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Anantya & Anaya PRETEND PLAY with Shopping Set… | #Toys #Review #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

I’ve already tried so many professions in pretend play like chef, make up artists and today I am gonna to be a shopkeeper hit Like if you like these pretend & play videos and get this video to 50,000 Likes so lets open our shop now and here we’ve so many stuffs I want vegetables and fruits ok take a cart from there do its billing shopkeeper plz fix tyres in my cycle Mam but tyres aren’t available here check it once But Mam this is a grocery store you wouldn’t get tyres from here you can check a mechanical store little ahead there you don’t have tyres then why you open this shop I like this dress but its too long ok I’ll show you dresses according to your size this dress is perfect casual dress but its too simple ok you want party wear dresses this one we’ve from our best seller and this comes with a batch its so nice let me try this for bottoms you can try this skirt look here we have more party wear dress Mam I am done ok lets go for billing this dress will look good on you and you can wear this skirt with white or any other light coloured top this costs you Rs. 40/- too costly give some discounts to get discount you should have this discount coupon give all these stuffs written in the list I’ve all these except chicken lets make me an order for this ok send some chicken containers need to add in our stock ok how much time will you take they send in 10 minutes meanwhile I give you the rest of the stuffs how is it no I want casual one I’ve this one I’ve packed all your stuff should I do billing? i have this discount coupon have you enjoyed Anaya hit Like if you want to see more videos like this

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