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Airbnb Review: South Beach Miami 1 Bedroom Apartment

hey YouTube this is Richard founder of short-term rental secrets.com and Airbnb super host and I just got back from sunny South Beach in Miami so Charles and I staying in an airbnb and the primary purpose is to learn from a super host see what we like and what we didn’t like and we want to go ahead and share with you some of that feedback so that we can all benefit from our experience so let’s get into it the first thing I want to talk about is really the beach vibe and this super host did a really good job incorporating things like shells and the colors on the walls and you know you just felt like you were part of South Beach in Miami and part of a beach community and I thought that that was really welcoming and inviting and it showed well in the listing and then in reality when we showed up we felt it as well so I thought he did a really good job of decorating and capturing sort of the beach vibe so the second thing that the super hosted particularly well was on the amenity side he really understood his audience he knew what guests were coming to use his place for which is located a block and a half away from the beach and he had the amenities for us so he had things like beach chairs and beach umbrellas and beach towels in that little Kadima game and so he understood why people would come to his place and rent it and he had all the amenities there and we really appreciated it saved us from having to go shopping and spending $100 and lugging it wasting our time it was right there in the storage closet and that was really thoughtful and much appreciated so the third thing caught my attention was he had a safe in the home where you could put your passport or your cash or your keys or whatever it was your medicine that’s usually seen only in a hotel and I’ve never thought about it for an Airbnb property of my own and I’ve never seen it in one think it was really really thoughtful saying people might be traveling from Miami with passports and they want to guard that not take it to the beach with them and not leave it at an Airbnb where like a random maid who I’ve never met stays so let me put in a little safe and install it with batteries and show you how to change the code much like you’ve seen it hotel so look nobody’s perfect and we all have room to improve and not only that we have room to improve every single day so some of the stuff that I’m going to talk about is a little bit nitpicky and/or it might not be the case a week from now but I’m just giving you my real-life impressions and I’m not being critical I’m just sharing with you sort of what I saw so the first thing that I thought was a little bit concerning was maintenance the entire unit could have used a little bit more maintenance and it just leaves a creates a first impression which isn’t necessarily positive and so some of the things I’ll point to are the doorknob on the front door was really loose you know like Wiggly from years of I guess use and not that hard to get that tightened up so that’s the very first impression when you walk into this air B&B is positive and secure as opposed to uh-oh like if this is loose and it’s not that safe what else is inside and when we went inside there was a few other items that were you know could use a little bit of maintenance like some of the dining chairs were really rickety they felt like they might collapse and so it might be time to get new dining chairs for instance and I think this is important for people that host either remotely or have multiple properties is you need to do periodic checks and go in and make sure that everything is the way that you want it to be because the way that you outfitted it initially and the way that you left it the last time you were there changes as more guests go on so again not the end of the world but it does create a first impression and you want that first impression to be positive the second thing was really inexcusable and just going to tell you what it was when I went into the master bedroom the sheets were stained not a big stain not a fresh stain not a disgusting stain but on white sheets you are going to notice a stain just like we did and it’s just not that cool and with white sheets it’s really easy to use OxiClean or bleach and get it out so on the cleaning front even though the rest of the home was spotless and I really thought it was super clean it sort of kept me out a little bit that the sheets had some stains so the third item that I thought could be improved was there was no guidebook now I don’t know I’ve been spending an awful lot of time and energy improving my guidebook and creating the guidebook tool we filmed a video up here go ahead watch it but I think it’s really helpful to people to have a physical hard copy when you walk into a home that you’ve never been to to walk around the home with and you know follow things so for instance we had difficulty figuring out the network name and the Wi-Fi password and making the sofa bed into a couch we didn’t know where anything was and some of the information was in the Airbnb app but then you have to stop what you’re doing on your phone whether it be watching a video or sending emails or whatever and open the app and then it’s just not the same experience I think there’s something about a physical guidebook that’s super helpful so much so that we’ve spent a lot of time and energy and I’ll admit its front and center in my mind but zero guidebook zero Wi-Fi name written on to the modem or the router you know that’s making it harder than it needs to be and again we’re all about hospitality making guests feel welcome and I think thinking about somebody walking into your home that’s never been there before and putting down the things that they need on a piece of paper is super helpful and polite and friendly so I encourage that so the fourth thing is something I’ve never encountered before and I don’t really understand why it occurred but I’m going to speculate so bear with me in the instructions that encouraged us to leave would encourage that told us to leave $80 cash for the cleaning team and that’s kind of a pain in the butt right I mean I’m at the beach I’m running business meetings and doing all sorts of things the last thing I want to think about is running to go get exactly $80 in you know and leave that for the maids I understand why the maids would want to get paid cash and I think that the host might be saving I don’t know taxes or maybe some Airbnb fees I’m not even sure if there be be charges fees to the guests and the hosts on cleaning fees I don’t know or maybe his cleaning team only will accept cash I I don’t really understand the circumstances but it’s a disruption from the book on Airbnb app and then just check-in checkout don’t think about it I had to actually physically go and get money out and remember to do it he was reminding me to do it and it just seems sort of unnecessary and cumbersome and it just was to be perfectly frank a pain in the ass I don’t think it’s necessary and I would discourage that so I hope you found this review helpful we’re going to continue to do more of them as we travel I think I’m learning like that safe thing I think is really cool seeing how people make their place the vibe and accessorize it I hope it’s helpful for you as you think about your home and your guests the guidebook we spent a lot of time so in a nutshell I hope you found this thing really helpful we enjoyed filming it go ahead and like it leave comments and feedback and if you haven’t subscribed this is your opportunity subscribing now thanks so very much and happy posting you


Music Video CREATOR

May 5, 2017, 11:07 pm Reply

Like the safe idea. I will have to steal that idea. The stain and the cash should be a no no.

Mosaicmaster 1

May 5, 2017, 11:12 pm Reply

that safe idea was smart…but i do agree with you about that cash deal,It a bit shady.

Lynel Johnson

Jan 1, 2018, 3:56 am Reply

So happy to hear you say 'safe', that's something I'm planning for my property too! There is a built-in in the hallway that it will fit in well.

John Efe

May 5, 2019, 3:54 pm Reply

Whats the city law in Miami on Airbnb ??? I been operatin over 10 apartments in LA but It seems like things will go off on this business .

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