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Good afternoon I come to ask about the apartment Good afternoon I am the owner of the apartment My name is Bryan That’s good my name is David Well let’s see the aprtement As you can see the apartment is furnished Come here There is a kitchen It has got a file tiles flooring a new cabinets yes This is the monster room It also has tile Come here you can see the that a bathroom the toilet and shower are almost new Here is the family room I like it It’s very spacious sure what the laundry room I’ m sorry I almost forgot It side of the kitchen okay here you can pur your tv There is a large teri To hag clean clothes Nice How much are for the house it’s 350,000 are there utilities There is gas electricity water and internet How the neighborhood like The neighborhood ls very quete and very friendly How far from the university Ten minutes in car I could you pay now Right I pay you in cash It doesn’t matter okay Let me okay Thank you thank you very much Could you give me your phone number to notify move on my number far it’s 555 671 12 okay Thank you bye bye

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