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Apartment in Dora | Beirut Lebanon | 9th floor | ClearEstate®

welcome to clear Estate revolution love
your country invest in it Dora a suburb north of Beirut in the
Med district Mount Lebanon with very affordable rates available Dora has commercial and residential zones
Lots of banks hospitals institutions only three minutes drive from Dora’s
highway SEA building offers its resident convenience to its
strategic location in a town where urban development is at
its peak the building is twelve stories high every apartment only enjoys one parking
lot with plenty of guest spaces this apartment is on the 9th floor
has an area of 120 square meters and comprises a large
saloon with a dining room along with the kitchen two bedrooms and two bathrooms it is easy for SEA3 residents to
find sanctuary from the heck did move outside by enjoying 360 degrees panoramic view for more properties visit our website

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