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(upbeat electronic music) (knocking) – Oh hello – Hey – Come on in. (laughter) – How’s it going? – Good. How’re you doing girl? – I’m good. What’s with the camera? – Oh, you know, I just
thought we’d show everyone on the internet your place of living. – Oh no. I haven’t even cleaned though. – Oh, I’m sure it’s fine. (laughter) – I’m just kidding guys, Caitlin and I are actually collaborating together today to film a apartment / condo tour and then also we did a super cute DIY hexagon shelf project over on Caitlin’s
channel, Caitlin’s Corner. We’ll link her down below
– Hi everyone. – Caitlin’s my cousin. A lot of people watch us both and don’t even know that. We are first cousins, so very close, and we thought it’d be
fun to kind of collaborate together and do like, a DIY on her channel and then show how it looks, like, actually in a space. And I’ve been wanting to
show you guys my space for a long time, so. – It’s about time Nikole – I know. – The world deserves to
see this beautiful-ness. – I’m quite the decorator
(laughing) so, and if you guys haven’t checked out Caitlin’s channel, Caitlin’s Corner, she actually has two really cute, like, dorm room and apartment tours on there which are, which basically inspired me to show you guys my place, so. – Aww, that’s so sweet. Thanks Nikole. – Thanks for helping me share my space with my online friends, um, so let’s get started. So the first room you walk into is or course our entrance, which we kept it really basic and simple ’cause it ain’t that big. I have my little Buddha,
a little bowl here, where I usually put my keys, chopstick, anything I need on the run, along with my wallet. (upbeat electronic music) And this is a shoe rack I saw at Ikea and we actually ended
up getting off Kijiji. It’s really great ’cause it hides all of your dirty shoes. And this is a fun framed quote that I picked up from HomeSense. Now to the left of our entrance is our den / my workspace. I got these really cute chairs from Canadian Tire. I have a stick-on weekly planner I got from WallPops. And then on my desk I just have some organizational stuff. I have these two pieces
I got from Thirty-One. I have a zipper envelope I keep my tax receipts in and then just a caddy I
keep any loose papers in. I have our Mac Desktop, which I need to use more often. And then above, we have
these shelves from Ikea. If you actually look in
the clearance section you can sometimes find
them for super cheap. On top of it I have my youtube clock and just some other little trinkets that make me happy and feel health nutty. I have some books, some journals that I have extras of, some motivational quotes and affirmations. I have my vision board, which I look at every day, but I also need to update. A bookshelf we got from Matt’s mom with, like, our printer, and on top I just have a bunch of books that I love. Lots of cookbooks, as you can see. Now, for this feature wall, this is actually from WallPops, this is their Shiplap print and I am obsessed with it. I will link a code down below for 30% off. It’s amazing and it peels right off. The next room is our
bathroom, which I like ’cause it’s actually
quite big for a bathroom. On top of the sink I just have, you know, our toothbrushes, candles, some handwash, a little flower vase thing
I got from Michael’s, and then I got this rug
actually from Walmart and I love turquoise, so you’ll see a lot of turquoise in this video. This basket I got from Target, which I just roll up
and store our towels in. The towels are from Walmart. This shower curtain I got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. These hand towels I got from HomeSense. I loved the colors and the print and had to have them. The next room is our kitchen, which I use quite a lot and I film
all of our videos in. This island is from Ikea, but I got it for a discounted price off Kijiji. These cute barstools in
this limey-yellow color are also from Ikea and they happened to be 50% off because
they were floor models. I always have lots of fresh fruit on hand and this bowl I actually got from HomeSense as well. It’s turquoise and made in Portugal. We have lots of appliances
on the countertop. I won’t talk about them
all, but I will link most of them down below. I have this really nice essential oil infuser from Sage. And then I have lots of cutting boards that I’ve gotten from Chapters, HomeSense, Costco. The kitchen opens up
right into the living room which is probably my favorite room, besides the kitchen. First up we have the feature wall, which are these cute DIY hexagon shelves that Caitlin and I made for this collab. If you guys want to find
out how to make them I will link the video down below and here on the screen. I love how these turned out and I wanted to decorate them and show you how they work in a space. All of the little trinkets that are on these shelves are from HomeSense. (upbeat electronic music) We got this really cute wooden chest coffee table from Matt’s mom. It’s a hand-me-down. Then on top we have this tray from Target. I love this custom succulent garden that I made at a local Toronto plant store called Stamen and Pistil’s Botanicals. They’re located right on Dundas West and I am obsessed with everything in their store. This rug I got from Urban Outfitters. I love the pattern. The couch is from Costco and these pillows are from Ikea. This blanket is actually one that Matt’s mom made. I think it’s called an Afghan blanket. I love it. It’s so cozy and warm. Coffee table is also a hand-me-down from Matt’s mom. And then of course we have our boring TV. (electronic music) In the corner we have a fig plant. His name is Fitzgerald, and he is also from Stamen and Pistil’s Botanicals. He’s beautiful, he’s loving the space, and he’s just growing by the day. Floor lamp is from Ikea. And this large floral
artwork is from HomeSense. I bought it with my friend Ashley and I am obsessed with it. In the other corner we have Fred, he’s a limeleaf plant, I believe. He is sitting in this
gorgeous turquoise pot. Both of these are from Stamen and Pistil’s Botanicals. Obsessed. This boookshelf is from Ikea but it is a hand-me-down from my friend Davida,
from The Healthy Maven. She gave this to me when she was moving to the States. On it I have a bunch of different pieces from my salt lamp, essential oils, some photographs of me and Matt, some inspirational cookbooks and just some other
things that make me happy. And at the bottom we have, kind of a DIY bar. To the right we have our bedroom which gets a ton of
light, which I really like ’cause there’s no ceiling light. We got this comforter from Matt’s mom. I will try to find out
where she got it from. I’ve seen similar ones on Wayfair. The whole bedframe is by Ashley and I actually bought this off of my friend Rosemin for
a quarter of the price when she was moving. Apparently I like to take advantage of my friends when they’re moving. The pillows are all from HomeSense. Next we have this
beautiful vintage dresser from the 1970’s, which was a hand-me-down from Matt’s stepdad. My stepdad ended up refinishing this. On top we have this DIY jewelry hanger / coatrack that my friend Angela created for me. I had these decorative knobs for so long and she wanted to put them to good use and I love to just hang my
chunky necklaces on here. On top of the dresser I just have some other trinkets. This vase I got from HomeSense. In our bedroom we have
another feature wall. This one is also from WallPops. Obsessed. Especially when you’re
renting and you can’t paint or change the walls very much. Using these peel-off wallpaper options are amazing and will really
change up your space. Then we have a lamp in our room because it does get quite dark at night and if I like to read I usually put it on. This one is from Ikea. Another thing I really
like about our bedroom is that we have a walk-in closet, which is great to kind
of hide and store away all of the clothes and any extra towels or things like that. – Here you go – Alright, so I’m gonna
take the camera now and thank you so much Caitlin – Of course (talking over each other) – Of course, this is fun
– This is heavy I can’t believe you’ve been carrying this the whole time. – I don’t have to go to the gym today ’cause that was an arm workout. – You got your workout in – I don’t know how Casey Neistat does it – I don’t know. (laughter) This is, I don’t even know. ’cause he also has like, the mic on top. – Oh yeah. – It’s heavy. – It’s a setup. – So, I hope you guys
enjoyed the condo tour. Let me know if you like
these kinds of videos and thank you so much to Caitlin
– Of course for filming it and helping me out. I just really like how the spaces, like, come together and there’s
definitely things that like, are still on my to-do list but I just wanted to get this video out for you guys and like, how cute are those hexagon DIY shelves? – Ooh, so cute! – So cute. Go over to Caitlin’s channel. You’ll see how we made them and put them together and if you guys recreate them like, send us photos – Oh yeah. Please do. – Because like, I styled them one way but like, I would love to see how you guys style them. What you put on them. You could paint them. You can do so many
different options with them – Oh yeah. – And they just turned out so cute guys. Alright, so thank you
so much for watching. Go send Caitlin’s channel, Caitlin’s Corner, some love. I’ll have her video linked down below. If you guys want to
see more videos from us make sure to let us know in the comments down below and we’ll do some more cousin videos. Maybe like a Q and A. – No, we really do
– Yeah – We need these. It’s on our to-do lists this year. It’s to film more together.
– Do them. – But that’s gonna be it for today guys. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to subscribe. Hit that thumbs up button. – And the notification bell.
– Bell. The bell. All the things and I will see you guys in my next video. – Bye everyone. – Bye. (Upbeat electronic music)


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