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Apartment Tour: Check Out Don’s Black + White Themed Studio Apartment!

– Hey, guys. Don here. Welcome to the visual grammar studio. So what I do for a living
is that I’m a merchandiser, and a lot of the things
that you see around here are actually from old projects that I did. The inspiration for my space
was actually these posters. I picked it up in Palm
Springs a couple years ago, and I just, you know,
I love the aesthetics of the Ace Hotel, and
the black and white theme just kind of stuck when I moved in here. And everything that I picked
up and everything that I did just kind of revolved around this. I opted for a low-lying bed, because I think in small spaces, people tend to pick up furniture that’s a bit too oversized, you know? So the lower the bed, the
more visual eyesight there is, and the posters actually
bring your eyes up and around the space. These lights, I salvaged
these from a window display, and these are actually
brackets for a bookshelf that I picked up at Ikea. So, you know, I like to take things and use them for functions
that it’s originally not supposed to be. And on this side. (laughs) So this space over here is my work area. I call it the Creation Station. A lot of my friends
are actually designers, and they’re in that field, so a lot of the times they come over and we freelance and we just work here. I do like to host dinners. And actually, I know it looks
like a four-seater right now, but it actually does
comfortably fit six people. You just pull the tables out,
and my two chairs over here just go on the ends. The bike, I actually do use it. Every Sunday, I go for a
100-kilometer bike ride around the city, so it’s
not just a statement piece. The lights that you see here and the rods, again, were salvaged from work. And I just kind of did a little DIY thing. Just stuck it to the ceiling,
no drilling required, no trouble required. So yeah, it’s a cool little piece and it looks really great at night. This is my living area, which opens up to the wonderful view of the city. My original pieces for
this was the two chairs. When people live in small spaces, the one thing that they
do that really bugs me is that they have this mentality that they have to slap
things up against the wall. For me, I like to position
things more central and more sectioned off,
so that when you come into my space, you can clearly see, that’s where you eat and
work, that’s where you sleep, and this is where you live. My space is 450 to 500
square feet, give or take, so I opted again, just like
the bed, a low-lying couch. I think anything higher would
create walls in the space. So this is my outdoor space. I love using the balcony after work. I just come out here, drink some wine, and just relax and soak in
the sun for a little bit. In the winters, not so much. It’s Vancouver, so. (laughs) When I host dinners, and I move
these two chairs over there, I usually bring these ones inside. So it actually, you know,
brings a lot more people in and the living room’s
not really broken up. As you can see, my apartment
is pretty much black and white, but when I
take you onto this side, there’s a lot of color. And I’m someone who’s
often afraid of color. I don’t know how to manage it sometimes. That’s why I’ve kind of
just condensed it all into one corner, but I feel
it brings another section to the room. Another little DIY thing that I did with my skate decks. I used to skate back in the day. I just ripped out the
trucks and the wheels, and I just took a black spray paint and I just sprayed it on. It’s easy as that. (upbeat music)

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