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ALL OF MY PETS IN ONE VIDEO (I know, I have a lot)

Hello, everyone, so today’s video is going [to] be one that I’ve already done twice Can’t even tell if I’m in focus So basically what we’re going to do today is I’m going to show you all of my animals that people just seem to be really Confused about the number of animals. I have I get told so many times like you have too many What do you even have this animal anymore, or what’s going on so basically? I’m [just] going to go through them all again with you guys I think people think I’m more animals But I really have I think people think I have a lot more than I really have so I’m going to go through them all With you and you’re just we’re going to look at all my animals. Sorry I’m jumping around I kind of film these clips in weird order blackboard my video starts I do want to say if you didn’t see my other videos. I do have knowledge a hedgehog [merch] Which is my cheering hedgehog nala my very first hedgehog and she’s [marched] now on my website And it is going so great the cells have just been tremendous in fact we have sold out [of] some items So it’d mean the world to me if y’all get to check it out and get some merch. Where we run out Thank you guys so much for purchasing of course there is going to be merged to come in the future But it’s always going to be changing up there’s going to be different kinds of merchandise So if you like what you see on the site I would highly recommend to try to get it as soon as you can because I don’t know if I’m going to be selling these Exact items again, [I] don’t know there’s going to be a lot [of] you know limited times merchandise I hope you guys enjoy the video now. We’re going to turn my tank on with my phone So I could show you my tank and by the way Hmm focus buy my merch link is in the description. Okay. We go like this We can just turn on the lights for the tank so a quick little spin around of my room starts here Just goes around up top tank bed. Which I just messed up anyway This is a Pac-man frog cage here. We have some heat. He wants to get heat. He goes to this side So here we have asteroid Pac-man frogs literally do nothing but I still love him and He is a baby he is going to get about the size of a dinner plate one day that him You can go back in there little deuce. Go back in your hole. I’m sorry I disturbed you I Love holding my pets. [okay]. Now. We go over here by my bed We have two tanks each with crested geckos in them. Tell me your buddy Ecco, where are you going? Honestly, what are you doing? Whatever let’s find Phoenix now, Phoenix I can never find oh I think I just said there’s been times where I legit like don’t even think he’s in the tank anymore because I Honestly can’t find him, but I just did this right here is Phoenix Yes, neither of them have their tails. They both threw their tails, and they don’t grow [them] back These are my crested geckos now when it comes to crested geckos dropping their tails It’s actually a very normal thing that they do that goes on the chunkier side. He has some rolls now They’re kept in different enclosures because males don’t get along doesn’t matter how big the enclosure is I don’t recommend Keeping males together now Ecco Is rescued from a pet store actually and it’s going to be really hard to see Unless this camera is awesome and wants to focus. Nope. It’s literally focused back here Hello Darkness, Mom Okay, it’s hard to see but he actually has three nostrils. [I] don’t know how that happened, but there’s three So you can go back in there, buddy Food on your nose, okay. You’re getting this good your button here Thank you, okay. That was really fast [oh] Okay, all right That’s cool Thanks, echo. You really are fat you have some fat rolls right there Then kids [owe] [me] your chunky go back into your cage. So here is my 150 Gallon Tank, we have the Nazo Tang gold Flake Angel caramel Gladiator clown the flame wrath pair There’s one right there a female titan in there some wanted leopard dress hiding in there somewhere And then a bristle tooth comb he’s right back there But you can’t really see them that well this gold flake angel does have a tendency to nip on corals So we’ll just see how well it goes with her in there? If I am going to be adding some corals in there see how it goes moving on to the glorious rack We start at the bottom this is Mo shoe. This is mo shoe She’s my axoloTl [that’s] exelon poop. That’s so nice poop for the video. She eats earthworms She’s so ready now. This is kind of big, but I think shall we find This is literally an empty tank. I’m just getting rid of it It was a beta sorority tank when I moved the betta fish and the here But it was a beta sorority tank and this was a planted tank in itself and they were separate But I kind of just combined the two now. There is my leopard bush fish and Hiding in there somewhere are about two rainbow fish And then a few beta is one of the lights isn’t on I have two castles that run on it And that’s that tank we have a tarantula who does not want to come out? And I don’t want to fight her on this well. There’s there’s her feet Honestly like she’s probably going to back up yeah, I Probably can’t get her out, [and] I’m not about to like demolish her little hut that she has going on here is toast Toast is a kenyan sand boa, and he likes to play in sand All right next up over here. We have my Western hognose now. She is brand new [I’ve] only had her for a few days, so I don’t want to get her out [you’re] not supposed to handle a snake for the first you know about seven to ten days of bringing them home you really want to Leave them alone, but when I got her out of her package. You know when she first arrived I Had to take her out of course so I do have some footage from them her name is Celia and that is a monsters inc reference, and I love her now this right [here] is my Crocodile skank his name is Drogo, but I’m also really convinced. He’s a dragon. This is his enclosure Let’s see if we can find them in here. This is a soaking area [and] needs to be cleaned He kind of went nuts on it to this. It was like perfect this morning, and now it’s like that though That’s always nice [likes] to sleep back here a lot yep That’s exactly where yet now this guy is a lot like my pac-man frog in the sense of you’re not supposed to handle them much The Pac-man frog breathes through his skin So that’s why you’re not supposed to hold the Pac-man frog because all the oils on [your] hands this guy is not in the same Boat, but he is just very they just don’t like [it]. They [don’t] like to be touched much right now He’s fine as you can tell he’s not trying to fight it or anything, but [most] of the time They’re not going to really tolerate this kind of stuff at all. I’m going to take him out just for a minute [a] Lot of people often forget I even have him because I don’t take him out ever This is the [first] time I’ve taken him out in a long time It’s just [cuz] he doesn’t like it, and I’m not about to do something He doesn’t like repetitively just to show you guys So this is definitely a special occasion the only reason I’m doing this is [because] he is so calm right now So he really doesn’t seem to mind which is awesome. He’s adorable There is a video coming soon about how to take care of these guys if you’re interested So he’s definitely not wanting to be touched anymore there [he] [goes] [and] he’s gone like all of a sudden out of nowhere He [just] was like I’m done and zoomed away, so we’re not going to mess with him anymore Ignore that I need to get it off. I just haven’t gotten it off yet, and we’ve talked about the 150 gallon tank I’m going to go ahead and feed this tank now, so I’ll include that in the video I saw some people saying I definitely showed a name – Irwin right here. He’s my neighbor [chang] that I should have named him Rafiki since I’ve done so many of Lion king names and he is literally like the fish form of Rafiki and Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t but I felt like it’d be weird to change the name now [so] not that he knows it. It’s just I’ve already told you guys. I named of our web He’s never Gonna know his name, okay? [I] can change it every day if I wanted to before I get to the top row up here Let’s talk about this little girl over here. [she’s] in shed right now So you’ll notice some scales and stuff on the front of the glass. Hey bindi. How you doing bindi. I brought you food I don’t care Angie look at me. I’m talking to you about your banana Banana What about a piece get it out away from [me]? Oh? My God you guys sharks you girl Did you get it? Yeah, you’re chewing it sit Sit, then she’d been me hard. She doesn’t even care This is my mouth his name is gus. He’s normally down here somewhere, [so] I’m going [to] see if I can find him oh Okay now gus was actually supposed to be snake food when I worked at a chain pet store that I will refer [to] as pet Smo, I found him in the mouse enclosure with a bunch of injuries So I brought him to the back to treat him, and they told me oh don’t even bother treating him we’ll just feed him to my snake, and I was like [ah] No at first my manager did buy the mouse for him and put him in a little box and was going to take him home And give him tonight. I just couldn’t handle it like I just kept staring at the mouse and being like you know He’s pretty cute. You know he’s and so finally. He was like. Do you want the mouse just take it? So I took I took the mouse. I love gus so much. I love mice That’s a common thing like people get so confused about how I can love my sand also love snakes But I mean I can’t help but that’s what I can’t help that snakes eat mice so that confuses people so much But I love mice and no, it’s not just the cute little orange ones. I love the albino ones with the red eyes I love mice all in general. I love them [so] much But I mean eggs have to eat to a circle of life It’s a hard one to [explain], but I definitely definitely love [mice] My snakes do eat frozen they don’t eat live I can’t control if a snake suddenly wants to eat live I can’t prevent that But I try my best to keep them on frozen because I don’t want to deal with that and then up here is my [hedgehog] so Robbie She doesn’t live in this cage 24/7 I take her out a lot especially at night since they are nocturnal and This cage does its purpose for for her sleeping for her eating [and] for her wheel if she wants some exercise this cage? Really does serve his purpose Sorry, I woke you up. She likes to sleep under this back instead of in it But whatever here and down here is my blind hedgehog Kovu he is the grumpy one of the hedgehog. He is completely blind it was due to improper breeding He was read by someone who most likely was doing in breeding breeding really unhealthy hedgehogs Etc So sadly he had some traits in him that caused him to lose his addition, but he still does really well I still think it was a bad about once a month to make sure his eyes are still healthy Because if they start to look bad if they start to look like there’s something wrong with them. He’ll have to get his eyes removed What you don’t want those what the heck [koval]? Who are you? [he’s] [a] cricut, the Cricut now co who used to be like extremely overweight. He’s gotten a lot better a lot healthier, but he used to be really Overweight and here. I am trying to feed him let’s see if we can get one of these shots of him Hope you have hair on you. That’s not cute. You generally don’t want to hold a hedgehog like this too long This is their most vulnerable position Basically in the wild if they’re like this any other prey can swoop down And eat them because their stomachs are exposed so [they] don’t like to be held like this You don’t want [to] do it for too long, but they do look cute Okay, I have a hedgehog out on the ground This is my dog. This is Kiara. She won’t come unless I bribe her. She is very trained watch you Wanna I don’t [even] have to say what it is peta on the other hand will come when called she is a good dog. Oh kita Come here Ki sit, Kiara, what are you doing? Kiara here here Here is little [floppy]. There you go You’re welcome Okay, and then we have this tank Which is definitely in need of a clean now also since I just turned the lights on Cheese is looking a little moldy at night cheese. Actually kind of darkens up. You can see his little stripes on him B Gets a little darker at night [the] rest of his body gets paler, and these little stripes are here get darker And then once the day goes on he gets back to his like very yellow meself This is my puffer and now this tank right here is definitely in the works of being completely remodeled Cheese Cube here is going into the 150 gallon and the camel [horrible] [any] which is back there is going into 150 [oh], it’s the only thing staying in here is a maroon clownfish the Tobi puffer and Zazu my lionfish can see she is a [lightning] maroon clownfish, okay puffer get out of the way I’m trying to buffer. Please please move so this is a Okay, this is a lightening room comp puffer fish stop it and then anyway as I’ve been trying to show you guys, okay? Really [you] got to do that every time puffer fish So I’m trying to get my blini out of here and my clownfish won’t stop attacking me, and it’s not very nice Like he’s he’s mean. [oh] now my poppers going for [two]. Thank you. That’s so sweet. Thank you What the heck stop it and then right over here in my kitchen is my very first fish ever the first fish I ever got His name is Milo. Let’s see if we can find him yep. He’s right there He really doesn’t do much with his life ever and you want to come out. So people can see you. Hello, no no, okay, well just [for] attendees, swimming around here’s a picture of him And then lastly over here is where my seahorse tank was as you can tell it is gone If you’re wondering what the heck happened [no] they didn’t die. They’re actually all fine. They went to an amazing home It’s not like that. They were not being taken care of properly [it] was just so much work for me multiple times [a] day I was constantly checking up on this tank always doing adjustments tweaking it adding things taking things out monitoring the levels like like crazy [I] can’t even explain like The sea horses are just so sensitive and I can do it but for my own well-being and from all my other Animals well-being, I decided it would be best just to stop. I loved having sea horses. It was an amazing experience I loved being able to take care of those creatures on such a close level being you know learning so much about them But I couldn’t do it anymore, so this is going to be a goldfish tank now Just give me time okay. [jeez] you’re looking less moldy now. These are my underwater flower pots They’re also called Ghana [Porras]. That’s the real name. Here’s my frog spawn. I am so excited in this cheese into this tank [I] want to do a whole video [dedicated] to it So it’s not going to happen in this video, but it’s exciting that it’s actually happening now [I] hope you guys enjoyed it leave a comment with [what] your favorite animal is out of all the animals [I] have I Personally can’t pick favorites because they’re all my children [but] I’m just curious to see what you guys like and what you guys want to see more content with of course I’m gonna do content with all of my animals. I’m just curious what you guys think Okay, say bye Gus can you say bye you’re so fat?



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