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Agujeros de Guión: TERMINATOR GENISYS / GÉNESIS (Errores, crítica y resumen)

My book now for sale PLOT HOLES Today I finally finish analyzing the Terminator saga with … Terminator Genesis. Or “YENISAIS” or as it is said. I think the writers were wrong to write the subtitle, but they pulled forward. And they did the same with the entire script of the movie. TERMINATOR GENYSIS (2015) We begin by listening to how Kyle Reese narrates past events. The fact that Skynet destroyed the world and all that, only that it says that the apocalypse took place in 1997. That is, we return to the apocalypse of the first two films. We see that a nuclear bomb explodes in San Francisco and shatters the city. Later we learned that the Skynet plant is precisely there. So, hasn’t it destroyed itself? The Kyle Reese as a child walks through the ruins of the city. Does that mean that Kyle Reese was from San Francisco and not from Los Angeles? I don’t remember if there was any mention of its origin in any previous movie, but bah, it doesn’t matter; The fact is that a terminator is about to kill him and John Connor appears out of nowhere and saves him with a deus ex machina. What the hell was the guy hanging in the sewers? It is not known. The good thing is that we finally see the future with a laser weapon, which is consistent with the flashbacks of the first two, but … how the humans, with how fucked up they are, have managed to develop in a few years these weapons that throw purple rays? And why do machines create infrastructure to confine captured humans in extermination camps instead of loading them directly? Then we go to 2029 and Reese is older. Together with John they have gone through a lot of skirmishes and now is the time to give Skynet the final checkmate. They attack an installation of the machines in whose basement the Skynet plan B is hidden: a time machine. And that will be used by a terminator. But look how many are there. Why don’t they all send at once? Fuck. Suddenly, all the machines are disconnected in unison and Connor is informed that the Colorado team has shattered the Skynet Core. Why? Why are all these terminators not autonomous and need that link to the core, but the T-800 they send to a past where Skynet does not exist can keep moving? Anyway, they send it to 1984. And here we relive the beginning of the first movie. And it is that it is brilliantly recreated, but there will be changes in the timeline. John sends Kyle Reese to the past, but it’s just at that moment when, a random soldier grabs him from behind with an incandescent hand. Something very strange. And even weirder are the flashes that Kyle has while traveling in the eighties. He looks small and gives something called Genesis, with a countdown, and he tells himself to a mirror: “Remember, Genesis is Skynet, as soon as
Genesis is online, the day of the final judgment begins. Go to San Francisco in 2017. Kill Skynet before he is born. ” And when everything comes it seems the same as in the first movie, but no. The policeman who asked the year turns out to be a liquid metal terminator. Meanwhile, the bad T-800 is attacked by another Chuache, but with a simple sniper shot they manage to end it. Fuck that easy. Then we discover that his assistant is nothing more and nothing less than Sara Connor. And it appears just when the T-1000 chinorri was about to kill Kyle in the clothing store. During the van trip, the girl informs him that he is aware of the entire move of the terminators and that the entire original timeline “went to hell.” Come on, that all the movies in the saga, from 1 to 4, to take for the ass. And he also teaches Kyle his personal terminator, one who has taken care of her since she was a baby. Apparently, this terminator saved her from a T-1000 when she was 9, in 1973, hence everything has changed. Of course … who sent that T-1000 and then to the Chuache? In both cases, no fucking idea. He says the files were deleted from his memory. And what about that T-1000? Did they kill him or is he the same one that persecutes them now? As the film does not explain shit, the director had to leave to say yes, that is the same. So … have you been running away from him for a whole decade and just decide to kill him now that Kyle has arrived? Why the hell haven’t led him to the acid trap many years before? I could have killed Kyle. When and who sent him and why did he know where Kyle was going to appear? Moreover, how does every god know where each one will appear? Who has registered all that? And if they know Sara’s parents … why didn’t they send a terminator to charge them before the girl was born? And if here comes the most serious. You are Connor and you are in 2029. In the future someone has sent a terminator to 1973 and has altered the entire fucking timeline. But in that 2029 nothing has changed. It is still 2029 in which the apocalypse began in 1997. If this is so … who the hell cares whether Sara Connor dies or not? If it is not going to alter the present for the Connor of that 2029, if it is not going to suddenly disappear from existence, the machines may alter the alternative universes they want, but it will not affect that reality. Another thing that convinces me nothing about the movie is casting. It is inevitable to compare Jai Courtney with Michael Biehn. Biehn did have a crazy fucking face, having lived in an apocalyptic future full of killer robots. And the same goes for Linda Hamilton and Emilia Clarke. Hamilton did give the hit as a tough guy, and in the look you could see that he was fucking traumatized inside, but Emilia Clarke, despite being a mother of dragons seems too sweet. It does not seem that his life has been torture. It looks like the most that has survived has been BBK Live. “Exterminate, exterminate …” The fact is that Sara and the Chuache have prepared a surprise party for the liquid metal terminator, which turns out that the bastard can resurrect the other with a little of his metal. I don’t know how but good. The fact is that they lead him through some passageways to a place where there is an acid trap, and this is how they manage to destroy it. Easy and for the whole family. Then, and here comes the crazy thing, Sara tells Kyle that they are almost ready for a nine-hour time machine. How the hell have they managed to make one with things from the 80s? Well, okay, they also use a dead T-800 chip, but … Is that it? That is all? Was that the only key piece that a time machine needs? Do they connect it and travel? Is that simple? I don’t know how in the future they haven’t built mass time machines, really. Sara wants to go to 1997 to avoid the apocalypse, however, Kyle disagrees. He wants to go to 2017 because in dreams he has seen that everything is cool at that time. Why do you trust more of a reverie that you hardly understand that of the aunt who has just saved your life several times in one night? The script justifies it this way: “How can you remember two timelines?” “It can if he was exposed to a point of nexus in time flow when he was in a quantum field.” “A point of connection is an event in time of such importance that it gives rise to a vastly different future. If John Connor were in danger, he could generate the ability to remember both past. Theoretically” “Of course, of course” And if Sara and Kyle travel to the future without having had a child in 1985, wouldn’t that make John Connor cease to exist? Because, as we will see at the end of the movie, it seems like they stay to live in 2017. “Did you mate?” “Could you never tell me the word mate again?” But apart from these questions, these people are assholes, because instead of traveling to 2016, a year before the apocalypse, to avoid it with time and such, they decide to go a day and a half before, in a spare plan. With just time, that is more exciting. After the temporary trip the two appear in the middle of a highway, they are hit by a car and then caught by the police. Chuache doesn’t have time to arrive. Don’t fuck me, I had more than 30 years to prepare just for that moment and I could not have been a couple of hours before. Send balls. And another thing … why Chuache did not make them appear in other coordinates with less influx of cars? Why didn’t he make them appear outside or something? Now we know a policeman named O’Brien, who is the agent who saw the T-1000 at the beginning of the movie, but older. Apparently now everyone takes him for a colgao. “I need photos, photos of Spiderman” While they cure the two protas, a doctor tells them about Genesis, a kind of operating system developed by Cyberdyne that integrates all digital services and even army stuff. What the fuck? “My phone will link to the Deep web, 4chan, and Venezuela” It’s like an Xbox One but to throw bombs at your neighbor. Obviously this operating system is Skynet camouflage. I do not understand how people live with such passion the countdown to the installation of that shit. Also, why does Skynet itself create a countdown that is in the public domain? What is the use? The other day I uploaded a video to the channel quite different than usual. In it he explained through a crappy video the basics to structure the script of any movie. This is what he said about the midpoint. “Záscata. Midpoint. The midpoint is a soup to the viewer. It usually contains a turn that changes everything. It’s a setback, and it makes the main character change the course of his story. ” Well, here comes the midpoint of Terminator Genesis, the literal slap to the viewer. It turns out that John Connor suddenly appears and rescues the protagonists. What? How? Where? When? Why? The thing is that everything seems super nice, and everyone is happy, Kyle even finds out that Connor is his son … “Well, like you, dad, but from the future, not from the past” “Father?” “Pa … pa … parrot” But then the Chuache arrives, which is always late everywhere, and starts shooting poor John Connor. Of course, they think that the Chuache is bad, but it turns out that John Connor was a half-human and magnetic nanotechnology fuckin terminator, but rather than exterminate, he speaks on his elbows. The son of a bitch talks a lot. He must be programmed to tell you evil plans at all hours and he kills you by giving you the badge. And the Chuache, the one programmed to protect them, is over listening to everything instead of riddling the bastard. He tells them that after sending Kyle back in time, the soldier who attacked him was Skynet himself, and somehow turned him into a half machine. Does it make any sense? Do not. Because we’re going to see, if Skynet wants to end it all, why didn’t he kill Connor or Kyle before the time travel? That then to catch them is more complicated. You could say, “He can’t because he is surrounded by soldiers,” but when he grabs John, he is still surrounded by soldiers, who then all appear magically dead. Who killed them? And why turn his greatest enemy into an experimental terminator instead of killing him? The Connornator this seems to have been sent by Skynet at some point in the past to create along with Danny Dyson, the son of Miles Dyson, the entire move of Genesis. He says he was sent to 2014, but that doesn’t make much sense. For that Skynet, the apocalypse took place in 1997, so the only 2014 he knows contains light, fire and destruction. And traveling back in time to that 2014, wouldn’t it end in that apocalyptic version and not in that without apocalypse? Because I don’t understand the reason that now there is no longer a apocalypse in 1997. And how does the Chuache know that he is a terminator right after seeing him? And why does Connornator offer them to be a family in the new world of Skynet and that if they reject it, it will kill them? Wouldn’t he kill himself? “You cannot kill us, we are your parents. Without us you will never be born” “Who says so? Do you know what I think? That the three of us are shipwrecked. Exiles of time. You will see … I can kill you because there really is no destiny.” The protas fight with him and manage to retain him using an MRI machine. Each one runs away by his side and the next day we see this Connornator in Cyberdyne with Miles Dyson and we learn that they are secretly building a fucking time machine. Why do they take so long to build it while the Chuache has not had too many complications? What do you really want her for? To create more paradoxes? Is it a machine to create infinite sequels? And on top of that they make Skynet a hologram of a child with a voice like beyond the grave. It gives a lot of bad vibes. “I am eager to meet you tomorrow … We will change the future together” If I were the director, I would have chosen this version. Kyle, Sara and the Chuache arrive at a shelter near San Francisco and feed themselves in a sack. In 3 decades the Chuache could have loaded the ammunition of the weapons, I say, and so they don’t waste time now. And this dialogue creates a lot of confusion: “That you die, that’s what happens. We fall in love, you father John and then, in less than 24 hours, you die protecting me. ” How does that Sara know that Kyle died in 1984 if she has never lived it? And how do you know that he is John’s father? The only one who could tell him would be John Connor through the old terminator, but if now it turns out that John Connor is a terminator … when and why would he send another robot to his mother’s childhood? Also, hadn’t their memory been erased? Just when they just prepared … Connornator, the T-3000, appears to give them more sheet metal. If the notes already knew where they were … why wait until they have loaded all the weapons and prepared themselves to make their appearance? While fleeing on a bus, Connornator manages to hunt them down. He throws Chuache out of the vehicle and then manages to make everything start to ring the bell until the bus is hanging from the Golden Gate. After all this … how the fuck Kyle, who was standing in the hall, can still be alive? Anyway, after that, the police go and stop them. Again. This movie keeps repeating itself constantly. “Witnesses say you were fighting with a man on the bridge.” What the fuck? O’Brien and the rest of the police have taken the little Kyle and his parents to the police station, to see if they recognized the Kyle Reese detained there. “It looks a little … you, dad” “I do not think so”. That’s when Chuache feels something. It turns out that for some reason you can smell the T-3000, who was camouflaged as one of the police inspectors. And at that moment the one of God is armed. With the help of the conspiracy agent, our beloved protagonists escape by helicopter and a new chase takes place where Connornator tries to hunt them in a helicopter. At the beginning of the movie Sara explains to Kyle that this Chuache doesn’t kill people, but… if he shoots at a fuel truck I say that the driver will have slapped it. They crash into Cyberdyne and everything ends up in flames and the guards cower. One is going to call the cop but Connor kills him and says it is a false alarm. Do not fuck, you just crashed a helicopter and has seen it mallet of people. While Chuache fights with the T-3000, Kyle and Sara take the opportunity to plant the entire bomb site. They have to hurry, because since the idiots have traveled in time a few hours before the apocalypse, Skynet is about to take control of the whole fucking world. “You will all die down here.” The funny thing is that Chuache tells them that during the 3 decades that he was waiting for them for the temporary trip, he worked a season in the construction of that building, although he was later fired. That is, he spent years helping the construction whore of Skynet, his greatest enemy, and … at that time he could not sabotage the structure or electricity in some way or some shit like that? And he never met Connor either? In the end they manage to retain the T-3000 in the time machine and activate it. Chuache shoots out and ends up in a rare liquid metal pit while Connornator ends up being torn apart because of course, You can’t send a terminator to the past without the protection of living tissue and shit, and it bursts. Everything explodes and Kyle and Sara take refuge in a security room in the basement. How does Skynet, which controls the entire facility, let them down there in the elevator and then open that door? Mystery. And at that moment … some liquid metal opens the door and … nah, it’s just the Chuache. And Sara is going to hug him. Seriously? What if it is a random terminator of liquid metal? It wouldn’t be weird. But nothing, the Chuache says it has been updated. How the hell has it been updated? Ok, it has fallen to one of those wells of chorriplasma, but … it just jumped all over the fucking building. Didn’t the explosions, the infernal flare, the debris or any of those things affect him? The movie ends with older Kyle telling the little Kyle the phrases he remembered from his flashback. Is it really necessary now that Skynet no longer exists? It is a bit weird. If I were his father and saw the scene I would think that these people try to recruit the child for ISIS or something. Anyway, now they can all live in peace because the apocalypse will never take place. Or yes … It turns out that there is a post-credit scene that shows, in the ruins of Cyberdyne, a kind of red sphere next to which Skynet appears. Apparently the idea was to make a new trilogy, but with the little success he had this … all plans were slightly disrupted. And that’s it Let’s see how Cameron is doing with the new installment, which will be a direct continuation of the second and that will feature all the original actors. In about 3 months we will leave doubts. Now what I recommend is to subscribe here and give the bell to know when I upload new videos. Because on vacation I will talk about The Avengers Endgame and the new Star Wars movies. And surely of some more. And I remind you that my book Holes of Script … It is now available in all bookstores in Argentina, Russia, Turkmenistan, the Deep Web, the Roman Empire, the marine abysses, the State of Pennsylvania, the North Pole and Venezuela. See you in the next video.


Agujeros de Guion

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Dejaste de lado la serie de errores históricos… nunca lo olvidaré.


Sep 9, 2019, 1:30 pm Reply

Técnicamente era la 3 ya que continuaba la trama de la 2,pasándose por el forro la primera 3 y Salvación (todo esto dicho por sus creadores).Ahora resulta que la 3 es Dark Fate y Genesys ya no sigue a la 2. Vaya destrozo han montado con la saga.

Flan D. Pitou

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1:32 oy vey ese comentario es antisemetico

Enola Gay 44-86292

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Hola. Pequeño comentario sobre los trailers originales de la nueva peli Terminator Dark Fate, ya puestos con los agujeros de guion. Si se supone que esta nueva peli, que se estrena en noviembre de este año 2019 si un meteorito o los misiles nucleares no nos vuelan el culo antes, es una continuación directa de Terminator 2, en la cual el T-800 protege a Sarah Connor, ¿Por que en el trailer oficial vemos a Sarah Connor muy cabreada marcando vena en el cuello diciéndole al T-800 (nuestro chuache) que cuando acabe todo lo matara? Si el T-800 de T2 se sacrifica por ella y y su hijo y era todo amor y el primer T-800 esta hecho mistos!! Y en esta peli Dark Fate se ve también en el trailer, el primer trailer, como el T-800 se da de hostias con el nuevo Terminator que quiere matar a Sarah en una secuencia bajo el agua ¿Se me escapa algo? ¿Le habrá contado el T-800 un chiste malo que solo se nos desvelara en la película? Saludos.

Flareon127 Juegos y Mas

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Por que no revelas los agujeros de guion de la saga de transformers? Estaría genial

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Lo que más me gustó de esta película fueron todas las referencias a la película original

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Y si, el reparto es la mierda, siendo la peor Emilia Clarke que creo que la única interpretación decente que ha hecho es en una peli donde hacía de cuidadora de un tetraplégico, algo que hacía de forma bastante natural. A mi ni siquiera me gustaba como Daenerys salvo en las primeras temporadas. Y ni siquiera es tan ultra pivón como nos la quieren vender. Es muy simpática y graciosa fuera de sus papeles pero dudo que triunfe. Ya estamos viendo los actores de esa serie que están triunfando por ser buenos (y por que ya tenían una carrera de antes) como los Lannister y como van pegándose batacazo otros.

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Toda la linea pasada de la 1ra cambio cuando ese "skinet" atrapó a jhon connor, cambiando toda la fucking trama que nos vienen metiendo desde la primera de que "jhon connor es el salvador del mundo"


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Los momentos Dross son mortales 😂


Oct 10, 2019, 6:49 am Reply

Sarah y Kyle se encierran en una sala que el t800 programa sus voces para poder acceder

Mario Barbosa Hernandez

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1:35 creo esos humanos eran para experimentación para el tejido del t-800

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El link del video que mencionas?

A todo esto, sos un capo, de los mejores canales de cine que mezcla conocimiento con humor


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No sé qué se fumaron en esta película, pero es la bizarrada más ilógica de toda la saga…quisieron cruzar líneas temporales y les salió un engendro. A mí me costó entenderla.

I am XX

Oct 10, 2019, 3:47 am Reply

Entendí el fallo de guión de la línea temporal!
Si los sucesos de la 1 no pasaron, significa que nunca tuvieron la mano del t800 para dar inicio con skynet, por eso el día del juicio final se posterga hasta 2017!

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Dr Kaz

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No es que hayan desarrollado los humanos las armas laser, se las robaban a los terminator y además a la gente de los campos las usaban para hacer aceite y tejidos de terminators

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Oct 10, 2019, 6:32 pm Reply



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Blas Jiménez Sánchez

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Blas Jiménez Sánchez

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Anime Santa Cruz Oficial Tv

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Por favor habla sobre el agujero de guión de la peli Rambo toda la saga


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El chuache

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Oct 10, 2019, 3:06 am Reply

el dolor empezó al ver el nuevo kyle reese cachas y con cara de mongolo, cuando que vi al nuevo john conor comenzó un escozor testicular extraño (si al menos hubieran puesto al John Conor original Michael Edwards que apareció segundos al inicio de T2 y en el final alternativo) , y cuando se revelo a Termijohn Conorneitor todo se fue a la misma mierda………un asco esta película………..si me dolió descargarla de torrent imagino los suicidios de los que fueron al cine…….un asco………excelente agujeros del guion……..

Dani romero_10

Oct 10, 2019, 6:09 pm Reply

La primera escena se contradice con Salvation. En Salvation Connor conoce a Kail de joven y aquí lo conoce de niño.

Tocineta Tocino KPop

Oct 10, 2019, 12:59 am Reply

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Merced Andia

Oct 10, 2019, 1:15 am Reply

yo encontré un error en la primera toma el puente se cae pero en la siguiente toma solo cayo el medio REALISMO

Jose Luis

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Esta película es agujero de guión en si misma

Vida Pa’ vivirla al máximo

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Tu vídeo debería llamarse guión del agujero , no agujero del guión esta película es una total incoherencia tanto con la supuesta línea de tiempo como con los exterminadores 😒😒 muy ricota y sabrosa la emilia Clarke

Nombi Mercury

Oct 10, 2019, 10:11 pm Reply

Un rebot prometedor que por falta de explicaciones del porque la trama y un guion dudoso esa nueva trilogía se fue a la mierda, aunque creo que planeaban explicarla a lo largo de las otras 2 pelis, pero esa apuesta del exito asegurado salio mal Chale, espero que luego de Dark Fate saquen otra, necesito mas Terminators en mi vida, ya han acabado muchas sagas estos últimos años, no Terminator tambien por favor :,v


Oct 10, 2019, 12:07 am Reply

Mi teléfono enlazará La dEep web, fOr chaN, Venezuela y Chile


Oct 10, 2019, 6:06 am Reply

Pero es que según esta línea de pelis el destino SÍ existe. Es como el rollo de Infinity War, donde el doctor Strange ve todos los futuros y sabe que solo hay uno en el que ganan. En ese futuro todo tiene que cuadrar, incluso lo de darle la gema del tiempo.
Es lo mismo aquí. Jonh Connor sólo vence a las máquinas siguiendo los acontecimientos hasta Terminator 2 donde no tenían que haber evitado la creación de Skynet porque eso es inevitable. El fin del mundo provocado por las máquinas no se altera da igual lo que hagas. Todo lo demás es una ida de olla, porque con el cambio de la segunda peli ya el futuro no será como debía (se ve en Terminator Salvation que Connor no dirige la resistencia). Así que Skynet consiguió su objetivo.
PD. ¿Tan difícil es sacar una película en la que se ve como Jonh Connor consigue derrotar a Skynet dándole sentido a la 1 y 2 película?
PD 2. Tenía alguna esperanza puesta en Dark Fate, pero después de leer el argumento. En fin

Jonathan Jamett

Oct 10, 2019, 10:08 pm Reply

jajja es notable tu final de video sobre tu libro jajaj burnísimo

edmundo maruri

Oct 10, 2019, 12:45 am Reply

Y para cuando la 6(?)

Jerusalén Jurio

Oct 10, 2019, 9:32 pm Reply

Acabo de descubrir tu canal… lo que me estoy llegando a reir no tiene precio 😂😂😂😂😂 Tu contenido es increible ¡¡¡¡¡ muchas gracias !!!!
"ha caido en un pozo de chorreiplasma" jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja ay por favor jijijijiji 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Bella Prados

Oct 10, 2019, 10:15 pm Reply

Esa película sí es mala por donde la veas

Bella Prados

Oct 10, 2019, 10:22 pm Reply

Este Kyle se ve muy fornido y no se ve jodido como él original

David Islas

Oct 10, 2019, 3:25 am Reply

12:32 lo que pasa es que las primeras 2 películas de Terminator son películas de culto, y todo el mundo sabe que Kyle muere y que es el padre de Jhon

Míster international

Oct 10, 2019, 2:02 am Reply

Lo más cagado fue q el chuache trabajo en la construcción de skynet y no hizo nada para detener la construcción y no se topó con Jon connor

Luis Lopez

Oct 10, 2019, 3:27 am Reply

Esta pelii fue un desastre q ni en pedo volvería a verla…

Delasrs inc.

Oct 10, 2019, 3:37 am Reply

Yo aquí analizando … como pudo viajar Sara y Kyle al futuro y encontrarce con el abuelo en 2017.. pero cada viaje crea una línea de tiempo diferente… no significa entonce que jhon connor malo ya estaba en esa línea antes de que viajara al futuro..? Porque de otra forma no podría decir el abuelo que trabajo en las instalación de la máquina del tiempo creada por skinet….

Ser Willians El grito

Nov 11, 2019, 3:06 pm Reply

2:44 Ey es dany la loca.

Ser Willians El grito

Nov 11, 2019, 3:48 pm Reply

Me ofende que maten al T800 con un disparo. Literalmente es el modelo mas resistente de todos en combate.

nodum zallel

Nov 11, 2019, 8:01 pm Reply

Emepezo bien la peli … despues no mams wey…

Karo Lia

Nov 11, 2019, 11:31 pm Reply

11 años estuvo el t-1000 ? y que hizo ? jajaja esconderse hasta el 12-05-1984 ?

Esteban Pereyra

Nov 11, 2019, 7:45 am Reply

Ahora que salió la nueva película,vas a hablar de ella?

yerko cornejo

Nov 11, 2019, 12:38 pm Reply

La voz de dross ajsjajajjaaj

Risto Neverord

Nov 11, 2019, 3:07 pm Reply

ya para el 2029 veremos al terminator T800 en silla de ruedas

Jeyson Garcia

Nov 11, 2019, 3:58 pm Reply

Acabo de ver Destino Oculto
…es tan mala, que hace que ésta sea una gran película

sebastian barbosa

Nov 11, 2019, 8:00 pm Reply

esta saga debe morir en dark fate

Sebastian Ferloni

Nov 11, 2019, 12:41 am Reply

Parte de mi espera estar equivocando pero algo me dice que "TERMINATOR: Dark Fate " pronto traerá de nuevo un favorito de éste canal ¡¡y ya quiero que pasé!!😂

Armando Martínez Díaz

Nov 11, 2019, 7:37 am Reply

Me cago en DiDi!

Jav Ag

Nov 11, 2019, 4:35 pm Reply

Este tipo deberia ser contratado en Hollywood como guionista ya que no se les escapa ningún detalle, probablemente ganaria un monton de Oscars por los guuiones tan perfectos que escribiria..

Jav Ag

Nov 11, 2019, 4:38 pm Reply

Que me lo transformen a John Connor en el villano de esta pelicula, fue una patada en los huevos.

Hugo Rodrigo Villanueva Britos

Nov 11, 2019, 5:32 pm Reply

Uff ese "se fue a la puta" del borracho trambolico me encantó

Gadiel Leyva

Nov 11, 2019, 9:03 pm Reply

Vengo del futuro… y mejor no veas ka nueva de Terminator, me quedo con las anteriores.

Bal Rock

Nov 11, 2019, 10:04 pm Reply

Lo peor de esta pelicula es Jhon Connor.

Marco Gil Flores

Nov 11, 2019, 11:50 pm Reply

Vengo del futuro, concretamente 3 en adelante, ya vi la nueva de Terminator y es mucho mejor que esta. No solo la trama se simplifica bastante sino que es más entretenida divertida y en cierto modo es mucho mejor que las 3 secuelas posteriores a Terminator 2 pero tristemente no es mejor que las 2 primeras

Elian Bogado

Nov 11, 2019, 2:56 am Reply

Esta pelicula no tiene ningun puto sentido, primero que no solo contradice a terminator 3 y salvation, sino que tambien se caga en terminator 2, ya que en esta evitaron el apocalipsis del 97', y esta bien, en primera instancia parece el futuro de la primera linea de tiempo, pero despues se cagan en eso y cambian por completo el primer viaje en el tiempo de terminator 1, eso de que aparece skynet y ataca a john connor por la espalda no se sabe si pasó originalmente, pero lo que la caga es que ya habian mandado a otro terminator cuando sarah era niña y eso contradice a la pelicula original, aparte que ahora hay un T-800 y un T-1000 en 1984, en fin, esta pelicula es una mierda y no la tomo como canon


Nov 11, 2019, 8:38 am Reply

16:57 Me hice putas bolas con el video, pero aquí mori de risa 😂😂

León Stuven Aravena

Nov 11, 2019, 9:11 pm Reply

Ya salió Darck fate

Yospo Nosio

Nov 11, 2019, 10:22 am Reply

Entonces esta ni tuve que comprar la película me la cuentas tu gg.

Jesús Cantú

Nov 11, 2019, 4:10 am Reply

Deberían contratarte para revisar los guiones antes de filmar Man, mis respetos. 👍👍👍

Leslies Fernanda

Nov 11, 2019, 9:27 am Reply

Me da coraje que Kyle Reese peleará tanto y haya muerto tratando de matar al T-800 en la primera película (Que nunca lo logro) y en estas películas siguientes se lo cargan con un puro disparo en el pechamen, madre mía, se fueron a tomar por culo el argumento de la primera película, me siento un poco enfurecida.

Pablo Díaz

Nov 11, 2019, 3:22 pm Reply

al conatr ese origen de como kyle es salvado por john connor han tirado todo por la borda la pelicula de salvation asi que es una cagada que no hubiesen seguido con los mismos acontecimientos

La Fortaleza del Friki

Nov 11, 2019, 7:19 pm Reply

Solo digo que cuando hagas un agujeros de guion de terminator nordo fate te va a salir un video de unas 3 horas de fallos y deseando verlo que estoy .

Juan Carlos Orihuela

Nov 11, 2019, 9:44 pm Reply

Puedes subir la crítica de Terminator destino ocultó, Saludos.

Facu gjjgh

Nov 11, 2019, 1:33 am Reply

No entendí

Terminator sabía que asuntos internos le tendía una trampa? :v

Miki Ayalita

Nov 11, 2019, 8:18 am Reply

Para cuando terminator 2019

Eduardo Chacon

Nov 11, 2019, 7:09 pm Reply

De DARK FATE! Dale con todo a esa ultima pelicula!

Alejandro Baldo Martínez

Nov 11, 2019, 8:51 am Reply

Al chuache

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