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Alison Brie Put Her Cat in a Headlock

-How are you?
-I’m fantastic. -You look fantastic.
-Thank you. -A stunning —
A stunning outfit. -Michael and I coordinated
the dress code for tonight. -Yes.
[ Laughter ] -So, I’m glad that worked out. -He was like,
“I’m gonna go super casual.” -And I was like, “Me too.”
[ Laughter ] -You made —
This is very exciting. You made your directorial debut
on the show this year. -Yes.
-Which, of course, has all — I would imagine,
a ton of challenges. But also,
you had to direct a baby. -Yes, yes.
I feel like the gift of the episode is that
I’m not in it really at all, so that was nice
to not have to direct myself my first time around. And then the curse was
the demon baby that I had to — [ Laughter ]
I’m joking. Obviously, this baby was not
possessed by Satan’s spawn. [ Laughter ]
I don’t think. No, it was two very sweet
twin girls who are 1 1/2 and I think don’t want
to be held by strangers… -Of course.
-…and do what they’re told. -Yeah, it’s a lot to ask.
-But they definitely scream-cried through
most of the days that we were shooting with them,
which you’ll see in the episode. ‘Cause eventually I was like,
“It works for the scene.” [ Laughter ] “They should be screaming
and crying when their mother
is holding them.” -Yeah.
-We did have — You know, two of our girls
on the show, Kimmy and Rebekka, who are mothers,
are in one scene with her, the little girl,
and she’s playing a little boy. So, you know, we’re progressive. [ Laughter ] And we have like
a behind-the-scenes video of them hiding
around the hallway corner, trying to coax her. You know, in the show,
it just looks like she’s, like, toddling off, and then, like,
bopping around the corner. And meanwhile, behind,
they were like, “Come on! We have Cheerios!
We have Cheerios! We have candy!
We have M&M’s!” It worked.
-That’s good. As a director, anything
that works is acceptable. -I agree. -You have to practice
wrestling moves. That will not surprise anyone. I do think it was probably
surprising to your cat that… -Yes.
-…you would ever use them. [ Laughter ] -This is a good —
to really zoom in on that face. He’s like, “Why?” [ Laughter ] The thing is, this was
from season one training. I was so excited about
even the smallest things that we would learn,
somersaults and… -Sure.
-…obviously, headlocks. And I would get home and try
to do them on my husband, Dave. -Yeah. -And he would try to, like,
fight back and wrestle me. And I’d be like, “Babe, no!
You have to like go — You don’t understand
how wrestling works! Like, it’s a partnership.” And, like, “If I’m gonna put you
in a headlock, you have to let me
and make me look strong.” [ Laughter ] So I would only
do it on the cats, which clearly they’re forced to. -Of all the animals
in the world, the cats are the best partners.
-That’s true. You know?
[ Both laugh ] -They’re like, “We love to work
in concert with humans.” -It sounds like
you’re not a cat person. -I’m not the biggest cat person,
yeah. -But I am. So…
-Do strangers — I mean, again, because you are
so publicly playing a wrestler, do strangers ever say,
“Hey, practice moves on me?” -You know, the headlock
is a popular thing. -That is a thing, yeah.
-That we get asked to take a photo
with someone in a headlock. And at first, I was just like,
“Yes, yes, yes! Like, so fun —
photo in a headlock!” And then, you know,
there are so many things that are quite intimate
about even a headlock. -Yeah.
-Their head is in your armpit. Their sweaty face
is pressed against your breast. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And then I was like,
“It’s mostly men asking.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And then, all of a sudden,
I was like, “I don’t think I’m gonna
do those photos anymore.” -They were like,
“This is the dream, because she’s playing a role.” -“Hey, I have a great idea
just for this photo for fun! Could I put my head
right there?” -And then you saw —
you walked off, and then you realized they ask
that of anybody, whether they’re in “GLOW”
or not. -Yeah, yeah. Saw them with Oprah,
and it’s like, “What?”

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