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Apartment Hunting in Los Angeles | Meeting Gabriel (The Angel of Apartments) | Michael Oldroyd Story

As hilarious as that music may sound, it
is not how I want to kick off my next YouTube video. Welcome to the Michael Oldroyd YouTube channel… “song”.. Oh and by the way, this is not the voice of Bruno hey guys welcome to my channel,
appreciate you tuning in it’s the ‘Michael Oldroyd Stories’. Today
we’re gonna go back in time and travel back to when Chris blackerby and myself
moved out to Los Angeles to pursue the entertainment business in 2010, shortly
after graduating from the University of Missouri, and here is our fun account of
looking for an apartment, if you guys enjoy the episode please like comment
subscribe you know how we do in 2019 or it’s all about your followers and
subscribers son! love you guys, I hope you enjoy… so I remember when Chris and I
moved to LA the first thing that we did when we got out there Chris had a buddy
that let us stay on his floor right he let us sleep on his floor for a couple
weeks and tell him and I were able to find a place sleeping on that floor was
not fun I remember there was weird noises in this apartment complex there
was a girl that used to sing you know weird hours like four or five a.m. and
the morning should be singing and you tell she live by herself because she
talked to the birds like there would be birds chirpin and stuff outside I
remember one day it was like 5 a.m. she’s like shut up bird and I was like
who she was she performing for someone else or is she crazy like which I pretty
much talk to birds nests I guess I feel like maybe I’m crazy
the threshold for what I define as crazy has definitely expanded since I was 23
years old in my college mind coming out of college so he nevertheless though she
she does not have a good voice and I think she was out there pursuing a
singing but yeah I don’t even know what her face looks like I just know that her
voice was terrible nevertheless we we were looking for places I told you guys
about our first apartment that we found and one of the one of the locations that
Chris found when we were looking for apartments he somehow connected with his
landlord way up and in Burbank right and Burbank’s where I was from that’s where
I was born actually I was born at st. Joseph’s Hospital at 4:26 p.m. on
November 6th 1986 after being conceived on the Valentine’s Day prior to that
when my parents were married in a glass chapel in California it was raining that
day and I was conceived that night my dad told me first dry you got it right
which was pretty crazy pretty awesome I have to admit and I am the product of
love I am Cupid so anyway when we were looking for this apartment one of the
places that Kris found he was talking to this guy named Gabriel right so he’s
like hey I’m gonna get ahold of Gabriel Road where we’re gonna talk he’s gonna
show us an apartment later if we like what we hear right so Chris puts me on
speakerphone and excuse me Gabriel yeah we’ve got my buddy Mike on the phone
hello eared hi Gabriel hi I heard the voice I heard a second voice who is that
oh this is Mike I’m Mike I’m Chris’s friend hi how are you hey Miklos I said
all my name is Michael egos from this day forward you will be forever known as
me cloche and my name I am Gabriel the angel of apartments
I don’t know where he was from Eastern Europe or something was this older dude
bald head when we met him and you know I remember on the phone he goes listen
boys I forgot the Koran department to show you today do you have time to come
by it was a far Drive because we were in Hollywood right way to go all the way
over the hills the Hollywood Hills to Burbank to get there but you know we
needed to find a place so we’re like yeah sure
was a little far was off the beaten path Christin I wanted to be next to the
action so we could go to auditions whatever was needed to get famous yeah
but you know we go see a Gabriel the angel of apartments that day and he’s
giving us a tour of this place right it goes first of all he we walk in the
front door of this first unit he goes first of all look at this do you notice
anything unique about this unit so far I said oh yeah there’s a fireplace that
goes exactly now listen to me Chris on the nights that miklós gets lucky and
trust me as hard as it is to believe that that will happen there will be a
few nights when me Glow she does get lucky you’re going to want a fireplace
because fireplaces are panty droppers okay when you’ve got a fireplace there’s
something about it that just makes the girls excited so that was his first
sales pitch right this building was not that fancy
it was way off the beaten path you could tell he did all this renovation himself
by the way you could tell like nothing was done to code and we walk into the
next room you see this nice corridor here this is a hallway you’ve got your
fridge here perfect placement for the fridge you’ve got that nice view of the
backyard terrible view of nothing basically there’s another building right
out the window cuz no we’re gonna go ahead and walk
into this back bedroom I want you guys to see something very clearly you see
this this bedroom here this is one of those bedrooms that has accord across
the back and it’s a walk-in closet perfect for bondage situations okay
that was his selling point was bondage BDSM opportunity because of the spacious
closet right and he goes so are you guys interested like that was pretty much all
that there was to show us in the apartment
and we were like oh maybe I don’t know I gotta talk about a listen boys you’re
gonna go ahead and want to pay me on time you do not want to see the type of
person that I become when you are not paying your rent on time I didn’t
question that never question that definitely don’t ever want to see what
type of person Gabriel becomes when we are not paying our rent on time and he
said well listen ladies when you’re thinking about this I want you to take
your time I do have to go at this point because there’s a young hot blonde that
is waiting for me she is also my wife how I was able to convince her to marry
me I have no idea I tricked her I don’t
know why she’s with me I don’t know why she stays but I when she calls me I need
to go okay so I’m gonna go see her and give me a call if you guys are
interested in the apartment now let me tell you guys something we did not move
in but the one thing that Gabriel did say that is true is that I am forever
known as miklós from this point forward a lot of my friends actually still call
me me blush to this day so Gabriel you’re out there you were right and I’m
impressed by your foresight with the mikoshi and I hope that you and your
wife are doing well you’re the funniest person funniest landlord I think I’ve
ever had aside from the the apartment complex
that I told you about earlier on Edgemont Street in Hollywood were the
two gay guys were there was a girl that was taking our we had to pay by money
orders and we actually this this girl was taking our money orders and cashing
and then she like caused the like file cabinet to blow up but she ended up
going to jail but we almost were out thousands of dollars because nobody was
able to account for the money that we had claimed that we paid it was a really
big crazy debacle definitely interesting stuff

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