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Alta Vista Ballston | 900 N Stafford St Arlington VA | Ballston VA

The Alta Vista Condominiums will be the focus
of our condo spotlight today. Built in 1989, the building is located on 900 N Stafford
Street, directly above the Ballston Metro. When people describe where they live as walkable
to Metro, the Alta Vista is literally elevator to Metro. You don’t even have to go outside
to get on the Metro during cold or rainy days. The building is 26 stories tall and has 277
residences with floor plans that range from studio condos, all the way up to 4 bedroom
layouts. Units on the 26th floor, the top floor, enjoy large outdoor patios with excellent
views of the city. And for those on lower levels, sunrooms are much more prominent. Alta Vista is a full-service building, meaning
there is someone at the front desk 24 hours a day. In addition, residents enjoy a fitness
room, party room, and on-site management. OK let’s take a look at the Top 3 things
you need to know about Alta Vista 1.Equity. The interior of condos at Alta Vista
will vary drastically depending on what upgrades previous owners have made in the past. So
there are plenty of opportunities for buyers where condos come on the market with outdated
finishes. Classic 1990’s interior, where some people see an ugly inside, others see
an opportunity to buy below the market value, put in their own custom interior, and turn
the residence into a spectacular contemporary living space. 2.A-Town Bar and Grill. A-Town is known for
their brunch, their rave-like party scene, and their football game day experience. If
you like those things, go there and you will have a blast. BUT, their outdoor patio, which
is wildly popular is in close vicinity to the Northeast side of Alta Vista. If you open
up your window, at Alta Vista, you could hear fans screaming and yelling. It got so bad
and there were so many complaints, that the Alta Vista and another neighboring condo The
Berkeley filed formal complaints with the county. Well it worked and A-Town was forced
to close it’s outdoor patio a little earlier, and they installed noise curtains to help
with the disturbance. This is one thing to be aware of moving forward as the new changes
go into effect 3.Hilton Hotel. The hotel is in the same building
as the Alta Vista. Because of the layout, you’re not going to be sharing amenities
or running into hotel guests in the hallways but you will usually see an army of taxis
out on the corner of Stafford and Fairfax Drive at all times. The Hotel takes up the
first 8 levels of the Alta Vista, leaving the higher levels for condo owners and renters. There you have it, the top 3 things you need
to know about living at Alta Vista, just to recap, #1 Equity, #2 A-Town Bar and Grill,
and #3 the Hilton Hotel. As always thanks for watching, sharing, subscribing,
dropping comments below and hitting the thumbs up button, it is greatly appreciated. Until next time, create a productive day,
take care.

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