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All Day Clean with Me Part 1 | Whole House Clean & Organize | Cleaning Motivation | Toy Organization

hey what’s up guys today we are going to
be doing a whole house clean I’m gonna be picking up a little bit in every room
and I’m just gonna be trying to get as much done as possible if you’re new here
I just want to say welcome I’m so glad you’re here I am super excited to share
all the amazing videos that I have planned this year if you like the video
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me know what kind of videos you guys are interested in seeing I hope this video
brings you the motivation you need to get a little bit more peace and joy into
your life and get your house under control and inspires you to do a little
hell making so hang out and let’s clean together let’s get to it so we’re gonna
start in the living room as you can see it’s a mess I just wanted to show you
guys I got this for the kids for Christmas was really fun for a rainy day
it’s a balance beam and it helps them get that physical activity out so now I am just gonna clean up the
living room pick up all the toys I guess ashlynn had a special plan for this
blanket it needed to be in a certain spot and so we figured out where that
was and put it back so she could continue her game
I will pick it up later when she’s done playing with it I’m going to just vacuum off the couch
and get any crumbs off of there and wipe it down with a seventh-generation
multi-purpose spray I’m not sure what got spilled on this
table but we are going to wipe it off so I’m just popping off the glass and
getting any of the dirt and dump out that got trapped between the glass and
the table I’m just taking a toothbrush and just
making sure all the yucky stuff is scrapped out really good my husband and
I were talking and we are looking for a small desk to put in this area so that
we can be on the computer but still be together as a family in the evenings if
you have any recommendations of a small desk that is 28 to 30 inches wide I
would love your recommendation you can just go ahead and comment below and I
will check that out I would greatly appreciate it so I am just reclining our couch and
making sure there’s no toys or garbage or anything underneath the couch
grabbing anything that’s under there and either putting it away or throwing it in
the garbage and I am going to just vacuum it out and
I am going to just vacuum off our loveseat and spray it down and wipe any
of the food or whatever is on it off through the toys and then organizing
everything and putting everything that is alike together I had done a speed clean and just threw
a bunch of the kids toys in this laundry basket to be sorted and put away later
so now I’m just getting to the sorting and organizing of these toys I have a little dollar store laundry
basket that I am throwing any toys that belong in the kids little kitchen
playset and I will be carrying that and putting those away and a little bit little dance party when the rug is
finally clean and so that is what we’re doing we’re just having a little fun
taking a little break and dancing to some music together I think there’s no
better way to celebrate cleaning and all your hard work by having a little fun
and dancing around and being silly together there’s something I am just asking my
one-and-a-half year old if she’s thirsty or hungry and she signed to me that she
was hungry so I got the kids a snack and some water in their bottles so they are
going to take a little snack break here well I vacuum the rug a tip when I’m
vacuuming I like to put the cord up over my shoulder it keeps you from running
over the cord and gets it up out of your way I’m just picking up all the cups and
stuff that needs to go to the kitchen and putting it in a bin I have a garbage
bag that I will be putting any garbage that needs to be taken out and just
getting everything in its home place my husband’s night stand with a safe and I
am just wiping it down laundry all over the floor but for some
reason I was just throwing laundry over and so I am cleaning
and under the laundry piles this really gross what was like part of a banana
peel so I just wiped that up and it was like oh my god barf
one thing I like to do is have bins or bags pending on what I have in the room
or how many items belong in another room but what I’m doing is just putting all
the toys that belong in Ashlynn and Emily’s room and putting them in a bag
and I will be able to easily carry them to their room and put them away on the edge of my nightstand I put in I
think it’s like a shower organizer but I like to have diapers diaper creams wipes
and pacifiers anything that I need on hand every night to be close by I have a
little roll of toilet paper if I uses tissues and I am just rolling up my cell
phone cord and the charger for my baby monitor so that they are not a
strangulation hazard I’m giving my nightstand quick wipe down I’m wiping down the surfaces of the
other dressers change the sheets and make up the bed I
don’t know what happened to this sheet but I guess it was getting old and
ripped so I am going to be repurposing that putting on a nice new clean sheet I
love having clean sheets it just feels so much more relaxing to crawl into
fresh-smelling sheet cuz I got if you feel the Emily has on one of my
mop shoes she loves dressing up which is so funny
she’s my little dress-up girl girl but if you don’t even wanna try I
need to know next we are just going to vacuum the
floor I prefer vacuuming over sleeping because I feel like it just gifts all
the dirt and all the dust and it just sucks it right off the floor
emily is obsessed with vacuuming if I try to vacuum she usually wants to be
there and be my helper which is really cool I’m just gonna get any dust or dirt from
underneath the dressers under the pack and play or under the bed and I’m gonna just give the dog beds a
little bit of a vacuum make sure they’re clean and then cover them up with a
blanket next I’m just going to clean the toilets
I’m using a Clorox I like to be low chemical but when it comes to my toilet
I do use toilet cleaner so I’m just going through and wiping the
toilet from the inside out and I’m switching my wipes as I go from the
inside of the toilet to the outside of the toilet for sanitary purposes I am just giving my garbage can a quick
spray now I’m just gonna clean up the bath toys baby shark it’s so funny when
it goes in the water it plays baby shot my parents got four kids this adorable
bath toy for Christmas it is super cool it has so many fun parts and different
things to play with it all fit together or our toy and have a purpose like a
little brush or a little rain shower thing I think they got it from Target it
is so cute and my kids absolutely love it next I am just gonna be cleaning the
counter off and the backsplash of any toothpaste we use a clay toothpaste
though it is low chemical but it can create a little bit of a mess sometimes
so I’m just making sure everything is nice and clean and wiped down wiping down the soap and the hand
sanitizer and the little tray I keep them in and I’m gonna just give the
mirrors of wipe I am just gonna
vacuum off the floor wipe off the scale I’m just gonna vacuum the hallway
check out my whole house clean with me part 2 video I’m going to be cleaning up
the kitchen and doing a bunch of laundry I’ll link that video in the description
below so make sure to check that video out you better make sure to hit the
subscribe button and turn on notifications you’re not gonna want to
miss any of the awesome videos we have coming out this year but we have a bunch
of really awesome cleaning home making DIY projects all that good stuff I’d
love to see you again and hope you have an awesome week thanks for watching

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Great video! I love that water shark! I want to get my 1 year old that! 🙂 new subscriber! lets support each other? 🙂

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