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Bye-bye! Tell Grandpa I said hello, ok? Awww. So cute! I hate my neighbor for that And.. where did you guys go? right over here just a room tour it’s just a disaster waiting to happen I’m such a baby. You wanna go back in? Why, why, why? She saw the dog and she got scared. yeah…she’s…/ I know! / she’s been traumatized I know… he got out when Sue went to the room, they ran out. I hate my neighbor for that. my previous neighbor. Their dog really traumatized Dasomi and I don’t know it’s just now it’s hard…./ Yeah.. she just saw him though the glass and I’m like …/ Yeah. Even the dog is like really really far away from us She still gets super scared./ yeah I saw it I saw her face, then. yeah it’s okay Somi. it’s okay dog wouldn’t bite you. / Nah./ Hopefully. I won’t let him do that, No, I won’t let him do that to you. OK. He’s gonna go back to the room. Come on, come on. Come on, Pogi. Awww. I feel bad for Pogi. Saranghae./ I love you. OK. Probably by now you guys are definitely thinking okay so where did James go and where did you guys go? well James went to South Africa he’s on his business trip i’m in orlando florida James gonna be in South Africa for about a week I didn’t want to feel alone when James is away if my family is around here then you know I wouldn’t feel that lonely but yeah I just couldn’t picture myself being alone with two kids without James so yeah I decided to come visit my friends and they’re like my family so we’re just gonna stay here and feel relaxed nothing much editing some videos as usual not feel so lonely this is the apartment my buddy’s apartment where I’ll be staying in south Africa and the first thing he offered me was wine and the red… yeah. That But, I think I’ll pass yeah so pretty decent place and right over here just a room tour this will be my restroom / my washroom and my bedroom’s over here that’s my luggage my jacket and the couch. whoa and this is the master room where he sleeps and the view… hand on. Yeah. This is his wash area. pretty decent and let me show you let me show you what’s on the outside. He lives right by the beach… so it’s a breathtaking view and one interesting thing about this apartments are this is the living room over here kitchen over there and the room where I stay is right over That’s the washroom but here this is the cool thing about this so that’s the living room and its a way over to the restroom and it’s another it’s another door I kinda like that design pretty awesome and it’s really a lot of light and if you are coming out this is the beautiful part it’s right by Table Rock in South Africa oh If I can get this door open So…..Oh, look! there is a plane just going past…that. Yeah. this is right by Table Rock and the view here is amazing. So, they got a pool over there. It’s a gated community. It’s too windy, but Somi, No, no, no. No candy. Yay! Thank you./ Thank you. Hello! What’s your name? You’re welcome. Hello. Are you sick, today? No… OK. Bye-bye. beautiful South Africa and that’s Robben Island and probably that’s the ferry that leaves Robben Island goes into downtown Cape Town over there. You can see Now, that’s the stadium think it’s the newly built in the stadium over there and this is downtown over here I live right there. and I am gonna walk all the way by the shores to downtown, Cape Town, over there probably about three mile walk but before Let’s try on some water .oh yeah! pretty nice over here, baby. and probably i’ll try to get the drone up if I can Oh! No, the water is cold actually it is cold I guess winter season is on no I don’t like that. Alright. I guess I was wrong. It’s a dead end. Once you come here, I was following this gentleman. I don’t if you can see him but There is a gentleman over here he’s coming back I was following him. I thought I could walk all the way and get myself into town this is it. I guess I’ll take the civilized route. oh there’s actually a train over there. I’ll have to take the civilized route into town. or unless I want to hike this You know let’s hike it let’s see i’m just going to hike it and see what’s on the other side it’s kind of freaky though. like looking down underneath this stuff You know it feels like I feel like it’s just a disaster waiting to happen and my legs get really really nervous yeah I mean, people’s been here, you see some shoes and if I can hike, let me let me hike it and see look at this! Look at my rabbit Somi, you have a heart? They gave us some Popsicle I added Strawberry So, this is um… Snowbean bingsu And this is greentea bingsu. How do you like it? This is good. You like it? / Yeah. So, here I am. So, I guess. I can just go that way and I can walk my way to town but it’s a busy place yes, so…. this is it, people, like I’m just come right here and I’m like that close. but I think I’m just gonna head back I came like that, like that, and all the way, so I got to go back but It’s gorgeous Orlando Ready? Smile! I got it. Alright. Thank you. Bye! and water… where is water? Excuse me. They call it pick n pay. / Pick n pay. You pick and you pay. / Pick and pay. Nice. Cape Town in the night from Signal hill. Signal hill, Cape Town. Amazing I am glad that I have some that I can visit I really thank them without them I would have really really felt super lonely and scared I’m such a baby you know I can get scared easily Friends in need are friends indeed. and they are just like my family and if you’re watching this, Thank you. Today’s question I want to ask you is e please comment down below and I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye! It’s like, I am crazy about olives. today I’ve decided to make some food.

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