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Amazing Bhutan: Free Healthcare, No Homeless People, No Traffic Lights

Imagine a country tucked into the Himalayan
Mountains between the giant countries of India and China and closed off from tourism until
1974. A country that decided to measure national happiness, has completely free healthcare,
and nobody living on the streets. Sounds unbelievable, but this is all true about Bhutan, and that’s
just the tip of the iceberg… Counting down from–
16. No homeless people at all In Bhutan, there’s no one stuck living out
on the streets. If a person loses their home, they just need to go to the king and he’ll
give them a plot of land where they can build a house to live in and plant a garden to eat
from. 15. Free healthcare
Each Bhutanese resident has the right to free medical care. The country’s Ministry of
Health has made it their goal to become “A nation with the best health.” And it looks
like they’re achieving just that. A person can decide whether to receive traditional
or classical medicine as a method of treatment that’s all completely free!
14. Unplugged TV and internet were officially banned in
Bhutan… until 1999, that is. The Bhutanese people take their traditions and unique culture
very seriously, and the king took great measures to protect his people from outside influences.
But it became impossible to isolate the whole country from modern technologies, so the king
finally decided to lift the ban. As a result, Bhutan was one of the last countries in the
world to start using television. The internet arrived shortly after.
13. National Dress Code Speaking of traditions, Bhutanese people are
required to wear traditional clothes in public. This nationwide dress code has existed for
over 400 years. Men wear a heavy, knee-length robe called a Gho, and women wear a long dress
known as a Kira. You can even identify a person’s social status by the color scarf they wear
draped over their left shoulder. Ordinary folks wear white scarves, and noble people
and monks wear yellow ones. 12. No Smoking!
In 2010, the king enacted a law prohibiting the cultivation, harvest, and sale of tobacco,
making Bhutan the first country in the world with a total ban on tobacco. It’s impossible
to buy it there, and you can’t smoke in public areas. Tourists lucky enough to gain
entry into the country have to pay a huge fee for bringing their smokes with them. And
if they get caught trying to smuggle in tobacco, they can expect a huge fine or even criminal
charges! 11. Ecology is everything.
Bhutan is really concerned about ecology and nature. According to a local law, at least
60% of the country’s total area must be covered with woods. At the moment, that number
is at about 71%, so they’re doing just fine. It’s no surprise really, since this is what
locals want. In 2015, Bhutan even set a world record when its people planted 50,000 trees
in just one hour! Thanks to that, it’s the only carbon-negative country in the world,
meaning it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces. Way to go, Bhutan!
10. They like it hot! The most popular ingredient in almost every
Bhutanese dish is chilies. The Tourism Council even notes “Bhutanese people would not enjoy
a meal that was not spicy.” The country’s official National Dish is called Ema Datshi.
It’s a yummy mix of spicy chilies and a local cheese called Datshi. It’s a common
staple in most meals and can be changed up by adding potatoes, green beans, mushrooms,
or ferns. And if you really wanna mix it up, you can use yak cheese! Yep, from a yak!
9. Touring obstacles Remember, Bhutan takes preserving their traditions
and unique culture very seriously. That’s why they make visiting their country very
difficult and expensive. You can only go to Bhutan in groups of 3 or more. (Technically,
you can go as a couple or by yourself, but you gotta pay extra if you do.) All documents
and visas are issued by a state-appointed company. And before you can get the permit,
you have to pay all of the expenses in advance, including transportation, hotel, fees, tour
operator and guide services, visa, and insurance. A tour guide will be with you the entire time,
and they’ll only allow you to visit places specifically designated for tourism. If you’re
already thinking about booking a trip, then make sure you save up $250 per person for
each night you’d like to stay! 8. Ladies first
Women are respected and honored in Bhutan. Their tradition of inheritance proves that.
All property and belongings like their homes, cattle, and land go to the eldest daughter,
not son. Men are expected to earn their own fortunes.
7. 100% Organic? Not quite, but they’re well on their way
and could get there soon. It’s already illegal to import or use any chemical products there
whatsoever. Everything they use is cultivated within the country and is all-natural.
6. They keep food on the roof. Winters are pretty harsh in Bhutan, so they
have to take advantage of the warmer seasons to make sure they have enough food to make
it through the cold months. In the fall, it’s not uncommon to see roofs covered with red
chilies drying for the winter. Piles of rice stalks in cone-like structures in the fields
are also everywhere. They don’t have enough time to thrash the rice straight away, so
they keep it like that until they can get to it. Chili and rice are something the Bhutanese
can happily survive on all winter long. 5. Only the best pilots are allowed to fly
to Bhutan. This time, it’s not a matter of privacy
or an attempt to preserve an ancient culture, but a matter of skill and safety. Paro Airport,
the only one in the country, is in a fantastically beautiful location with breathtaking views
of the Himalayas. But it’s also one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Not
every pilot can maneuver between mountaintops and land on a 6,500-foot-long (1.980 m) highway
right by people’s houses. Add strong winds to the challenge, and you’ll understand
why take-offs and landings are only allowed during daylight hours. And there are only
8 pilots in the world that can do this. Together, they transport around 30,000 people a year.
4. Wedding rules If you visit Bhutan, you may fall in love
with the land, but try not to fall for a local or else you’ll get your heart broken. It’s
prohibited to marry foreigners. When two happy Bhutanese people fall in love
and get married, monks read mantras during the wedding ceremony. They believe this tradition
helps newlyweds build a tight mental connection. There’s also a Changphoed ritual, which
is the offering of a locally grown brew to the deities. After the offering, the remaining
brew is served and shared by the bride and groom.
Once the rituals are performed, the couple becomes a family. Then, as a rule, the man
moves into the woman’s home, and only when he earns enough money can they move to a new
house. 3. The Ministry of Happiness
In 2008, the Gross National Happiness Committee was formed in Bhutan to take care of the people’s
inner peace. Bhutan is the only country in the world that has an official Ministry of
Happiness. They believe GNH, or Gross National Happiness, is just as important to measure
as GDP, aka Gross Domestic Product. In 2015, they organized an extensive survey interviewing
people about how happy they are. Even the census questionnaire has a column where you
can indicate whether you’re satisfied with your life or not. The results of the 2015
survey showed that 91% of the population consider themselves happy, and 43% are deeply or extensively
happy. The quality of life in the country is determined by the balance between their
financial and mental values. 2. The road less traveled
All the road signs in Bhutan are drawn by hand. Thiumphu, the country’s capital, is
the only one in the world that has no traffic lights at all. In fact, there are no traffic
lights in the entire country! Traffic police control vehicle movement manually, and the
officer in his booth on the main street is one of the city sights no tourist wants to
miss! 1. Gingerbread-like houses
Bhutanese people love to decorate their homes. They draw birds, animals, and different patterns
on the walls, making them look like real-life gingerbread houses. Their houses are small,
3-story structures. The ground floor is a place to keep animals, the living space is
on the second floor, and the third floor is used to store hay. Probably makes for great
insulation too! Despite all the bans and strict rules, Bhutanese
people are very friendly and happy, and the natural beauty of this country is breathtaking.
So if you plan a visit, I’m willing to bet it’ll be an unforgettable trip! So, would you like to visit Bhutan? Let me
know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give this video
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Sailagnaa CHHOTRAY

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Adding on to the fact that The Kingdom of Bhutan is the only country in the world that is carbon negative, whereas other countries are still trying to be carbon neutral. This means that Bhutan is the country that emits the least amount of Carbon Dioxide in the world, and has the smallest carbon footprint, with only 22 million tons of Carbon Dioxide used in a year. Please feel free to correct me if I have the wrong information.

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Trust me I have been to Bhutan and u gotta go there. It's literally one of the best places on earth . I went there last year and got a Kira myself. They are very supportive people as well . If I had a chance I would tell the king how nice the country is maintained . I would definitely recommend you to go there once again if u have gone once . I LOVE Bhutan !!!
Fact : Robbery is rare in Bhutan … I mean it

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And I feel the most lucky is to have such a great neighbour India!!! I really wish India would also one day would become a peaceful country like bhutan. The people deserve more than this when they are so kind heArted.

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