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Apartment Living vs House Living

G’day Andrew Murray here from the
Apartment Specialists welcome to our Channel today we got Jesse here from
the team, now I’ve got to thank Jesse coming in today cause you’re sick.
– Aww, getting better. – Well anyway thanks for coming in mate, today we’re talking about okay what are the pros and cons, you know the
difference between living in a house and apartment what’s good and what’s bad.
– Sweet well my biggest priority… like the biggest positive that I found when I moved into the first
apartment was the convenience of how close it was to work, like it’s a pretty
obvious one but you know before that I was only living 15 minutes away from
town, that 15 minutes that I saved each day is huge like…
– 15 minutes is nothing, you’re really lazy… – Yeah I know, I could never go back to that is all…
– I’m joking it’s a big one for me as well and you think about it, you work 300 days a year
times that travel by you know half an hour that’s hundred fifty hours I mean
that’s a long time. Okay my biggest… my biggest Pro is work I hate
work and I hate… I haven’t mowed the lawns for 10 years, because I live in apartments now and I haven’t
cleaned the gutters I haven’t done I’ve haven’t cleaned the outside of a building
swept a driveway because… so stoked. – Yeah well that’s the benefits of body corporates,
they just do it all for you. No it’s good and okay so now cons,
what’s a good one? – Well a lot of people always ask me about
noise, living right in the city or with your neighbours being right next to you,
what I’ve found is neighbours, never hear I’ve never had that issue, being in
the city, yeah you do get a bit of… you know, the sirens, yeah students everything like
that, a lot of that I guess the level that you are in the building. High up you don’t
necessarily hear it, if you’re lower down you will. It’s one of those things you sort of just accept with apartment living but you
know there’s ways around it, like New York City I heard a lot of people sleep with white noise on and stuff like that because it cancels it out. – It’s annoying, I’ve just had to shut the windows, but then in my other apartment now we’ve got double glazing so you don’t hear it at all, but when you
didn’t have that in my other apartment we were on Lorne Street right and you’d have… you
know it’d be right where the students would come down towards the viaduct like I
don’t know they chose this way I don’t know why, and I’d always hear
“I’ve lost my iPhone, where’s my iPhone” just… just the most stupid things, or like girls
screaming and singing songs that are like… I don’t… I’m too old now to
even… I’m not cool enough to even know what they were, but oh, does my head in, and you’d hear them at about 10:30 going to the bars and you hear them about 2:30 coming
back, you know, again yeah we’re just being straight up here, because we live in apartments and people need to know what to expect.
So what I’d suggest is if it’s in the city is actually go and spend,
you know ask to spend a night there on a Friday night and see what it’s like.
– I’ve actually done that with plenty of clients and every single time that’s actually
been a successful thing and it wasn’t actually… isn’t always as noisy as they thought it’d be – Okay my negative I was gonna say barbecues but the thing is is I
actually got a barbecue and I’ve got a smaller one I can fit on my balcony it’s
not to big, I mean about this big, I did miss my big BBQ. but negatives, washing, because I can’t hang it
out so I’ve got to use a drier but that means I get to do less washing which is
quite good and then but my girlfriend doesn’t like it, she reckons a dryer wears
out your clothes, I don’t care but yeah that’s probably the biggest negative I don’t know can you think of anything? what do you get from people asking you? – Yeah…a lot of people ask me about groceries as well again it’s dependant on the block, like
one place where I lived and it was very easy it was right next to the lift, I could go
straight up it was easy another place I lived and I had to go up some
stairs and it was a bit of a nightmare yeah… so yeah… that’s another con.
– 100% well what we did in our complex is we all got a… what do you call it… like a trolley
from a… I think someone actually stole it because it’s still got New World on the side but it’s
literally a grocery style… grocery, you know, push trolley and
this gets left in the car park, whoever uses it you know puts their stuff
from the car, up to the apartment, then puts the trolley back, perfect. I’m pretty impressed…
– Straight back, sweet, it’s a good idea. – with that. Cool, thanks guys any questions about anything, box down below as per usual and even if you think something could be an issue and you’re not sure and we haven’t mentioned it put it in there as well

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