proper lighting in this area. We usually prefer the living
room to be bright and we decided to get this lamp from Ikea which costed us
13 dollars and a bulb of 70W costed us around 6 dollars. This
vent is for the centralized heating and A/C, but the controller is having only
two options of low and high. We sometimes prefer using our portable
heater to have better control over the temperature. This is actually a dining area, but we
are using it as a play area for my daughter. This desk is from step two and
we got this for $80. The door next to the desk is to the
balcony. We have a very good view from our 25th floor and these doors and
windows are very well insulated so we won’t feel much cold when you’re closer
to the doors and windows. This Playhouse, magnetic board and foam mat
are from Walmart and the chair which is inside the house, the small chair is from
the Canadian Superstore. I usually prefer buying the kids stuff from Superstore or
Walmart for two reasons. One being the quality and the second price also the
customer service is very good in these places. Here is the other entry to kitchen from
dining area but this way doesn’t have any door. Here is the entry to kitchen and these
are magnetic letters for my daughter to play and to the left I have a small puja Mandir and all these things are from local puja hut. We get
everything here, there is nothing specific that you have to get from India. The kitchen stall here is very small so
I’m keeping my oven on the dining table the refrigerator and the Electric stove
are the two appliances that are provided by the property owner and these kitchen
mats are from Ikea bigger mat we got for $14 and the smaller one for $4 Most of these organizers are from
Dollarama and IKEA. IKEA has got a very good collection for reasonable price. This Preety blender is from Amazon
and it is super costly. It is always better to get this from India. This
electric stove comes with a bake and Grill option. Mattresses are super costly here in
Canada and this mattress along with boxspring we got it for $400
and this indoor slippers I got it for $7 from Ardene. Ardene is a very nice
shopping place exclusively for women where you get such good stuffs. We need a very good comforter to keep us warm all night during winter
so these comforters are from Superstore and they are $40 each. The closet in the room is very small
and it is not sufficient to keep all the clothes so we got this organizer from
Amazon for $60 and it is very good, easy to use, easy to assemble and the price is
also reasonable. We got this portable humidifier from a
local store for $40. Humidifier is a must during winter. It helps in restoring the
moisture in the atmosphere, also it prevents us from flu infections. To the
right we have a small closet to keep our clothes. This apartment comes with three piece
bathroom suite which includes wash basin, toilet and a bathtub. All the organizers
and accessories are from Dollarama like shower screen, brush holder, soap
dispenser are all from Dollarama I hope you liked this video. If you liked
it, please don’t forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more
videos. I will try to give more information in my next video. If you have
any feedback or suggestions you can even comment below. Thank you 🙂


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House rent please

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In which area have you taken the apartment and please share the name of the warehouse from where you have picked up your sofa

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Is their Go train connectivity to Downtown

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Is the car insurance higher in York as compared to other places and what is the distance (In km) to downtown

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Thank you so much for all your help..extremly grateful

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Hi..planning to take a 2 bhk apartment in the York region..can you give an idea about which areas are good for family and what are the rents like ?

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