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Apartment Hunting in Seoul!

Today we are apartment hunting… …with Shane! Annyeonghaseyo yeoreobun, Nomadic Madda imnida! Hey guys this is Nomadic Madda! Uh, holy sh*t it’s been a really long time
since I made a video. So the last time you guys saw me, I gave you
a little apartment tour of my place down in Boseong, Jeollanamdo. But very shortly thereafter,
I actually moved up to Seoul. I took a lot of footage and recorded my entire
process of apartment hunting, moving, and touring my new place, so those are the next
couple of videos I have upcoming for you guys. And this is the apartment hunting video. If you’re currently living in Korea or you’re
looking at living in Korea, there are a couple of different ways that you can rent. The two main kinds are jeonse and wolse. The first one, jeonse, is when you put down
a really large downpayment. Oftentimes it’s like half the value of the
home. And you sign a contract, but you essentially
live there for “free”. The other option, which is more similar to
western styles, is wolse. Wolse is like a month-to-month renting system,
however, in Korea they still have larger down payments because of the
old style jeonse system. So often times when you’re apartment hunting
in Seoul, places will have between a 5 and 10 million Korean won deposit. On top of that, you’ll also pay
your monthly payment. A lot of times I’ve seen deposits of 5 million
and then monthly rent will be about 650 thousand. Or it’ll have a deposit of 10 million and
then rent will be more like 500 thousand or 550 thousand. On top of that, you also have to pay something
called gwanlibi. And what that is, is essentially general fees
and upkeep for the apartment. So without further ado, let’s get up to Seoul
and see what the city has to offer… Alright. So, I’m looking to move to Seoul, but more specifically, I’m looking at Mapo-gu. This is because I’m going to be studying at
Sogang University. Apartment #1 is just up the road at
Sinchon station. This apartment is 7 pyeong, costs 500 (thousand)
a month, and has a deposit of 5 million. But including the gwanlibi and average monthly
bills, I was looking at about 700 thousand a month. Something else you’ll notice in a lot of these
apartments is that they are very lived-in! The realtors basically call up the current
tenants at a moment’s notice and say that have someone who wants to see it. So, you’ll have to excuse a lot of their stuff
kind of being out and about in the house. I like that this place was on the 6th floor
and really close to the subway, but I wasn’t really a fan of the fact that it was up such
a steep hill. I can fit in it, that’s good… Yeah it’s pretty…”spacious”. Yeah… So that first apartment I actually liked,
however, there wasn’t a lot of space for any other furniture. It sort of had this odd, like, triangle-shaped
layout, and one really long wall was all windows. Which is awesome for natural light,
but terrible in winter! And it was kind of on the expensive side. Alright, one down, three to go! So next we’re going to take a jump over to
Hongdae and actually kind of look down more in the partying and clubbing district for
this next apartment. As you can see, this apartment is really tiny
at only 6 pyeong, but the monthly rent is only 470 with another deposit of 5 million. Gwanlibi is internet-only for 30 thousand,
and the tenant says she only pays 20 thousand in bills, but I don’t think that that’s true. So I’m putting my monthly rent estimate at
600 thousand. Also, just to give you an idea of how tiny
this place is, I’m standing and filming in one spot this entire time. This is looking out into the hallway, but
if we take a quick spin around… …you can see the feet of the tenant, who’s
standing right next to me, and how close they are to that bed there. The big mirrors help,
but this place is basically a closet itself. And if you’re wondering why I don’t have any
footage of the bathroom, it’s because this girl’s boyfriend was actually hiding inside
and they wouldn’t let us see it… So one really interesting thing to me about
the whole real estate/housing market in Seoul is how fast everything moves. My move-in date was about the end of August,
and I wanted to start looking at places in June and July. And some places, when I would call them,
they wouldn’t even show me an apartment. Alright–Oh! This is–that’s the really cool place! That’s the place that I sent you and I was
like, “That’s–I wanna be there!” So that particular apartment, I saw it online,
I fell in love with it, I sent the link to Shane and I think he got back to me
like a day later? He was working or busy or something? And when he clicked the link, it wasn’t listed
anymore. And at this time, I was checking Zigbang
and a lot of the online real-estate websites all the time. It’s not like this had been listed forever. I had just caught it, and within about a day
or two, it was… …taken. This was also an issue that
we came across while filming because I came up planning to apartment hunt
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On Saturday, we were calling some of the people
to see if we could schedule a viewing on Monday, and they actually said, “Forget it. Call us Monday morning because maybe it’ll
be gone by the end of the day today.” Alright so that’s two apartments down. Let’s check out Apartments #3 and #4
and see what we’ve got over in Ehwa. So we’re gonna leave Hongdae and hop over
towards Ewha Women’s University Station. Apartments #3 and #4 are both in this
area, which is great because it’s right next to Sogang University. So I’m actually waiting for Shane right now. We’ve already seen two apartments. I took the subway
and he took his scooter and… …he hasn’t shown up here yet. It seems like everything is really tiny
and really, really expensive. I’m hoping that I can see something today
that I kinda like? There was one that was really popular, but
it sounds like everybody wants to live in that place, so that might be gone
by the time I see other places and I want to make a decision on Monday or Tuesday. Alright so here we are at Apartment #3,
and I have to tell you… These people pack so much stuff
into these apartments! So when you see the footage of this place,
look at how many racks of clothes, closets, knick-knacks, and just…things this girl
has managed to cram into this apartment. It’s impressive. Alright, so this apartment is notably bigger
than the others at 9 pyeong. It has the lowest rent so far at 400 thousand
a month, and the deposit it also only 4 million. This is actually a rooftop apartment, so because
the building is a house, there is no gwanlibi. And on average, the monthly bills for the
year are only 55 thousand. So that means the total monthly rent
comes out to 455. Apparently, that’s the toilet in, like, behind
that door. There’s a hole… Ah, okay. Do you see it? Yeah… A lot of rooftop units have been converted
from storage sheds, which is why this one looks a little bit…scary… Do you want to see? Do you want to look? No, I’m good. There’s so much stuff, omg… Also, sorry my filming is so shaky you guys;
it’s because I was busy trying not to trip over the MILLIONS
OF THINGS this girl had managed to pack inside. Someone’s going to die up here… So one of the best features about this apartment
is the fact that it’s a rooftop unit. Which means, you get a great view of the city,
plus, you can put up a grill on top and have a barbecue with your friends! So I actually really liked this realtor. He was super polite; really, really kind;
and he had another apartment to show us that was just around the corner. So, we went to check out that one
with him as well. So this apartment is definitely the biggest
of the four at 10 pyeong, and the base cost is about the same as the Sinchon apartment
at 500 thousand month and 5 million for the deposit. However, because the gwanlibi and the bills
are only 50 a piece, the total monthly cost comes out to 600–
Which is about the same as the Hongdae apartment. It’s also close to Sogang University and the
natural light was decent, but, there was just one problem… One thing I don’t care for though is when
the bathroom is, like, these see-through doors…? Like people… I don’t know; I feel like people
can see that I’m peeing… I’m finished! I’m actually walking past Sogang University’s
campus right now from the place we were just looking at; the last two. I may have found a place? It’s kind of in an older neighborhood, but,
it seems to have a lot of charm and seems really nice. I’m still going to see a couple of places
tomorrow, but basically I’m going to go home tonight and cross off everything on my list
that doesn’t really hold a candle to that place in terms of price and size. So, hopefully that will cut down a lot of
what we would be seeing on Monday. And maybe there is nothing
that competes with that! I’m excited! Maybe I found a place on my first day! It’s so crazy! Korean housing moves so quickly. The second apartment that we saw,
the guy basically told us, “If you don’t sign a contract for it now,
it’ll go to somebody else.” Like, it will just be gone. Fingers crossed, and
let’s see what tomorrow brings! So actually later on this evening I ended
up giving the realtor a call and I signed a contract the same day! It’s so crazy to me that I came up to Seoul,
I looked at four apartments, hunted for like a day, and signed a contract. Done. So I went and put down a deposit that Saturday
night and then came back on Monday evening with two of my Korean friends
to meet the landlord. The landlord was this elderly
Korean woman who was a little bit apprehensive about renting to me. I think she thought that I didn’t know how
to do anything here? Both of my friends had to explain to her that I’ve already been living in Korea for two years. And I’ve been living in rural Korea for two years! So I’ve learned how to handle all of these
things on my own. That’s about it! Came up, looked at some houses,
signed a contract…done! I’ve got my apartment, now I just have to
pack everything and haul it all up there. I’ll see you guys in my next video, which
will be all about my whole moving process and all that stuff. Yeah. Okay cool! Bye! Hey guys, thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video, please feel free
to like, share, and subscribe! You can do so with the button in the upper
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video. Bye!



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Great video! Your subtitles(bubble) were so funny and accurate! Regarding apartment your apt in Boseong looked nice and spacious compare to them in Seoul though.

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