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Anime Bars and Night Clubs ★ ONLY in JAPAN

I’m right in the heart of Akihabara today To talk about ANIME song DJs Now, to be honest I don’t know much about this so I enlisted the help of my friend Patrick w Galbraith author of OTAKU Spaces & The Otaku Encyclopedia Come on out here Hey! Are you doing Great Nice see you So, today’s topic is ANIME song DJs
what can you tell us about this? ANIME song DJ events has really been growing in the last few years.If you go around Tokyo today You’ll find an event going on around every
week It’s really sort of booming phenomenon
these last few years Yeah It’ really exciting My image of OTAKU is someone who stays at home Doesn’t go out socially Reads & watches ANIME MANGA in the bedroom yeah, I think that’s the image. It’s sort of
a bunch of individuals doing their own thing Hey look We’re Akihabara all these people together doing social things Guess what? You go to a club You get a bunch of OTAKU together and they have helluva time Right These ANIME DJ song cover bands Really cool because what you get is, a bunch of people with their individual passion sharing e and becoming a social energy
in the room you’ll really have to be the understand it I was there Check it out! We are in Nakano in front of RAIZEEN an ANIME DJ bar This place is gotta lot of energy and I think you’re gonna love it Come on Check it out! This place is great This bar is set up for ANIME song DJ There is screen which shows ANIME right next to the DJ This just had to be excitement Hello Let’s meet the owner of RAIZEEN Is it real? Well Maybe not RAIJIN is.. well for me it’s very comfortable i mean
it’s Look around at the decoration it’s all ANIME and ANIME song DJing is a lot of fun Master the bartenders is a really nice and laid back guy Let’s anyone who really wants just Go and use the DJ equipment Pretty much no notices as long as there aren’t any events going on So when I first came to japan
i didn’t really know a lot about uh… ANIME music,ANIME DJ at all LIke, over time getting to meet
various people uh… like One of my best friends in my last job
was ANIME DJ and he introduced me to an event
one-time & i went along not really knowing what to expect uh… it was really really cool that
people are friendly fun atmosphere was a Really good I kind of uh… I realize that You know that ANIME music taken out of the context of ANIME was still really really good And the the way that people mix ANIME songs together and think of different things For example you got like the IMOTO theme, that sometimes some people do umm even uh… specifically ANIME songs
from a certain era 1980s or something I thought i was really really cool that
people would think about it Amazing ways to show ANIME songs She is part of RAIZEEN staff Really cute and also deadly wielding a sword This bartender could well be SAMURAI Maybe not With a little more practice His dreams just might come true RAIZEEN definitely has the right
atmosphere for ANIME song DJ to learn Master Simply appreciate the music and
experience Let’s head to Roppongi in central Tokyo
for another kind of event On the other side of this door is
another world This is CHARA-ANI CHARA meaning kind of Roppongi young carefree and ANI meaning ANIME and taken the two and put them all
together to make a fusion of some kind of fantastic dance party Come on! KONBANWA There are no Anime on the screen because they don’t wanna go to one world or the other. It is a fully perfectly balanced I don’t know Check it out for yourself! It’s seems like any other Roppongi club Lots of young people and loads of energy Many people have come in cosplay It’s the essence of saturday night in
Tokyo Some people have the glow sticks with them Signs of real after hour OTAKU People at ANIME DJ events like this
really like doing things in unison as a group One of the great things about OTAKU
parties is that inability to dances not really necessary I fitted with a lot of the others
who are here to show their passion in ways dancing can’t express Coordination and skills can be checked
in at the door It’s all about having fun The focus is on the DJ and the music This DJ is ready to rumble.Glow sticks and
library of tunes for the crowd The music switches back and forth from ANIME songs to The classic Roppongi hip hop The crowd eats it up They are psyched and ready for anything Before the event I talked DJ KAPPEI and DJ TAKAYA about what CHARA-ANI is all about Cultures collide at CHARA-ANI It’s awesome So Patrick, in part 2 we’re gonna continue
with this ANIME song DJ in a place where it’s dedicated just for ANIME songs DJs, Oh,yeah that’s gonna be helluva time And we’ll see more of it Next time Bye bye bye



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Hi John this is like my younger days raver !

Ori Ori

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Oh wow, Akane on the opening scene. She will be surprised.

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Another excellent video in this series! I was surprised to see Patrick Galbraith!! I have his book Otaku Encyclopedia. It was at the bookstore in Berlin and it's well written. Nice to see him on video!


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Thanks DJ Oden! Really appreciate the help to explain Anison DJing.
Thanks to DJ Akane, too! Rock on!! -John


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Thanks Astroboy3507! -John


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They're growing organically in Tokyo and who knows!! Maybe it'll catch on worldwide! Nice to hear from you m20andreas! -John

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I really like what you are doing man! Keep em coming. Subbed ;D


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Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it and will keep 'em coming! -John


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Wow this was really interesting keep our up! Subbed.

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omg its k-on!!


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4:11 One Piece Is On The Screen


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Very fun!

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Such a cool thing to be happening. I hope this movement eventually makes it to North America. Soon would be nice. Oh, and nice video too @ John!


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I love your videos!! I am moving to Japan in summer and these videos are making me feel even more excited!!

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Hatsun miku


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and they've tried to outlaw dancing lol so dumb

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I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this channel

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I want to hit on the bartender


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Im going to all of them, all I need is yen, a passport to japan, tokyo, a place to live in, and a costume


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That girl behind his shoulder at 3:30 makes me laugh.


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I'm probably going to get shot down for this comment, but this stuff reminds me a lot of dance parties at brony conventions I've been to. The glow sticks, bad dancing, synchronized waving, mixes of EDM, hip-hop, and TV show music. It's all there! The main differences I see are that you can find this kind of stuff every day in Japan, and with all the different anime songs, it's much more diverse. Being in small clubs/bars, it looks much more relaxed too. I would love to go experience it someday.


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the dj on the right with the long hair is hott. 7:26

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I wonder why they are not having babies even though they are always around each other


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Whats with the spas 12 shotgun?


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The first bar seems kinda empty ??


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Alright fuck this I'm going to the airport

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4:41 pause, that bartender could very well be Harry Potter!


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Reminds me of mogra from Akiba's Trip. 😛

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5:39 i thought i saw Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki's VA). =P


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Anyone notice the yosuga no sora 2nd ed theme play 😛 lol


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omg, you cant escape weebs anywhere can you?


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That bartender was Asian Harry Potter 😀


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K-on wow

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Thank you for the video.


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WELP I know where I'm going if I want to party.


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The girl bartender with the sword was cosplaying yachiyo todoroki from Working!!

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xof woof

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take me there! packing

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This looks fun

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What in the world is that old man wearing on the left 0:23 with the girl super short pants and hat?!

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This is weird


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4:17 Kawaiiiiiiiiii.

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I'm in japan right know

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Okay imma pack my things now,wait for me there for 5 minutes XD

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I don't see many otaku's I see a lot of weaboos.??

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Uhhh this is awkward … that grey shirt made your tits very apparent


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holy fuck these weaboos


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sooo .. yachiyo from anime working! is work in that bar now ?? ><

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Would I stick out heavily as a white 6'3ft guy in one of those clubs?

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I can see one-piece and fairytail..

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im a dj in mexico

Diego gamer

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and im 12 years old

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Do you know THE [email protected]??


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It's pretty fun in Japan.I guess i should try to staying there for a month.Great reviews Only in Japan!


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Love that cute female DJ

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Your idea of Otaku is actually the description of my life

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Does anybody kno where I can find Anime Music for FREE ?

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I just saw persona no kidding


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can kids go

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What's funny is that Japanese drawers for anime draw themselves as people with big eyes, but draw foreigners with small eyes. 'Hory' Shet!

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i am openly saying this and if any kind soul that sees this please pray for me that i'll be able to go to Tokyo Japan and experience this and also attend an Anime concert. i really wish to be able to go to Japan.


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I'm here for the k-on poster…

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ill go this f*ing summer , hell yeahhh

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Last Order at 4:46


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I want to live there……..

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I need to buy an airplane tickets I LOVE ANIME

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I see K-on,i click

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I'm going to find my wife there one day.

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Wow ……….


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man i need to move my town has nothing

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soo cool and and down to earth people,I would really enjoy it here….not like stock up westeren clubs,all muscleboys,sexy bitches,armani,gucci clothes,lots of money etc.
I want Japan and I want it now =))…but am broke..anyone knows a job there? ;P

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"this dj is ready to rumble"-monotone voice

yes, yes, i understand


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This anime club song is awesome


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Im in japan right now so gonna check one out

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watches this


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Ok, but can we all appreciate how cute that one DJ is at 1:56

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It would be reeaaally cool if they'd play Sugar Song to Bitter Step by Bump of Chicken. I would go crazy xD


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Roronoa Zorro: You call that swordsmanship? 4:30


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I went to anison and i didn't get such a warm welcome. They weren't rude, but as a non japanese speaker, didn't get the feeling like they wanted me there

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I hope they play Babymetal songs too…????

Rafael Lucero

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I hope they play Babymetal songs too…????


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this video is so cringy and awkward i could die… xD but that makes it really entertaining

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Dude's got this whole involved show in Japan and he's not into anime. Sacrilege.

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