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Apartment Tour ● 1 bedroom Hollywood Apartment

– I hope you enjoy our one bedroom, 700 square feet LA apartment tour. (mellow acoustic music) ♪ I’m looking out from ♪ – I am so excited because today’s video is brought to you by Vineyard Valley. I have been frickin’
obsessed with this game ever since I downloaded it. I actually downloaded it a couple days before I headed to Sedona, and I could not stop playing. Stop, I know you’re recording me, I just, it’s really good. (game music) I love puzzle games and I also like building things and home decor and kind of
creating my own little world. What’s so cool about Vineyard Valley is it’s a puzzle game, a story, and you get to decide
how you wanna decorate your winery, restaurant,
restore it back to life, and make it a hot place to be again. During each chapter, there are
things you have to restore. You start off with the kitchen, there’s a whole little mystery happening and I can’t wait to find
out what happened to Raoul. The best part is there’s
also a love triangle between Simone, Wes, and Ky. I vote for Wes because
Wes is more my type. Ky is a little bit more
of like that free spirit, younger baby boy type of situation. I don’t know, maybe he’ll surprise me, but so far I’m voting for Wes. Even though Wes kind of upset Simone. You get to actually insert
yourself into this story. I am very invested in the
story, as you guys can tell. The best part about this game
is that you can build a group and you guys can chat with each other. I have a group and it is Sereinyb and then it’s just dress yourself happy. My name on there is Sereinyb. I will have the game
in the description box for you to download, it’s absolutely free for you to download and play. (static)
(beep) Hey guys, future editing Serein here. Just wanted to make sure you guys have the link across screen,
it’s jamcity.me/Serein. (static)
(beep) I really hope you join my group because I always need help with lives. Love how you’re inserted into the game. Been building my dining room area. I’m on level 88 currently. My group, my name is Sereinyb, and then I can send you lives. Also, ask you to send me some lives. I’ll play until I’m out of lives and then I will take
a break from the game, which keeps, like, the amount of time I spend on this game a
little bit more manageable because clearly, I’m addicted. I hope you join my group, I hope you download the game. If you enjoy puzzle games
and storytelling games and just redecorating things, I think it’s so fun to be able to pick out like your floor plan, your
windows, all those fun things. And we can chat while we play. Seriously can’t get enough of this game. You guys know keep playing it. Like, I’ve been Dming
with you guys on Instagram and it’s so fun. It’s also a great way
to kinda take a break from editing, filming,
and just work, work, work all the time. I also just really love the love triangle and the story as it unfolds. And I love the mystery aspect to it. And the best part is, like I mentioned, you get to kinda pick
out all of your designs. And right now, we’re
thinking about moving. We’re not thinking about
it, we know we have to move. And I’ll talk about that more
in a weekly update video. Really, I’m excited about the move because the best part about
moving is decorating the place. Long overdue, we’ve been here for a year, and it’s really taken me quite a long time to get it to the place I want it to be. I hope you enjoy our one bedroom, 700 square feet LA apartment tour. Well hi, welcome to my apartment. Come on in.
(dog nails tapping) Hey, get it back in here! You guys don’t get to go out.
(dog nails tapping) Okay, now I have to move the camera. When you first walk in, you’re gonna see that you
step right into our kitchen. Our kitchen and living
room is really open. We knew we could move
into a much smaller space if it was more modern,
chic, sleek designed. And then we could add pieces
that made it feel like us. Just kinda giving you an idea, this is where I was standing. That’s our doorway. You didn’t see was our cabinetry over, and then the refrigerator. I love this refrigerator. I’ve always wanted a bottom freezer just because I spend
more time in the fridge and it just makes more sense. Got all of your groceries, that cheesecake, keto
cheesecake for the win. And then we’ve got the freezer, which doesn’t have too
much in there right now. And we’ve got an ice maker as well. That’s my compost that I have to drop off. One of my favorite quotes, you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. And down here is my
essential oil collection. This antler situation, which Chris has hung all of hits hats on. Gone with us through
multiple, multiple apartments. The dog collars are there. We don’t have them wear it in the house, but we do put them on
before they leave the house. You guys hear little footprints or little feet patter patter, that’s Cooper. This oven and this stove is awesome. I personally prefer a gas range stove. Our fire alarm is right there. Anytime we use the oven on a high heat, anytime we make wings, it smokes, and anytime we really cook,
the fire alarm goes off. It’s not just us, this entire
building has this problem. Then we got the microwave. Our spice area. So, I recently went bulk shopping and refilled a bunch of glass jars. I found a couple bulk
places in Highland Park, in the LA area, which
is not too far from me, so this is how I like to store our spices. I’m slowly replacing all the plastic. Here’s some empty Mondo jars, we literally go through Mondo jars so much ’cause both Chris and I
take it every morning. If you guys are interested in CBD, this is like the best daily dose, and we sell it in our shop. This area, this baby, my nespresso machine that my mom got us many moons ago. It’s lasted us quite a long time. It’s the Vertuo line, and I love it. Seriously the best thing ever,
this is from Simple Human. I really love this drying
rack ’cause it spits out here, it has a place for my
knives, all that stuff. My automated hand soap, dish soap. Love this, also from Simple Human. And then we’ve got some
dried flowers right there. A dishwasher, which has
also given us a ton of grief ’cause while it looks fancy,
it doesn’t work very well. So, here is our all-in-one like closet, (door squeaking)
junk closet, essentially. It’s where we keep a lot of
our coats that we don’t need, we’ve got shoes hanging, we’ve got packing material. Our luggage is up there, it’s not a pretty sight,
I’m not gonna give you too much of a close look
(door squeaking) because it’s really not that interesting. And then we’ve got our washer
and dryer in this closet. Your typical washer/dryer situation, it’s a pretty decent unit. It came with our apartment and then the only thing I would say, there’s no shelving or anything, so we have to shove all of
our laundry items up there and on the floor. I hid my yoga mat and our
drying rack back here, and our steam mop in
the back, back corner. So it can be kind of a little
bit annoying to get to things, but the good thing about it is it works, and you have to kinda just figure out what to do with every
little nook and cranny. The best thing about living
in a small space, I think, is that we do have to be very mindful of what we wanna bring into our lives. And also the kind of chemicals we’re bringing into a small space. You should always be mindful
of what you’re using, but definitely even more mindful
if you’re in a small space. One of my favorite things in
this home is our trash can. Open can. Which is full and so gross. It’s motion sensored as
well as voice activated, and if I stand there, it’ll
stay open until I leave. So it’s really awesome,
especially when you’re cooking and your hands are like greasy or slimy. If you’re not adding germs to an already kind of germy area. Another thing I love about this apartment is that there are plenty
and plenty of plugs. Because it’s a newer build, you’ve got plugs literally everywhere. All along the kitchen, you’re
never looking for a plug. And I love this backsplash as well. The only thing about the
kitchen is it’s very dark, but there’s plenty of lighting, it’s just not the greatest
natural light to film things in, but I love, love, love the backsplash. And then, of course, we’ve
got like three jars of Mondo and my monk fruit for my
coffee, some pods, some CBD, ’cause we’re a CBD household. Now, moving right along to this area, this is the other side
of the kitchen counter. You have my desk, and
this is a standing desk because I do suffer from
neck and shoulder problems. However, since I’ve been working out more and properly training those
muscles and stretching, I haven’t had as many injuries. This is a wind-up one. They have a mechanical one, it’s just a lot more expensive. This is my Himalayan salt lamp, which I like to have because
it gives off negative ions to kind of counteract
this giant production of positive ions. I have this little monkey
that Jenny won for me at the Dr. Jart event
while she was pregnant. She’s like really good at
winning things and I’m not. And then this is a candle holder that’s also Himalayan sea salt, I just don’t have any
candles in it right now. My iMac, my very overpriced
piece of equipment, but very necessary for
as much editing as I do. I do wish I also had a laptop so that I could be more
efficient on the road, especially when I travel. I have my bracelets I got in Sedona. I picked these out based
on how I was feeling and what I needed to improve in my life. I wear them pretty much everyday, the only issue is when I’m filming, I have to take them off because they clink and I don’t wanna annoy you guys. I have my Saje Pocket
Pharmacy I got a while back. I like using this every so often. Then I’ve got my stack of journals here. Got this little bowl that
Christine made for me in ceramics, and she painted, like, it looks like me. Lemme just dump this out
(clattering) so you guys can see it. Beneath my desk, I have a
couple of my skincare kits with PCA skins, which are still available. Some giveaway prizes for our Patreon page over on the podcast, some craft pens and stuff. That’s all of my important files that I kinda just shove in that folder. And then I have this
little filing situation that’s got all of our like
wires, batteries, camera gear, and then stationery. And in there, that’s our filing cabinet, I’ve got a label printer for our shop. This area over here, let’s just pretend it’s not as disastrous as it looks. This is all our future giveaway prizes. Anytime I get double of products, anytime I think there’s
something you guys might enjoy, anytime a brand asks us if I
want products to do a giveaway, I kind of just pile them over here. There are a couple ways to
enter to win my giveaways. One is I do a huge monthly
giveaway every month over on my newsletter. So you can sign up for my
newsletter in the description box or you can go to my blog, SereinWu.com, and you can sign up over there. I send out an email once a month with a giveaway Google form. You just fill that out
if you’re interested and I pick a winner and
I email you directly. We’re also doing a ton of giveaways over on our new fitness account, @ledfit.official on Instagram, as well as Led Fit on YouTube. Follow us on any of our accounts, we do a ton, a ton, a ton of giveaways. Then we’ve got these two chairs over here. This pillow means a lot to me, it doesn’t really go with anything, but my mom went to Hawaii
and brought this back to me. It’s from the Dole Plantation, mainly because she bought so
much stuff at the gift shop that they gave her a free pillow. So she gave this to me and
it’s one of my favorites. Right, the runway clothes
that need to go return, so I leave that there, this is like mail that needs to go out. And right here, I usually
hang whatever purse I am currently using with
all of my stuff in it. Currently, it’s the Fjällräven Re-Kånken, so it’s made out of it, it’s
got plastic bottles in it. Dolly wanted you guys to
know that this is her spot with her fur and her bone. And this is where she is all day. Cooper’s there, or he goes into our bed. This is our living situation. We did buy this couch
when we moved in here because we did not have a couch that fit. I really love the pop of orange, I thought it was something very different and not something I
typically would go for. Lamp came from our old place. I really like that oversized lamp, it kinda makes me think
of Toy Story or Pixar. This mirror that I ordered
online from Amazon, it’s just this rope circular mirror. I wanted something
circular ’cause I felt like it was missing something like that. And let’s take a closer look! So, the couch, I would say, while it was on sale and quite affordable, did not last us very well because it’s been a year and you can see, it’s starting to dip
where Chris and I sit, and it’s also starting to fade. I don’t know that I would
recommend this couch, but I definitely love
the aesthetics of it. I just don’t think you’re getting a lot of quality in this situation. Those two pillows have been
with us for-frickin’-ever. Under the couch is where
we hide our C-stands, filming equipment, files, craft supplies, dog stuff in that little brown basket, things I don’t really wanna show you guys. Massage table/facial filming table, which we recently purchased
for filming Friday Facials or Facial Fridays. And then we have two studio
lights, which we never use. We’re trying to sell it at this point because we just never use it, it’s easier for me to use natural light, especially in a small space. So I’m hoping to sell it soon. It’s those huge giant diva lights that’s like the paneling and it was used like a handful of times. Then we’ve got a table
that Chris’ll put out if he’s working from home or if I need it. And then we’ve got the doggie crate. Our dogs are crate
trained because they get severe anxiety if we just let them roam when we leave the house. It’s also safer for them because this way we know exactly where they are if there’s an earthquake
in the middle of the night or a fire. Which, the fire alarm has gone off at like two in the morning,
three in the morning, and when we’re dead asleep, so it was really easy for us
to just grab them and run. Crate training is actually
really good for small dogs, especially if they deal
with anxiety like ours do. And this is kind of Dolly and Cooper’s little toy box corner. This is my palm that I’ve kept alive for like two, three
years, I’m very proud of. It’s bigger, parts of it died. Here is a rug that we brought
over from our last place. This is our window situation, there’s a clocking rack because I like to plan out outfits if I’m filming, or I filmed in front of this
kind of situation before, so it’s really cute. Not sure that it’s like the most practical or aesthetic thing, but it
is what it is right there. Got this corner where I have my YouTube 100,000 subscriber plaque. I’m very, very proud of, I’m sad that I got it after my mom passed, but very proud of that. So, if you’re sitting on the couch, this is what this side
of the house looks like. We’ve got the TV, which was
a hand-me-down from my mom. Entertainment center/hide our
filming equipment and printer, that we made out of
cinderblocks and plywood. (nails tapping)
What are you doing? You want on the couch? Promise you won’t jump off of it? I made this plant with Rolling Greens at the Burt’s Bees event, and I’ve managed to keep it alive. I’m very proud of the fact
that it’s still alive. Essential oil nebulizer, which doesn’t use any water, it actually just is a better way of diffusing your essential oils. And then Christine made
Chris this little pipe that looks like a doughnut. It’s so cute. This is so beautiful. And we’ve got some candles, a jar, my homemade
candle using coconut wax, so it burns clean, no toxins whatsoever. Our printer, and all of our camera gear. Actually have to figure out
what to do with this camera because Chris bought me a
new camera for my birthday, so I’m gonna sell the
Sony and the two lenses that go with the Sony because
I just don’t need it anymore. And it’s in perfect condition,
it’s less than a year old. This mic that we record
all our podcasts on as well as ASMR videos. We have this little corner, which has got some
Polaroids of me and Chris during our yurt vacation. This candle from West Elm
that a PR company sent me, really sweet. Some dried flowers, a fake succulent, and some smudge sticks and incense. We keep the incense that we love in this area of the cinderblocks, so it keeps it out of the way. I am very proud that I
have kept my fig tree alive for over a year now. I think it’s almost two,
two and a half years. So, it does need to be
replanted and probably dusted. I have to take this to Rolling Greens to get some different soil, and then I think I can
probably split this, but I want the help of someone ’cause I don’t wanna kill it. But I’m very proud of this! I’ve kept it alive! This is our little patio
and I love this hammock. I don’t love the hammock hanger. I bought the hammock hanger because we didn’t have anywhere to
hang the hammock, necessarily. And I’ve got little planters, I just replanted everything,
so there’s dirt everywhere. I have to clean that up still. Now we’re moving to my
favorite part of our apartment. Starting in this corner, we have these shelves that
we bought these crates from, and we just stuck into the wall. I have ivy two point oh hanging, I’ve been doing a pretty
decent job keeping her alive. I’ve got some books that I want to read or have been reading, my little Instax camera up there, I have an S that PCA Skin
sent me, which is really cute. And I have just some mementos, I’ve got one of my favorite goal books, Your Best Year Yet, The Alchemist, and I’ve got my Five-Minute Journal, I’ve got an essential oils book. And then we’ve got my nightstand. This was gifted to me
by Tatcha, this clock, and I absolutely love it because it’s one of those daylight clocks. When I set the alarm,
it slowly wakes me up with a light and then it beeps. And it also has a nice little
nightlight when I need it ’cause sometimes I come
to bed after Chris does, and I just need to like put hand cream on or things like that. These are two books I’m
currently reading, Wild Beauty, and then Recipes for Your
Perfectly Imperfect Life. I’ve got my Kindle, my journal,
my five-minute journal, some more books I plan on reading, my iPad is charging there. Corner has a bunch of
blankets that I like to take when we go hiking,
camping, or just on trips. And then I have all of
my empties under that. Then I’ve got some jeans I just thrifted and some other clothes that
I am gonna do a Thrift Flip or a Thrift Haul for you guys soon. Flipping you guys around, this is what you see from the
bed on my side, essentially. So, I’ve talked about these four drawers, these four drawers are
where I keep products that I need to test or
I’m interested in testing, new to me products. And then these are things
that I’m currently testing in this bag for Makeup Bag Monday that happens every week. And then we’ve got products that I plan on testing very soon on top. This is just kinda my makeup situation and my mirror, which is very bright, I love this mirror. And then we’ve got some nail polish. I don’t get my nails done very often, I do it myself for most of the time, and then I do try to keep my nail polishes clean as possible. My little fragrance situation and then the top two
drawers are beauty products, the bottom four are clothes,
mainly workout clothes and bras and swimwear. I do try to Kon Marie my clothes, so pretty decent, not too messy. Got all of my crystals
that people have sent me or gifted me, and they
just kinda sit over here. I should probably recharge these. This is from my mom,
she made each one of us a money tree, so she
actually folded all of these out of dollar bills,
and then found a branch, tied them all, and then
found a pot for all of us. This one’s actually
like a family heirloom, and then put pennies to
kind of keep it still. So it goes with me everywhere, and she’s made one for everybody
who bought a new house. She made me mine when I
pretty much got married because she was like, I
don’t know if I’ll be able to make this when you buy a
house ’cause I’m getting old. Basically, when I met Chris, she was like, I’m gonna make this for you guys. But she made the other ones for when everybody bought houses. I’m just younger, so it sucks. Over here, we’ve got a hamper and then we have two baskets where we kind of keep clothes that aren’t quite dirty
enough to go into the hamper, but aren’t clean to go into the closet. And then I have a hanging plant over here. And then this is Chris’s side of the bed. So, over the bed, we have a dreamcatcher that we brought back from Mexico. In this corner, I just
dried from eucalyptus from the last time I bought
eucalyptus for our shower because when you go to downtown LA, that flower market, you get
way more for the same price. Chris’s shelf is like
all the things he loves, ju jit su books, art of war, like, his belts from jujitsu, and then this is a little hanging lantern which has a battery operated thing ’cause I would totally forget and burn the house down if I did that. (switch clicks) And now we’re in the bathroom, which gets zero natural light, but it’s really cute and when I moved in, I didn’t realize this, but you cannot turn that fan off, so if you hear the fan, I apologize. That’s my side, clearly, with all the products I’m testing out. And this is Chris’s side, he has become quite a
little male beauty junkie. This medicine cabinet we put in ’cause I needed more storage for products. My skincare. Top drawer is Chris’s and
the bottom two are mine, and then we’ve got more beauty products, haircare products, toilet paper, lots of cleaning supplies down there. They’re actually just
crates that I stained with two fake plants up there. This is all of our bath stuff, this is like my lotions are in that basket and then random bath stuff on the right. The good thing is we do have
somewhat of a linen situation. It’s not the largest because
Chris uses a lot of towels, so all our towels essentially
take up our linen closet. And this is the shower. How bougie, hippie am
I with this eucalyptus? But I just love the way it smells when you turn the shower on. I have my bamboo brush, I have this little caddy. I try to keep it pretty minimal, but you know, I am kind of
a beauty blogger I guess, so there’s a lot of stuff. So, my favorite things,
I know this sounds weird, is the penny tile floor. I love the floor of our bathroom. And then we’ve got this bamboo mat. And through our bathroom is our closet, I’m kind of scared to show you, I’m not really gonna show you the floor because it’s a disaster of all things I don’t want you guys to see. But Chris and I do share this closet, he has this side and these drawers. And then the rest of it is mine and I do like the built-in shelving ’cause that’s where I
store a lot of accessories as well as my purses. We’re using like every inch of this baby. Hook that we’ve installed
where I hang more robes, scarves, and all that stuff. And this is my hamper over here. I hope you guys enjoyed my apartment tour. We’ve been here a little over a year and we will be moving out soon, so it did take me a really
long time to get this up, but I think it was worth the wait because it felt lived in, it wasn’t just like this apartment tour that was half-finished. And I also think it’s
more important to see like what it actually looks like when you’re living in the space. I hope you guys enjoyed it, thank you so much for Vineyard Valley for sponsoring today’s video. (static)
(beep) Future Serein here, again,
make sure you check out Vineyard Valley and join my group. I would love to play with
you and chat with you. Go to jamcity.me/Serein. (static)
(beep) I hope that this also inspires
you to make your space feel more like yours,
even if you’re renting, and if you’re not
renting, congratulations, take pride in ownership and take pride even in the place you’re able to afford to rent, because I think that’s the biggest part. No matter what you can afford, making it feel like it’s
yours with a new plant, with a new rug, or just
adding a couple of pillows or candles that make it feel like yours. Your space should feel
authentic and true to you. And Vineyard Valley is such a fun game! So please join me ’cause I need friends to help keep me alive. Also, let me know in the comments what your favorite thing
about my apartment is. Let’s keep it positive,
don’t tell me what you hate, tell me what you love! And I know I can bring
that over to our new place when we find it. I’ll see you guys next time, bye! (smooches)


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It's been a long time coming, here is our finished apartment tour of our 1 bedroom 700 sq feet space in Hollywood, California. Hope you enjoy!

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You have a beautiful apartment!
Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

trisha minne

Aug 8, 2019, 5:19 am Reply

That trash can BLEW MY MIND. ??

trisha minne

Aug 8, 2019, 5:29 am Reply

Ahh! The Alchemist! Such a great book! I read it in college. ❤ It's the only book I've ever written in. So many postits and notes all over it.


Aug 8, 2019, 8:11 am Reply

The apt is so cute!

Serene Side

Aug 8, 2019, 9:10 am Reply

do u remember me

Mel W

Aug 8, 2019, 10:04 am Reply

Loving Cooper and his helping! Serein says 'and this is our couch' and Cooper jumps up on the couch to demonstrate. Serein says 'this is the dogs crates' and Cooper walks into the crate. He's a very helpful boy, helping you demonstrate! He needs credits for this – or at least a good treat!


Aug 8, 2019, 10:28 am Reply

26 minutes to talk about 700 sq feet? AND listed in my feed as a commercial.. ?? yeeeaah, it’s not happening

Some YouTuber

Aug 8, 2019, 11:27 am Reply

Lemme guess 32 square feet and 5k a month


Aug 8, 2019, 11:28 am Reply

video actually starts at 3:45. you're welcome.

Peaky Blinders

Aug 8, 2019, 11:48 am Reply

Oh right……….. ? Oh Noooooooo



Aug 8, 2019, 1:28 pm Reply

Hmmm that trash can… I need one!! Lol
Great video!


Aug 8, 2019, 1:38 pm Reply

Enjoy watching your apartment tour. Love your two dogs! I also have one dog Lucky. He has THREE beds in our tiny apartment. I do want to have a second dog, so he can have a play buddy when we are out. But I am not sure our space allows us to do so. ??

Tyra Hudson

Aug 8, 2019, 5:45 pm Reply

I love your apartment Serein you are super organized and your home shows it. I also Love the Moneytree your mom made…super special.~ Good luck on the hunt for a new home~ Much Love always~xoxo

Mehrbanoo Hoseinzade

Aug 8, 2019, 7:53 am Reply

خیلی خوب .هم اطلاع رسانی هم آموزشی هم سرگرم کننه.ممنونم

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