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Apartment for Rent

Hello, I am landlord
Hello, I am Ricardo Hernandez I have just seen your advert in the window. Is it still available? Landlord: Yes, it is still available. It is a quiet apartment Where is the located? Landlord: In Soacha San Mateo How much is the rent? Landlord: It costs $200 for month Is the apartment furnished? Landlord: Yes, come and I will show you Okey, perfect How big is it? Landlord: In the apartment has one living room, one kitchen, two rooms and two bathrooms fully furnished Landlord: In the living room has a TV and a sound equipment Landlord: The rooms have a bed, a closet and a TV Landlord: The bathrooms have towels, shower rooms. It is fully equipped Hmmm. What is the neighborhood like? Landlord: In the neighborhood there is a police station, there is a supermarket, there are four laundromats, and there are several restaurants How far is it from the university? Landlord: The university is 10 minutes by bike and 20 minutes by car Are pets allowed in the apartment? Landlord: Yes, only small dogs What documents do I need for rent? Landlord: You can sign a lease Perfect Landlord: When you move? Hmmm. In a month Landlord: Perfect, no problem Thank you okey.

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