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Agujeros de Guión: ALIEN COVENANT (Errores, crítica y resumen)

PLOT HOLES Makes talked about all the time Prometheus droppings, which were many. Today I will talk about its sequel. He was hopeful that Ridley Scott did not commit the same mistakes, the truth is that it was tricky. But the man has done it again. Hell, if he has done it again. Come on, let’s see holes Coventant Alien script. THE PROLOGUE Let’s start with one of the prologues of the film, where we see Dr. Shaw with David on the ship traveling to the planet of engineers. As I mentioned in the video above. Why go to that planet when you know they want to extinguish all your race? As you arrive you are getting milks. And what Dr. eats on the road between hypersleep and hypersleep? we are later revealed that David threw the black shit city engineer and killed them all. Why? No end to be very clear. David seems to have left him ínfulas creator wants to create the perfect lifestyle, but before you have to delete all other creators. Or some shit. Typical moved android. The fact is that the virus is loaded with all engineers. Really? Do these people had no emergency plan in case your biological weapon turned against them? Not even a fucking damn missile to bring down a suspect vessel? They have allegedly spent thousands of years since the virus to slip on another planet, and all would have to be vaccinated or something. Or have a minimum of defensive technology. A little foresight, dammit. UNKNOWN SIGNAL Now, we start with the film. Do not pass or 10 minutes there is already a critical flaw in the ship that killed Captain Branson and generates chaos among the crew. All very because. And what the hell does the capsule James Franco? Why burn inside? Is there any way to open it manually? And I wonder. What would have happened if the accident android Walter had been incapacitated? And if he had not been able to wake the crew? Why not have more, just in case something happens? It is also true that the design of the ship is a bit comical. If you know that in space there are storms of neutrinos or whatever, It is better to do something more compact, better endurance impacts, not shape noodle, that breaks everywhere. The fact is that while they repair the ship, Tennessee receives an unknown transmission from a habitable planet much better than that initially were, Origae 6, and the new captain, Chris Oram, decides to go there to see what is without taking into account the opinion of the 2000 settlers who have criogenizados on the ship. Daniels obviously opposed because of convenience script that planet was never detected despite scans, and it is very rare that a lone transmission there singing Country Roads come. He puts the creeps. Well, there they are going and reach the planet, landing on a pond, there was no other better place. The place seems cool, very similar to Earth. In fact, there is even wheat. The same wheat that of our planet.
Who planted? Daniels asks, but we’ll never know. Did David wheat seeds saved? He is planted it? What for ?, if no humans on the planet. Chances are that crops be engineers, but having a cultivated field there without more, without a farm or a combine … it’s weird balls. If you remember the first movie, Charlie’s an idiot and takes off his helmet just because no oxygen, without considering that there could be any type of infectious substance in the air. In Covenant same thing happens again, the guys go out without protection of any kind, but this time with serious consequences for members of the ship. Ledward is infected with a kind of spore random, and meanwhile the other group finds a crashed spaceship in the woods. How the ship crashed? No fucking idea.
Why the doctor left a message to the drift of her singing a song by John Denver? No fucking idea. So the whole damn movie. NEOMORFOS As the guy reaches the ship, Faris puts quarantined with Karine, and here and begins fucking crazy. Called Neomorfo born, begins to eat Karine, Faris opens the door to shoot, slips, recoils, try to close the door, the door ankle is broken, grab another gun, shoot the bug but it gives some petrol cans and take the ass all. Fuck, what has training these people. What a mess. And another neomorfo out of Hallett. It pyre but soon returns and has already grown. They say that in the world there is no way of life, no animal. What is supposed to feed these neomorfos? What the hell had to eat to grow? Wheat? Like a vegan alien. The fact is that Walter snatches one hand, you’re stuck thousand bullets and bug like that, and David finally arrives and saves them. After that leads them to the city of engineers, it is abandoned and decorated with endless corpses very sinister. Which by the way, nobody in the whole movie asks for them, those hundreds of humanoid corpses. It’s stupid! And as I mentioned in the video above. Austerity, little functionality … I can not imagine a race of super-advanced aliens living in these caves. Is this the famous home planet of Engineers? How can anyone, even Weyland, found that there is a huge city in it? Why do people go in togas? Well, you know that fashion always comes back to the past. Although what I miss. I remind you that these people tore their ships with flutes. And another thing. Is there more cities? I do not know if the planet of the same engineers should have many more cities, not only this. Being so technologically advanced planet should be as Curuscant at least. Is there more planets of Engineers? David spends living in that desolate city 10 years. ¿No other engineer made them a visit? At this point in the movie, the remaining Neomorfo has grown the host and approaches the city to play some balls. The first to fall is Rosenthal. Now you’re eating protein but fine. David tries to gain his confidence but it unceremoniously Oram mows. Of course, the smart thing to do throughout the movie. THE EXPERIMENTS Captain cosca already the fucking David hiding something pretty murky … and of course, David tells him he began experimenting with neomorfos, although it is not clear where they come from. How engineers dead? And why are so similar to those that emerged through the human DNA? And he says that he began creating hybrids. What species? With wheat? He was there more creatures on the planet and David and the virus loaded it all? Then the whole planet should be petado of neomorfos. And the spores how they arise? It seems that everything goes a little random. Instead of “is that it has a wizard”, the excuse is … “That so has the virus, which is highly mutable”. Well, go assholes and follows David Oram to a dark basement, where he teaches her eggs. Not yours, but a lot of alien eggs that do not really know how you created or what creature has hatched. “Take a look,” says David. And will the turkey and trust, pokes his head and … poof, throughout the mouth. And here not only takes place faster alien incubating history, also its growth. In a matter of minutes the alien is an adult, he has left little mustache and has taken a college career bitch. And also it takes place the great revelation of the film and the series. It turns out that the creator of Alien as we all know was a thing of the crazy experiments of David. And Elisabeth Shaw was the victim of them, but we are not aware what the hell made him, but had to be excruciating. He has his body there on a table in full view of everyone. Hell, if you have visited hide it a little. But several questions come to mind. If the creator of xenomorfos is David … why in Prometheus was a mural with one of these creatures? Some say that that thing that comes out is a deacon, the monster that appears at the end of the first movie. However, we must remember that for the bug that appeared, I had to go through a fairly complex process: Charlie first infect the black shit, then to impregnate the doctor, then take out the squid, then infect the engineer and finally Deacon is created. It is if human DNA board and engineer … should not have left another deacon? To me the only thing that gives me penica from this source is that on the one hand demystifies a little mystery in itself with these creatures, and on the other discredits that trophy skull coming out in Predator 2. Too bad. THE RESCUE The alien, as I say, has grown in record time, he appears and kills Cole, and chases Daniels Lope and the city, or temple, or whatever that. In this movie there is nothing clear. In turn, Walter, who has discovered the secret of David so random, fight with him, because the turkey is in the pot and wants to charge everyone. Although we do not see, the winner is David. After kick his ass gives you time to trace his wounds, his hair, put on his clothes and cut one of his hands to look like him. Tennessee comes to the rescue, but of course, the alien wants to get on the ship, they are written on the genes. In the end, luckily the girl manages to charge the monster and return to the Covenant. And we come to the false victory of the 3rd act, where everything seems solved but no. The movie can not end with vivid minor characters, where we have seen that? Okay, and where does this new fucking alien? Lope as stomach, which apparently has abrazacaras inseminated with just 5 seconds of love. They spend two minutes and the alien is already great. In this movie everything goes very fast but the plot and the characters neurons. Ricks and Upworth just as they had to kill each side of his ilk. Deader than this channel. To date, eye, finally I upload video, and more will be forthcoming. Between my book and the history of China and Japan puff, crazy. But about this movie. The mission now is to bring the alien to the dock and throw it overboard. And well, Daniels get it! Goodbye, monster balls. But this is not over, because there is still another alien. Nah, just kidding, whether it be a fucking joke. Now they are safe. Well, no. In the last fucking time of closing of the capsule, Daniels realizes that Walter is David. Damn, aunt, but if the league could tell the difference between them. This is sinister deck, and the other was not looking well you plan on staring. What a mess. And if David why he has helped them kill their creation and half minutes before the movie he is angry because Oram kills a neomorfo? No fucking sense. Like no longer she loves him because the alien has turned out black. Racist! And the movie just so with the girl falling asleep and David regurgitating alien embryos to play cocinitas with the settlers, heading for Origae 6. How all this will fit with the first Alien movie? How will it end a ship engineer on the planet LV-426? Who is this engineer gigantón the pilot and which they say is fossilized from thousands of years ago? Officially this movie takes place in the year 2104, and the first Alien in 2122, ie, 18 years later. And how did eggs to her? Poor screenwriter whose turn it is to write the third part, the brown will eat.

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